House of Rage

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House of Rage
Part of Taking Back Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Gianelli Family
The Ragers
Antonio "Vice" Vecce
Lil' Boomer
7 Gangers
3 Turrets
Casualties and losses
None All of the Above


Where the Gianelli Family decides to make a statement against the Ragers and the Spikes, by destroying their primary warehouse, and all those within.


The Johnson, one Antonio "Vice" Vecce, a caporegime for the Family has hired the team to destroy a warehouse co-owned by the Ragers and the Spikes, and collect valuable data stored within in order to send a message to find a new source of income for their respective gangs.

The Meet

Once again, Antonio invites the runners to the upscale Italian restaurant in Tacoma known as Il Formaggio Grande, in order to discuss terms. Unfortunately, Lil' Boomer is denied entrance, do to his ghoulish affliction. As a means to assuage the savage beast, the doorman offers a table and chair as well as an expensive bottle of whiskey to the vindictive little man, hoping to at least mend some part of the bridge. LB accepts, but adds the name of Tony Gianelli to his little black book, hoping to one day return the insult with spades. The rest of the team is treated to a fabulous feast, courtesy of their host, after which he details the needs of his organization. Namely, the absolute and total destruction of the primary warehouse owned by the Ragers. He also asks for the data kept on a private closed security host, contained within the warehouse. Offering great rewards, and frowning at the hint of failure, Tony bids his charges good luck.

The Plan

A great deal of legwork takes place, on the matrix and astral plane, even in meat space. A grand a glorious plan is put into play with an excellent chance of giving the team an edge against their numerous foes. Unfortunately, all that goes out the window when R-33 is caught snooping within the host, as his very first action. A brief battle insues, in which the disgruntled decker is forced to drop from VR and exit the host, having only alerted the opposing forces to the presence of a raiding team.

The Run

The combat begins, with the shadowrunners facing an almost overwhelming force of foes. The battle is long and fierce, lasting nearly 9 seconds in real time. LB, R-33, and Brumudar are each wounded, somewhat severely, why Babylon wisely stays out of the line of fire. The true heroes of the competition turn out to be the summoned spirits, who find that the enemy is woefully unprepared to deal with magic forces. As the team slowly whittles away the gangers, the gangers fight to the last man, who turns out to be the decker who is finally dump-shocked by R-33's well placed dataspike. Breathing a sigh of relief, the team begins to finalize the destruction of the warehouse.


Having arranged a side deal with her contact Ether, Babylon acquires some choice goods for extraction to the Ancients, to pay off an old debt. LB summons a fire spirit and commands it to burn the building down, while Babylon starts flinging fireballs with wild abandon. They ultimately decide to allow the decker to live, so someone can tell the tale of the seemingly unsanctioned attack. Realizing the job is more than done, the team heads back to the restaurant, where they collect their pay, and a to-go box from Antonio.


  • 20,000 Nuyen
  • 3 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 1 chip from Ether to Babylon
  • +5 rep with the Gianelli Family

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Was a nice place for a meet, good food as well. Again quite a fair amount of legwork got done casing the place before we hit it. It felt like a solid plan going in but right as we were about to go loud the alarm tripped and our element of surprise was lost. It was a bit more of a struggle to blast our way through the gangers but we got it do.....some of us a lil worse for ware but the job still got done non the less. After all the shooting was over we torched the place dusted our tracks and got out of there before reinforcements arrived. The J felt a lil dismissive of us when we reported back but I guess that is to be expected in this world sometimes.


Well it was certainly something. First time I've got so close to the gunfight... honestly too close. If it weren't for the quick moves of Brumudar my face would've been more akin to swiss-cheese. Wouldn't have had the issue if I didn't trip the bloody alarm immediately. It's sods law innit? Scouting deep from over a mile away, breaking into multiple devices to find out what we were up against, not a single problem. Second I try something host-side whilst I'm outside the backdoor I blow it wide open. Thankfully the rest of the team wasn't quite so incompetent and held of the gun fights even with 3 the three turrets. The spider got lucky here and there again but managed to brick his deck in the end. Decided we'd leave him to be the only survivor, Hucked the gear in the van and burned the rest to the ground. Good pay too... and lovely pasta.


I was a little worried when Argent called me up saying that the Gianelli's had work after helping him and the Ancients carve out a swath of their turf a few months back, but thankfully this guy Vice they've got running their operations didn't seem to recognize me - or if he did he was smart enough not to say anything. They fed me good food and paid me a whole bunch of money to kill some Ragers and some Spikes though - sucker didn't know I do that sort of thing for free in my spare time! I was happy to take his cash though, if the mob gets too big for their britches we'll carve off another slice and put them back in their place. The stupid fraggers we got sent against didn't stand a chance. Brumudar and R-33 seem to have solid heads on their shoulders, and it was good working with LB again even if he does look like a haunted doll - hilarious little fragger even started up a scholarship for French cuisine just to piss off the Gianelli's for not letting him into the restaurant! Good times, good times.

Lil' Boomer (LB)

So, I learned how to summon spirits a little while ago. That has been like--CRAZY helpful. Those dudes can brawl. So me, this fire spirit, and some weird spirit Babylon summoned who has a sword are fighting like, the ganger dream team out front. I'm gettin' fragged up, this spirit's a total champ, and it's fireworks. The rest of the gang goes in the back. I got no idea what happens. We had a plan, I heard "shit go go go" on the comms, and then I'm fightin' like a troll, a professional gunslinger, and a couple others. I'm still findin' bits of ganger under my coat collar. It's been a fraggin' thing.

And when we get back to the restaurant, they STILL leave me outside like a dog chained to the fence. The bouncer...he gets it. Seemed like a good guy. But, I spent some of my cash to start a scholarship for French cuisine under the fragger's name because he hates the French so much. I'm happy to kill 'em with kindness because at least then they're still dead.