The Big Cheese

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The Big Cheese
Part of Taking Back Tacoma
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Gianelli Family
The Ragers
Antonio "Vice" Vecce
A group of 6 gangers
Casualties and losses
6 gangers


The team receives a early morning ping to their respective commlinks, advising them of a meet at "Il Formaggio del Grande" an Italian restaurant in the middle of Tacoma, owned and operated by the Gianelli Crime Syndicate.


The Johnson, one Antonio "Vice" Vecce, a caporegime for the Family has hired the team to hijack a package from the Ragers, a rival gang in Tacoma, in order to send a message to find a new source of income for their gang.

The Meet

The meet takes place at The Big Cheese restaurant, with everyone showing up early except Pell, who encounters a massive traffic incident that delays her for over 2 hours. Delphi and Nogitsune head in to make time with the J, while Frostbite takes a position on a nearby roof to wait for Pell to show up. The team is searched and divested of all weapons, accept for Frostbite, who manages to secrete a pistol into the establishment. Dinner is served, and Vice goes over the terms of the job, namely hijacking a box from the Ragers and sending a message to their boss to find greener pastures.

The Plan

While Nogitsune and Frostbite investigate the warehouse site where the turnover is meant to take place, Pell and Delphi apply their specific skills to acquiring information about the Ragers and their Leader, Sid Vicious. Pell summons a Force 6 Water Spirit, instructing it to search out Sid Vicious; mysteriously it does not return. Delphi turns up a lot of dirt related to the gang, including their recent truce with the local go gang the Spikes, comprised of motorcycle riding Trolls, and the rap sheet on Sid Vicious which suggest that he is a Mystical Adept with powerful lieutenants at his beck and call. Realizing this info isn't really helping the info team waits to hear from the onsite team to find out what they have learned.

After inspecting the site, Nogitsune determines that he can shift to fox form and potentially bug the gangers vehicle without being seen. Frostbite finds a nearby position to post up in, after acquiring a pair of spike strips to disable the vehicle at a point of their choosing. The team decides that this is as good as it gets, and sets up nearby waiting on the gangers to appear.

The Run

As Nogitsune hides beneath a trailer, the gangers pull into the warehouse dock area. While the leader conducts business with the warehouse employee, Nogitsune swiftly tags the pickup truck and darts away unseen. As the team of 6 gangers pull away with their cargo, the team swiftly follows, waiting for an opportune area to spring their trap.

After entering a lower class area of Tacoma, the team decides to spring the trap. Frostbite with his superior and inhuman speed darts ahead dropping the spike traps in the path of the vehicle. The tires blow, but the driver is a master of the wheel and avoids a rollover accident. Approaching from behind, the remaining team moves into position, Delphi staying in the vehicle while Pell takes a shot at one of the gangers. Nogitsune steps out and tries to light them up with a well placed flash-bang grenade, but in turn ends up getting lit up himself, nearly succumbing to stun damage from the gangers focused fire. Pell decides she's had enough of that and lays down suppressive fire to force the gangers to hide from all the bullets. Frostbite picks off one more of the gangers hiding in front of the vehicle, as Pell approaches and drops two more with a well placed blast from her flechette shotgun rounds. Delphi boldly steps forth and demands the gangers surrender if they know what's good for them, to which the swiftly acquiesce. Zip tied into submission, Delphi hands them a chip recording of the encounter and tells them to let their boss know he needs to forget about future collections of this nature.


After removing a tag from the package, the team makes the meet at Sea-tac Mall, where Vice is gleefully awaiting their report. Entirely pleased by the outcome, Vice pays them off, and offers his services in the future should they ever need something that "Fell off a truck".


10k nuyen

3 karma


+5 rep with the Ancients for Delphi

+10 rep with the Gianelli Crime Syndicate for all

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The missing Water spirit is concerning. Might need to ask around about this Sid Vicious, these Ragers definitely aren't small time. Anyway, Nogitsune's so reckless, I think even Shark is concerned.


Never worked for the mafia before, but I can't say they're that much different from the Laesa now that I have. Vice was a nice guy at least, and the pizza was good - I was glad we could keep things clean here, and the rest of the team really pulled things off perfectly. Not surprising really, I've worked with them all before and they know their stuff - Frostbite still creeps me out with that fragged up aura of his, but he knows how to shoot; Pell's probably one of the most talented mystic adepts I've ever seen and handled herself really well, especially considering she seems to have burnt out a bit after our last gig (I wonder if she got the same idea as me about gene treatments to help hide her aura from them...); Nogitsune is still a fox who kills people for money, but I have to admire his bravery, and aptitude for soaking up bullets - hopefully I won't have to come bail him out of trouble one of these days. Hopefully Vice can take over that hospital operation with everything we gave him and will throw more work my way in the future.

Nogitsune: Something about this job from the start, felt like it was going to be a cake walk, for the most part it was till we got to the ambush and getting blasted by a few guns, really didn't help with the whole, nimble assassin...yes Shark was a bit worried, as he wanted me to start bleeding so he could take over...Haha

Frostbite AAR: MS002

  • Report_Operation: Plan organization handled through Delphi and Nogitsune, tag placement, suppressed vehicle tailing, trap to reduce OPFOR combat strength.
  • Report_Runners: Jonson was - - - amicable - - - restaurant establishment, focused on the effect rather than the means.
    • Listing procedure:
      • Delphi: Statement: Always the commander, once again a successful planning phase - to be expected. Ended the fight through auditory attack, highly effective.
      • Nogitsune: Statement: Driving prowess, and ability to use alternative techniques to avoid detection, absorption of firearms was incredulous. Inefficient, though impressive.
      • Pell: Statement: Cover was an afterthought - target reduced OPFOR combat strength independently, dangerous opposition - though lax cover tactics are either due to incredible absorption capacity, or bravado to reduce OPFOR combat efficiency, further study is required.
  • Report_Opinion: Job was successful, no follow up events or complications.