Spark of the Waiting Horror

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Spark of the Waiting Horror
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dana Jessica Boatman
Renton newcomer Gang


In which the runners are employed by a mysterious figure to recover a book that was stolen from her.

The Meet

At about ten in the morning, our protagonists get messages from their respective Fixers mentionning a job availible to them, the meet is scheduled 6 hours later so it gives them time to prepare. Luck however would not be on their side, as the traffic got them stuck for such a time that three fourth of the team were late of about twenty minutes. The place where the meet is taking place is a bar, at the heart of the redmond barrens. It's main clientelle being awekened, Frostbite had a show-stopping moment when entering, seeing most of the bar's clientelle perk up and look at him intensely because of his weird aura. The group was shown the room where the J was waiting by the barmaid, and thus they went to knock on it, a response inviting them in made itself heard, however no one was in the room. Shamrock's instinct helped her figure out the J had teleported behind us, for some reason, and an assenssing test later the team knew this lady was a powerfull ((mag7)) mage, that had a number of focuses on herself, as well as a troubled emotionnal profile and a Type 2 cancer of the eyes.

Once the team seats itself inside, the J explains that a book of hers was stoled as she was moving between appartments by gangers, and insists that she needs it back. The team decide not to negociate a better pay and raise it to 10 000, with 2 000 in advance. The meeting concludes and it is not long before the team gets in the vehicle/home of Zenith, but not before seeing a shady shadow out of the corner of their eyes. Sp4rks will then do a T6 matrix search for a deal about the book being made, and will discover over the course of an hour that :

  • There is currently a deal made about the very book in question with Ares, set to be executed 4 day from now in an abandonned stuffer shack in the redmond barrens
  • The J is called Dana, and is an ancient soldier of the UCAS in Chicago, before the "bug" event that happened there
  • Her team was entirely wiped out, she was the only survivor
  • A psych report on her shows every problems known to man, and then some
  • An ad for a talismonger shop Dana holds

With this set of information, the team decides to ride to the vehicle to the prospective selling place, to case out the place and learn more, but on the way they will have a distinct feeling tentacles are mixing with the drones in the sky, but they cannot check due to toxic rain.

The Run

On site at the abandonned stuffer shack, the team see one of the gangers about to go away on his bike, when Shamrock calls to him. She tries to get him to accept her in the gang thanks to a prop she brought made to look like the gang's insignia, but meet some trouble with that as the troll explains that the gang doesn't just invite people in like that, he however reveals that the boss of his gang indeed have the book and is looking to get rid of it. Seeing Shamrock is not managing to get the results she hoped for, Sp4rks took the initiative to hack this mook's commlink, which granted him access to his list of contacts. Among his contacts, Sp4rks found the commcode of his boss called "Boss Lady", which he immediatly called.

The call however was redirected to some other guy's commlink, with whom Sp4rks tried to negociate the book to no avail, hacking the commlink during the call however proved very good as it gave him the physical location of the gang, as well as the appearance of the leader who cut the call short soon after. The group was now flooring it towards this place, on the way Sp4rks learnt that the gang was evacuating the building of it's civil, and Shamrock prepared her spells and spirits for a fight. Once on site however, Sp4rks suggested that the team just come out and be straight with the gang, which was obviously not equipped to handle a team of professionnal criminals such as our protagonists. Sp4rks addressed the gangers, with the rest of the team by his side looking all intimidating in their way, inviting them to be civil and hand over the book they stole, as he did not want to make more casualties than this book was worth. Some time passed but the gangers took fear for their people, and their leader exposed themselve. after a short and tense conversation, she agreed to give the book back to the team for them to spare them a very costly gunfight.

The book, appeared to be a very old one written in Polish, which no one knew how to speak, and so Sp4rks gave his commcode to the leader of the gang in case Ares attacks them, the team got back in the vehicle and went their way back to the shop of Dana. On the way, Sp4rks proceeded to scan every page of the book, for later reference. The team then gave the book to the J in her shop, but on their way in they saw a strange sign, that nobody recognized but featured the mark of the ancient, before going out richer, and without the book.


10k (5RVP)

5 Karma (5RVP)


(3 RVP)  Optional for everyone. Dana Jessica Boatman   2/2

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I have to say, this dana lady is quite the character. Our meet was at this bar and out of nowhere she pops behind us, the bitch scared me half to death just like that. In any case, we sit down in private and we discuss the run, apparently she wants back a book of hers with a name so weird i don't even remember it that was stolen from her by gangers.

A Small search on the matrix gets me some info on the book, but most importantly info on the J, she's ex military and has lost her whole squad in the Chicabo bug incident... That explains the weird aura and demeanor, then Shamrock proceed to tell us she has fucking cancer to boot. I have to admit, i pity her.

In any case, i got info on a deal for the book between the gang and Ares, and the location, which by using some matrix mojo permitted us to find the book's location. we floored to there while the gang evacuated the building.. When we got there, i suggested to the group to play all in, we get out with our gear out, showing we clearly outpower them, and foce them to give us the book without bloodshed.

To be honest, i can't belive it actually worked, but i'm glad it did.

Frostbite AAR: MS003

  • Report_Operation: Data recovery pioneered through Sp4rks, followed through into visual intimidation tactics and simple collection of asset.
  • Report_Runners: Jonson was - - - inflicted, though overall pleasant - obtains information required for personal succession - noted.
    • Listing procedure:
      • Shamrock: Statement: Abnormal behavior followed by unexplained physical interactions. Especially curious given awakened potential - - - will require further study to suggest explanation. Abilities in Magi were noted, such as control over the weather, and ability to conjure spirits.
      • Sp4rks: Statement: Solo investigatory powers enabled direct locale of asset for retrieval. Always a - - - pleasure - - - working with. Success rarely lackluster.
      • Zenith: Statement: Silent - efficient - positive influence, continued partnership could provide further success.
  • Report_Opinion: Job was successful, no causation for conflict.