There's No Business Like Snow Business

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There's No Business Like Snow Business
Part of When You Reach Me
LocationDowntown & Bellevue, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved


Richard (Rich) Davis, Body Guards, Rigger, Decker,

Christa Davis.
Casualties and losses
Rich Davis


Sarah Snow asked the team to recover a blank-slated woman who is in the custody of a Bellevue resident named Rich Davis. She offered a hefty bonus for eliminating Davis in the process, especially if the team could make it embarrassing or look like an accident. The team stalked their target, turned a predator into prey, and saved a young woman who is unable to help herself.


Sarah Snow, a Fixer and coke fiend out of downtown Seattle, has been working with Team Alpha to track down and secure blank-slated individuals who are being chipped and traded like currency. Having found a victim in Seattle, Sarah reached out to ShadowHaven to get assistance in securing her safety.

The Meet

The team converged on Neon Litez, a pop-up nightclub in Downtown. Zenith arrived an hour early to scope out the place only to find that Kenny was working as a temporary bouncer. With a little convincing, he was allowed to circumvent the line. The rest of the team arrived a bit later and--under a spell cast by Glamor, caught the eye of Kenneth to gain entry. He forgot his post, and several dozen extra people managed to sneak into the bar without ID checks or pat-downs.

Sarah Snow met the team in a secluded booth toward the back of the venue. Railing enough coke to kill most quadrupeds, Sarah gave the team enough background information to buy their moral interest in the job: saving a young woman and killing her captor: a man named Rich Davis. She then offered enough fiscal incentive to make sure the job was done correctly. Glamor asked if the team could expose the target for a bonus to their pay, but Sarah asked the team to keep it quiet; instead, she'd pay a bonus if the team could create the most embarrassing end to Rich's life possible. The team agreed and Zenith returned to his daughter while Vip3r and Glamor partied and Frostbite stood around until he realized the meet was actually over.

The Plan

Vip3r begin digging up dirt on the target while Frostbite scoped out his home. Frostbite discovered that he was chaperoned at all times by at least three bodyguards. The team discovered that Rich was--well--wealthy, had a teenage daughter, and had multiple dating profiles targetting women in their twenties. The team decided to make a plan to divert Rich away from his home to make the extraction and hit easier, while also protecting his daughter. Vip3r would create a fake profile for Glamor on one of the dating sites, and would lure him on a date. While he was away from the house with his body guards, Vip3r and Zenith would break in and collect the blank slate. After this was finished, Glamor and Frostbite would end Rich.

The Run

The dating profile worked, and Glamor was able to coax Rich on a date on his..."yacht." Frostbite rented a small fishing boat, and learned to fish in the harbor to provide sniper coverage if needed.

When Rich arrived at the docks, Vip3r entered Rich's HOA host, then found his home's nested host. Vip3r disabled the locks on a window and looped security cameras so that Zenith could parkour onto the roof, then sneak in through the window. Upstairs, he investigated every bedroom but one; there were two female voices inside. He scoped out the downstairs, and found a locked door. Opening the front office, Zenith found the home's security decker with his feet up on the desk, and put stick-n-shock right into his chest. He snagged the decker's commlink, and Vip3r used trace icon to ensure that the target was--in fact--upstairs in the bedroom.

Realizing that the extraction target was in the room with the daughter, Vip3r used the newly discovered commlink code to hack the daughter's commlink and discover a boy's name with hearts in her contact list. She spoofed messages from the boy's commlink to lure her out of the house and keep her safe from harm. Zenith grabbed the extraction target, and Vip3r swung the car around. The trio barely made it out of the neighborhood before KE arrived, signaled from the decker's biomonitor.

After reaching safety, the extraction team notified the kill team. Glamor's water spirit caused a wave that threw Rich off the boat. As a bodyguard went to rescue him, Frostbite sniped him out of the boat with gel rounds, knocking him into the water. The water spirit dragged Rich to the bottom of the lake. Glamor helped the bodyguard back out of the water, and conned him into believing that she was terrified for her life, too. The bodyguard called for KE backup. When they arrived, Glamor conned the police officer that she didn't have a SIN with her because she was underage. The officer took her statement and let her leave.


  • Rich's reputation was severely, and fairly, tarnished.
  • The blank slated woman was taken into care of Team Alpha and their associates.
  • A schoolmate of Zenith's daughter went to live with her mother.
  • Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy got fired for leaving his post as bouncer.


  • 24k nuyen
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Sarah Snow or Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy as contacts at the run rate.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I felt really sketchy going on this 'date' with the target. Not my favorite job ever... until my water spirit drowned him, that is. That was good. Also, meeting Vip3r was nice!


Not much as satisfying in this line of work as offing a bad person and getting paid well for it. It's basically hooding, but with extra cash. Nothing to complain about here. We meet up at the club with our J, apparently she's either got a serious addiction or a trunk filled with novacoke because she's doing lines that Delphi would be envious of. She lets us know that we have to take out this guy that sells shitty commlinks aimed at kids, and find a blank that he bought on the black market and is being kept in his home. J gives us a week to do this job, and since everyone is either high or lacks the social cues to know when a meet's over, I head back home and tell them to let me know when work starts.

Our Matrix expert gets some info on this guy, apparently he's divorced with a kid (who might know my face, don't worry about it.) Plus he's been hitting up dating sites looking for girls half his age. (He's the worst in a lot of ways.) Frosty's a good shot and the mage, Glamor, can pull off the con of being an interested party long enough to distract this fragger and get him alone on the boat. As much as I'd love to deliver a final lead letter to him, I'm more useful breaking into his house. So Vip3r and I drive to this gated community and I wait for her to tell me that I'm not going to get spotted or recorded without her knowing about it.

I get into the house through an exterior window and start sweeping the house, avoiding the teenager's room (She should be in school! Fragging rich drekhead.) Seeing nothing on the second floor I head downstairs and into the office, of course there's a goon there, so I Stick'n'Shock him, take his commlink and get Vip3r to see if there's anything on it. Apparently our blank is in the same room with the teenager, and I don't shoot kids. Luckily Vip3r spoofs a message from the kid's boyfriend and gets her out of the house. I grab the blank and we get back into Vip3r's van and take off. Apparently the other two take care of our target and embarrass him enough that the J's happy, so we all get paid.

Not gonna miss having to force conversation with that guy at school events.


So, this guy was a total certified scumbag. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I would've offed the guy for kicks, since killing isn't really my thing, but the pay certainly didn't hurt. That said, though... I think the next time a job gets me an inbox full of unsolicited dick pics, I'm gonna ask the Johnson to pay double.

At least it wasn't all bad. I think I'm enjoying working with Zenith--the guy's a real pro--and Glamor was good company. I owe her a drink for taking the trouble of actually dealing with that motherfragger.

Frostbite AAR: BT003

  • Report_Operation: Statement: Secure target, secondary task to end source.
  • Report_Runners: Johnson - - - Sarah Snow - sustainable. Substance usage - - - Query: distraction advisable while conducting currency exchange?
    • Listing procedure:
      • Glamor: Statement: Distraction - - - Adequate, social ability to dilate information - convincing. Negotiations, unadvised.
      • Vip3r: Statement: Interaction - - - Minimal. Primary task successful - Co-operation... Nominal.
      • Zenith: Statement: Primary task successful - assumed efficiency - sustained.
  • Report_Opinion: Job was successful, minimal casualties.
    • Daytime operation - ability - reduced. - Task - semi-routine.
    • Boat - - - Operation - Fluid. - Shots, processed, inconsistency, less than - - - d - desired.
    • Target - Reduced - Entities inability to swim... - Concerning. Statement: Avoid areas of liquid surface.