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Team Alpha
Team Alpha.png
TypeRunner Squad
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationAppalachia

Faction Information


Team Alpha is a runner squad that originated in Seattle over a decade ago. Since that time, they have reloaded mostly to the Appalachian Mountains to settle the score with an unknown organization that grew out of an Ares project resulting in blank-slated metahumans. Team Alpha's major goal is to eliminate the buying and selling of blank-slated metahumans, but--when the opportunity arises--they'll work any job that spits in the eye of Humanis or the major corps. Team Alpha minted its name through the liberal use of a rifle made by the Ares Corp and the belief they are the first and best runners to any job.


Team Alpha has two goals:

First, track down and eliminate any individuals who buy and sell in blank-slated humans, and destroy the group or groups responsible for these underground auctions.

Second, restore the original personality chips, should they exist, to any individual who was blank-slated in the process--including Kezmyr's.

Major Locations

Appalachia and Seattle.

Major Players

Uncle William

Uncle William is a hacktivist loyal to tracking down Kezmyr's original personality. When not providing support to his team, he throws Humanis the middle finger by hacking signs during their rallies and trying to empty their coffers through clever code exploits.


Rougarou's father and a former wage slave of Ares, Kezmyr was a target of Rougarou's search for over a decade. While he's acquired a wealth of personalities to choose from, such as the dapper Englishman Woodrow Rogers, he has no memories or personality of his own when the persona chips are not installed.


Miho is an infiltrator and hair trigger. She excels with a sniper rifle or an assault rifle in her hand, and can pick most any lock with a physical access point. Her entire purpose in life was restoring the personality of her husband, whom she feels personally responsible for wiping until their search uncovered a dark and twisted organization that needs to be eradicated.

Sarah Snow

A Seattle addition to Team Alpha, Sarah Snow was recruited to help assassinate her father, a known trader of blank-slated humans. She arranged for Kezmyr to go under cover as her father's Butler until his personasoft was swapped out for one with his directives to assassinate him. She is also a fixer for Shadowhaven, a supporter of multiple metahuman rights groups, and an absolute posterchild for novacoke.



Team Alpha has utilized Shadowhaven runners for several jobs after Miho reached out and established contact with her daughter, Rougarou, a contact on the Haven.

Metahuman Rights

Team Alpha will often work with various metahuman rights organizations when possible.



If you're a fan of Humanis, they're not a fan of you. Ruining Humanis events isn't part of the work day for Team Alpha, it's a nice weekend out--it's a little me time.

Ares Macrotechnology

Since Ares is responsible for the original program that sprouted the blank-slate trade they've been railing against, Team Alpha avoids working with anyone from the Ares Corp when possible. It doesn't mean that they won't take a runner who has Ares rep, but you've got a lot of explaining to do.

Health Summary




Sarah Snow3FixerFundraiser and Housewife



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Pulling the ThreadSi1asWhen You Reach Me11 December 2081
The VaultSi1asWhen You Reach Me7 November 2081
The Parent TrapSi1asWhen You Reach Me17 October 2081
Giving the RougaroundSi1asWhen You Reach Me3 October 2081

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