The Parent Trap

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The Parent Trap
Part of When You Reach Me
LocationHuntington & White Sulphur Springs, WV
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Team Alpha
Security Guards
Security Spider
Casualties and losses

Security Guards(4)

Security Spider
Pocket universe continuing from Giving the Rougaround


After busting Uncle William out of jail, our protagonists learn that Rougarou's parents are on the job and believe they have backup that is not there. The team, minus Gh0st who stays in Huntington to hack remotely, travels to a resort that held a presidential vault back in the 20th century. The group realizes that the auction they're attending is for purchasing personafixed people. They begin devising plans on how to take out the purchasers when an SOS beacon comes through. Rougarou and Zephyr rush to Rougarou's mother to provide fire support, but become locked in the underground vault.


Uncle William, in coordination with Rougarou's parents, were planning a data steal on an underground vault in White Sulphur Springs, WV. Uncle William was tasked with building and sending a support team to support the initial mission, but was arrested. During Giving the Rougaround, the team broke Rougarou's Uncle William out of a Lonestar jail.

The Plan

Because time was of the essence, Rougarou, Santesso, Zephyr, and Gh0st filled in for the extraction team. Gh0st helped the others build costumes, and set up shop in Uncle William's broadcast uplink area. Santesso, with Gh0st's help, disguised himself as a buyer; Rougarou and Zephyr would pose as bodyguards. Gh0st would assist off-site. The team would buy Lot 3, which--they were told--would keep the money spent from leaving the organization. Through the use of FlySpies and sensors, Gh0st and Santesso would provide recon and scouting, while Zephyr and Rougarou would be ready for combat as needed. Zephyr summoned a spirit of man.

The Mingling

During the meet and greet, Zephyr's social ineptitude almost caused the group to be discovered, but Santesso quickly squashed the issue. The group, in tandem, began putting together clues about the auction. Between the name tags of the waitstaff and the conversations of the other buyers, the crew realized that they were in the midst of a human auction. The waitstaff, with their numbered badges, were the lots to be purchased. After some searching, they discovered lot 3 was--in fact--Rougarou's father. Santesso immediately started saying discouraging things about her dad to discourage other buyers from being interested.

The Auction

Santesso entered the auction as Rougarou and Zephyr were placed in a separate conference room with the other bodyguards and support staff. Gh0st attacked the auction's host, taking stock of their cameras, and rerouting their alarm systems. The team began to devise a plan to bring down the Auction. While their first plan centered around killing all the buyers, they quickly realized there was no way they could ensure anyone's guilt or innocence, and they did not want innocent people to die in the crossfire.

They built a new plan to lock all the buyers into the auction area, a former vault, and then release the buyer list and video footage to Evo. Rougarou, with the help of Gh0st and Zephyr, was struggling to contain her code of honor for as long as possible to allow extraction of her father. On the host, Gh0st found a hidden file with the buyer green list, prime evidence to use against the Humanis group. Unfortunately, he failed to disable the databomb attached; the file was shredded and Gh0st and nearly bricked his deck for the trouble. The host was alerted to his presence.

The Panic

Over DNI, an SOS went up from Rougarou's mother who had been attempting to steal data from an underground vault. Rougarou and Zephyr went to provide fire support. Meanwhile, Gh0st ensured that alarms stayed internal for as long as possible, and found the spider patrolling in the host. Santesso traded the creds in his possession to ensure safe passage of Rougarou's father, and walked him out of the crossfire holding the personafixes. While Rougarou and Zephyr, with spirit in tow, put four security guards down and rushed to Rougarou's mom, Gh0st took out the patrol spider and reset his cyberdeck to reset his overwatch score.


As Gh0st began to reboot, and lost his marks on the system, the vault door closed on Rougarou, Zephyr, and Rougarou's mother. Santesso and Rougarou's father ran out back to meet up with the vehicle before realizing what was happening to their team.

Story continues with The Vault.


8k Nuyen

7 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Honestly I thought it was going pretty well, infiltrating a suspect auction and rescuing Rougarou’s father, all was going by the book… until the gunfire and the SOS. I followed Rougarou deeper into the Green Briar vault after we dispatched some more security guards, and then we get locked in. *Looks at fire spirit* Why does this keep happening to us? Concerned fire spirit noises


Gotta say it got a little dicey there for a second, but I'm glad my skills at sewing keep coming up, maybe I should up a boutique...

Rougarou Glad to have save my father and dealing with all of the many people that need a killing