Very (Un)Serious Business

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Very (Un)Serious Business
LocationRenton, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Some Corpo kids, and an off-duty HTR team


Just a simple consequence-free airsoft combat-focused run.


A corpo hired a bunch of shooters to participate in some airsoft matches. Special rules were used for the run.

The Meet

There was no meet required, really.

The Plan

There was no plan required, really.

The Run

The team roflstomped some corpo kids. They then stomped some off-duty HTR.


Not many important things happened, really.


For personal characters:

- 2k nuyen (1 RVP)

- 4 karma (4 RVP)

- 2 CDP

For Zenoh:

- 5 GMP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"So yeah who new airsoft was a thing? When I was growing up we used rocks and sticks, not fully automatic toys shooting plastic pellets. But, I guess if you are born into money you get to play with the nice toys. The kids weren't much of a challenge, but their HTR goons put up a decent fight. They still lost, but at least they went down swinging. All in all, a refreshing afternoon with no casualties. Can't ask for much better than that."


Gotta say what an evening, getting called for a job, playing airsoft with corpo-kids ! Who would pass such a good time i ask you, i accept and get on site where i meet the rest of my team, and boy oh boy was i confident. Skimmer, Frosty, and another i never met but had a good reputation, really i wouldn't have to shoot and i could sit in a corner that we'd win against all opposition.

Once in, i felt bad for the kids, as they got wiped off by the team. I tried feigning shooting at them but yea, the conclusion was inevitable. Sorry my guys, y'all will get better with experience and stuff. They then called their parents, or something as the next batch was.. much more competent, using strategies such as covering fire. Still, they fought well and even got Hound, but skimmer was just too good for them to even have a chance, he ran straight in the middle of their team and dodged bullets as if he could see their path in advance. At some point i saw an opening in his defense and sure enough, a guy took advantage of it; I warned him just in time for him to dodge it and take cover.

Seeing things were getting iffy, i stopped being passive and climbed on the stacks of boxes, from there i sprayed one of the enemies, while skimmer got one from the other side of the place. At that move we won, and we were paid by the J. Still wish i encouraged the kids to keep training, it feels bad to have let them out to dry like that.

Frostbite AAR: PM002

  • Report_Operation: Mock firefight between general low level combatants - after success was attained - higher level combatants were emplaced to provide stern competition. Single causality on BLUFOR side.
  • Report_Runners:
    • Listing procedure:
      • Hound - N/A
      • Skimmer - Improved reflexes, ability to avoid high density fire - further observation required.
      • Sparks - Inconsistency noted - inability to hit low level combatants, while able to sustain contact with HTR team - - - Query: ability based around reflexes?
  • Report_Opinion: Job was successful, payment was completed - require additional caution for future consideration.