We Got Ourselves A Convoy!

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We Got Ourselves A Convoy!
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Irena Tachikov
Corpsec Decker
Casualties and losses
1 Corpsec Decker


The runners kidnap a prototype transhuman from Shiawase and deliver it to an unpleasant Russian lady working for EVO.


Several weeks ago, Shiawase's biotech division in Calfree created a prototype transhuman, with the purpose of creating a solider who suffered no ill effects from drugs or toxins. This test subject, Shiwase Asset(SWA)-D473 was able to process several intense cocktails of drugs with no negative side effects, while still benefitting from their benefits. Augmenting D473's genes in order to tie the extra organs created within the body to their genetic code, Shiawase wanted to send D473 to Japan in order to show the main office their success, but the cocktails required to keep D473 stable while travelling have to be kept at a specific temperature, pressure and must be changed out every hour. To this end, Shiawase decided to send a guarded convoy to Everett where Dr. Souma Haruko would be waiting with cases of D473's cocktail, allowing Shiawase to send a ship to Japan without endangering their asset. One of Shiwase's drivers for this convoy, Trent Burslow, is a former Vory member and works as a mole for Irena Tachikov. Informing Irena about the convoy, she dug up the details of Shiawase's discovery and acted fast to hire some deniable assets.

The Meet

Irena Tachikov, using her username AcqCented to contact the runners, invited them to "The Stained Sickle", a Vory bar in Tacoma. Nogitsune is feasting on the corpse of a ganger he killed to slake his fox bloodthirst, narrowly avoiding a concerned citizen's call to Animal Control, Delphi calls up Clyde in order to get to the meet, but is held up by Animal Control sweeping through the area looking into animal attacks. Frostbite is standing outside a warehouse where he had previously seen Bug Spirits within, including attracting the ire of a stray dog. Skimmer makes his way back from his spiritual teachings and Rewired actively ignored his neighbor and did some due diligence in looking up information about AcqCented. It turns out she's a known Johnson with Corporate ties, and she's been pretty active in hiring runners over the past six months.

Eventually making it to The Stained Sickle, the runners are directed to a simple capsule booth equipped with soundproofing and a white noise generator, Irena explains that Shiawase is transporting an asset along the I-5 highway. She wants the runners to ambush the truck and get the asset to her at a port in Downtown Seattle where she'll have a ship waiting. Irena promises the group 14k nuyen for the job done, including leaving the truck drivers alive (She wants to keep Burslow alive but undiscovered), and keeping D473 alive and unharmed. Delphi negotiates up to 18k as well as getting the information that D473 is technically a living metahuman. Irena also showed interest in Frostbite, due to his unique look and how heavily 'wared he is.

The Plan

Dismissed by Irena, the runners head back to to Skimmer's apartment in Tacoma and start doing their legwork. Delphi and Rewired begin to hunt down information on the Matrix for any indication of Shiawase was doing. With the info provided by Irena, the runners found the plotted course of the convoy, and found a spot in Tacoma where security would be lowest. They also discovered that Shiawase had paid off the highway authority and were able to have sections of the I-5 declared as "under construction" to keep it clear of any other traffic, ensuring that they were able to reach Everett before the drug cocktail ran dry and D473 began to destabilize. Frostbite went to Tacoma to scout out the I-5 and found a favorable position next to a smoke stack. Frostbite set up a sniper's nest and attempted to get spike traps, though his contact couldn't find it. Nogitsune also tried to find spike traps, but it would have taken too long in order to get them. Finally Delphi called up Clyde and went to the crime mall to buy some spike traps.

Coming up with a plan to box in the convoy from the front and back, and blow out the engine blocks of the two Shiawase corpsec vehicles before stealing the truck and taking it into a smuggling route that Nogitsune recalled. With the plan set, the crew headed for the I-5 in order to execute it.

The Run

Nogitsune drives stealthfully along the I-5 trying not to be spotted by the Shiawase convoy as it approaches the Tacoma turn where the plan was set to go in motion. Skimmer and Nogitsune shoot open the engine block of the head car, causing it to crash and killing a Dwarf Decker who was riding with Corpsec, at the same time, Frostbite used his sniper rifle to blow the engine block out of the rearmost car, causing it to crash and severely injuring all the corpsec members inside. While the wrecked CorpSec attempted to defend their charge, they were in no shape to resist the shadowrunners as they moved up and intimidated the drivers into getting out of the truck and giving them the keys. The runners scrambled, with Nogitsune behind the wheel of the truck, with Rewired and Delphi going into the back where they found SWA-D473 in a chair with autoinjectors pumping their drug cocktail into their body.

During the drive, Delphi assenses the transhuman and finds a barely-there aura as well as the multiple organs that are within the figure. Understanding that D473 is some sort of Shiawase experiment there's a short discussion about handing them over to the Johnson, as Delphi recognizes the beginnings of sentience within the transhuman. The runners emerge from the smuggling tunnels and hear Knight-Errant heading down the I-5 to respond to the news that there has been a car accident on a road supposedly under construction. The drive is smooth over to the pier where several figures are loading shipping containers onto a large ship. Peering at one of the containers, Delphi clocks the container as holding an EVO tag.


Irena pays the runners their promised Nuyen, though along with the payment, sends an address to Frostbite. She sends him to an EVO friendly streetdoc in Tacoma who offers Frostbite a prototype EVO synthetic modular arm. Delphi goes back to her apartment in Puyallup and does a reading thanks to being pushed to follow the mystery of SWA-D473 by her Oracle mentor spirit. Gazing into her crystal ball, Delphi sees a facility in a snowy hellscape, where figures are marching out, claiming "We are EVO Asset D473."


  • 2 CDP
  • 3 Karma (3 RVP)
  • 18000 Nuyen (9 RVP)
  • Optional Contact: Irena Tachikov (6/1) EVO Aquisition Expert (6 RVP)
  • Optional For Frostbite: Synthetic Full Arm, Modular (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Relatively simple extraction of a vehicle from a convoy. Check. Strong team, although that Frostbite fella gives me the hebee jebee's. Not sure what's wrong with him, but their is definitely something WRONG with him. Nogitsune the fox boy, professional driver looking to prove himself handles the drive like a pro. Delphi and Rewired handle the truly hard work, researching the job to get us the best possible intel to make the run go smooth as glass. And finally the shooters, me and Frostbite, killing security vans to 'discourage' attempts to interfere with the heist. Clockwork. Feel a bit bad for the dude in the ice cream truck however. Not that he will ever know..."

Frostbite AAR: MS001

  • Report_Operation: Scouted for ambush location, team prepared vehicle for interception - 8 casualties, 1 which was a fatality due to multiple complications with the procedure. Truck was repossessed, and run was deemed successful without further complications. Overall, a success.
  • Report_Runners: Johnson was efficient, respect was earned due to their dedication to chosen profession. Runners were overall a mixed team with skills enabling efficient extraction of target.
    • Listing procedure:
      • Nogitsune: Statement: Feline in nature, a fellow marksman - focused on task, aided with research, and generally adept driver - asset to team.
      • Delphi: Statement: Have met outside of running, seemed to the de-facto organizer for the run despite possible addiction/side effects of substances "Novacoke" - overall asset to team - shows experience in the field.
      • Skimmer: Statement: Minimal interaction, though a respectful shot - overpenetrating target which caused death of occupancy - asset to team, further research to be required.
      • Rewired: Statement: Have met on previous operation, still efficient in tasks, positive experiences in cooperation - asset to team.
  • Report_Opinion: Job was well planned despite time limitations, complications in vehicles propulsion systems enable adequate elimination procedures. Efficient team, expectation of profit in future assignments. Acquiring a synthetic cyberlimb has garnered alternative sensations.


Not sure what to feel after this one. It was an extraction, which is always a moral quagmire, but then we figure out that the target is an honest-to-ghost prototype transhuman, like you'd see in a sci-fi trid. Grown in a vat, made by Shiawase scientists to test geneware - some kind of super-charged Narco treatments or something, the guy seemed to need a whole a drug cocktail just to stay alive. Frag, and I thought I had substance abuse issues). Getting them out of that situation wasn't an option, at least not a realistic one; I can only hope Evo treats their test subjects better than Shiawase does. Fragging Oracle though, couldn't just let this one go... I saw something in the crystal ball, and I didn't like it one bit. Gonna be having trouble sleeping for a while, yet again I'm thankful for the sleep regulator.

Good group of people to work with at least: Nogitsune, the fox, was still as strange an "elf" as I've ever seen, but it was good to work together again (I'm pretty sure after that con on our last job I still technically own him as a pet). Skimmer was as professional as I remember and a good host when we went back to his place to work, and he even managed to open his Third Eye since the last time I saw him - good for him, hope he continues developing that talent. Rewired was good on the trix, and seems to have been with the Star judging by his MARK (not to mention his lighter). Frostbite... I dunno what to think of that guy, especially with his lack of emotional affect and absolutely fragged up aura, but he's a good shot at least. The team planned well and executed things like clockwork, and lately people seem to actually listen to me when I try to propose ideas and ask them not to kill people for no reason - maybe that's a result of being high and bossy, or maybe I'm just good at making people think I'm clever and forward-thinking. Either way, I'm doing something right.

I suppose all things considered it went about as smooth as I could have expected. Only hiccup was that decker who got smeared all over the highway; I figured after I survived a car crash that the worst that could happen with this approach would be that some corpsec end up with a bit of PTSD and some shiny new cyberware limbs from their employee health plan, but I guess it isn't Shiawase company policy to WEAR YOUR GODDAMN SEAT BELT! Poor fragger - hopefully he's living forever in the matrix now as an e-ghost. I wanted to keep this one clean, but you can't pull that off every time; this bottle of vodka from that Vory bar should help me through the guilt at least.

Nogitsune: One of the simple, grab the target and take it to the drop off point for us to get paid. always unnerving to be dealing with those humans made in a jar, i have heard of rumors about them and this is my first time seeing one...Something about this being upset the shark as it's not a real person but looks like one. For the team we did a good job working with each other. Delphi i remember that art job we did and how we fool the people during it to find. Frostbite another fellow sniper, but something about him made me wary of and sick to my stomach around him. Rewired Good move on shutting down the tracking system so we're not followed by the corp. lastly Skimmer good aim when dealing with one of the trucks. Over all the job went well and i don't want to be those Shiawse guards when KE showed up.