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Ancients Symbol.jpeg
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationNorth America & Western Europe

Faction Information


The premiere go-gang in North America, and perhaps the world, the Ancients is comprised exclusively of Elves and organised by regional chapters. Their major business is smuggling (including drugs, arms and talislegging), but they also take part in hijacking, courier service and protection rackets. They benefit from a largely positive social media reputation, at least by gang standards.


Major Locations

While the Ancients are sometimes considered to be a rare example of a worldwide gang, with chapters on just about every continent, their strength is concentrated in North America and Europe. The North American west coast, overseen by Green Lucifer, is their most profitable area of operations, as well as the area in which they were originally founded. It is an open secret that they enjoy a notable level of support from some of the Princes of Tir Tairngire.

The Seattle Metroplex, a major powerhouse for the gang, is led by Green Lucifer's son Belial. In addition to being the Captain of the local Ancients, he is also adept front-man of the archfiends, an all-elven glam-rock band.


  • Unknown (General; Gang leader)
  • Green Lucifer (Colonel; West Coast)
  • Lucky Liam (Colonel; Northeast)
  • Ironwing (Colonel; Southwest)
  • Spitfire (Colonel; South)
  • Bombshell (Colonel; Midwest)
  • Jolly Roger (Colonel; British Isles)
  • Masque (Colonel; Western Europe)
  • Sparafucile (Colonel; Mediterranean)
  • Schattenengel (Colonel; Eastern Europe and other territories)

Local Mid-level Leadership




  • Yakuza

Current Status

Health Summary

The Ancients are currently in excellent condition, thriving almost everywhere they do business.



Ashe Vanderline3GearChainsmoking Ancients Smuggler
Dr. Nightshade4Custom(G,A,N,K)Ancients Cyberdoc
Freya5Custom(G,A,K,N)Hacker Extraordinaire
Jacqueline Grant1NetworkingBartender
Levine Asdrubael Velen5Custom(N,A,K,G)Ex-Ancients Colonel
Nina Gniewek6GearAncients Lieutenant/Smuggler
Nyon Salaine2ServiceHottest Elf Around


NamePositionFaction Rep

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
In the Dead of NightArchtmagDarkening the Shadows Event17 August 2083
Once Dead King's CountryAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking5 July 2083
The FBI might need a little helpAurora11 April 2083
Never Too Old to DieBrock10 April 2083
Scarlet FootstepsArchtmagBy Royal Decree5 April 2083
Ancients Away, Cutters Do PlayOrionsRequiem2 October 2082
Cut to the ChaseSarcarian28 August 2082
VignettesSarcarian10 July 2082
Grave Robbers on the OutskirtsAurora28 June 2082
Patched InAurora27 April 2082
No Rest for the Wicked (Management)OrionsRequiem16 April 2082
Trick or TruceAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking8 March 2082
Amnesia RushOnebi9 December 2081
There Goes the NeighborhoodSarcarian25 November 2081
Pressing the AttackSarcarian24 November 2081
Red vs. GreenSarcarian14 November 2081
Clipping Wingsjag31 May 2080
A Place For You No Place For MeNico28 December 2079
Mind the BumpSCKoNi16 March 2079