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LocationSeattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Cutters Ancients
Black Samurai Ganger x 3 Ganger x2
Casualties and losses


A series of scenes that depict Black Samurai's lull in organized running. As the big jobs in Seattle dry up in the wake of the DA's pinch on organized running, Akira is left to figure out who he is outside of a murder hobo.

Lunch and Lies

Akira and his sister Finn meet for lunch at a greasy hole in the wall. Finn plans to spend the summer in LA to work in the industry. She worries about Akira, who has clearly not gotten a real SIN after their Renraku SINs were burned. He quells her worries about his financial state, but not his emotional well-being. He shares photos of his paintings, which are--for the most part--high quality for amateur art. She refuses to leave until he takes the commcode for a therapist she recommends. He saves it to his commlink, then stuffs the napkin in his drink to destroy the ink, worrying his sister further.

The Ride

Akira is contacted by Jacqueline Grant, who is in need of a ride because her car is in the shop; it's happening more often and she can't afford to replace it. When he arrives at her mobile home park, Black Samurai is confronted by a few Ancients gangers who want to know what he's doing on their turf. They dial down the aggression somewhat after he explains that he's here to help out Jacqueline, and he complements her kindness. They flash a katana at him to try and keep him in line, but Akira asks to see the blade; he complements the ganger's effort to upkeep the blade and offers to help the young ganger find a blade that's higher quality if he wants to move beyond a mass-produced blade down the road.

Jacqueline Grant and Akira drive down the road towards Puyallup City. Akira shows Jacqueline pictures of his dog, as is tradition, and he confides that he's trying to figure out who he is beyond a professional stabbist. As this conversation continues, the two see a trio of gangers wearing Cutters colors harassing motorists. As they attempt to drive a vehicle off the road, Akira pulls down the back seat and grabs his helmet and bullet proof vest from the trunk. He asks Jacqueline to continue driving, and apologizes, before jumping out the back seat and onto the back of a Spikes bike.

As Jacqueline speeds off on auto-pilot, Black Samurai draws the nodachi sheathed on the side of the Spike bike and jams it into their front wheel; both Black Samurai and the rider roll off the bike scuffed. A second Spike blasts Black Samurai in the chest with a shotgun, and Sam begins to regret not having his full armor. He knocks down the ganger who was piloting the bike he had flipped, then--after being shot again--manages to knock the gun out of the hands of the second biker. The third biker arrives to find his ganger buddies subdued, and Black Samurai manages to intimidate them into standing down instead of fighting for his life.

He explains afterwards that there was a girl in the car, and the gangers pretend to be understanding to preserve their health. Black Samurai hitches a ride back to his car from one of the gangers, and Sam lets Jacqueline Grant know that he's okay.

Dinner with an Old Friend

Akira meets up with his friend and mentor, Masuyama Kijuro at the dog park. Akira brings coffee and danishes. As the two eat, Masuyama Kijuro talks through his concerns with their friendships. Masuyama Kijuro is loyal to Renraku, but also to Black Samurai. Akira punched a Renraku businessman during Family, Duty, Honor, and that businessman is still looking for him, wanting to see him arrested for assault.

While Masuyama Kijuro has never been asked to participate in finding him or pressed for any information, he's unsure of what he should do. Akira asks his friend for a simple heads up if his friend has to sell him out. Masuyama Kijuro falls quiet, contemplating the nature of their relationship.


Akira follows Stag into the woods south of Seattle, where he finds a spot to set up his painting kit. He finds a stag to paint in the forest, and then paints a second version of the same area as day turns into night. He sends one of the paintings to Jacqueline Grant, and the second to the Spikes as a token of good will.


  • Initiation Discount
  • Painting Spec for Artisan
  • Inspired @ Chargen Price
  • 6 CDP
  • +2 Ancients Rep
  • +2 Spikes Rep

Game Quotes


How does the quote go? How many people need to call you an ass before you start shopping for a saddle?

On one hand, I think we're hitting critical mass. On the other hand, I think people are concerned because I'm not the same person I was when we met...and I'm not convinced that's a bad thing. Me not loving everything about what I'm doing or who I am isn't proof that I need to cheer up; it's evidence that I should change...and I'm taking steps to do that.

I'm not sure how effective it'll be; I'm not sure who I'll be when I come out the other side. And I'm definitely not sure who will be beside me at the end. That doesn't mean I shouldn't get a little support but--uh. I'm not sure what I can even tell them without them reporting me to the how helpful could they be? For now, I'll keep the number in my phone. We'll see.