The FBI might need a little help

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The FBI might need a little help
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved


Al Green needs some runners to contact his friends


After Fleeing to France A.G needs to get a message to the few people in the FBI who he can trust.

The Meet

Ace & Scrappenny are contacted by A.G to pass encrypted messages to Colin McKee & Branden Hill who do regular runs to Cara'Sir and are FBI agents trying to infiltrate ancients. Ace suggests that they be given the information on encrypted datachips and the mission is accepted

The Plan

After shooting down the immediate violence plans. The plan is to call up Brody J after getting eyes on and get the Cutters, Halloweeners, and any other gangs who should not be in Tarislar to enter the place and cause chaos

The Run

Enter Tarislar, visiting the Daisy chain rolling down the window and launching Scrappenny's flyspy with Ace's in reserve they try to get in through the window but it is closed in their robotic faces.

Next is suggested a perilous journey through the AC system and using Ace's knowledge of HVAC systems and supernatural timing and a bit of luck Scrappenny is able to get into the Daisy Chain and overhear that Colin and Branden are in the infirmary as one is sick.

After a lot of slapstick as a recruit tries to smack the flyspy, Scrappenny flies it out of the Daisy Chain

Next, they fly to the ancient's clubhouse and there are no windows on the ground phone for laser microphones and they again go through the HVAC system. It is equally as perilous and they are immediately spotted, and go right back into the vent until a greener ancient passes by and they sneak by and are caught by a mage who attemmpts to stunbolt the flyspy. Scrappenny noticed the incoming spell and pretended to be hit, and the mage almost bought it until the flyspy rolled under stomping feet and hit behind the door. They got eyes on as the flyspy flew above scanning eyes and trying to get into the HVAC once more, dodging once before it got hit by the fan and knocked back in.

With eyes on they called Brody J and offered a rock of novacoke for him to throw a party to cause some problems. Ace feeds Scrappenny gang leader names to cause problems and Brodie J is quick to ask Scrappenny to join him. She does and Ace plays the bodyguard. It takes very little for the multiple gangs to get into a fistfight and for Ace and Scrappenny to excuse themselves. Ace cloaks and skulks about, Scrappenny jumps into the newly bought medic drone which has the chips under some medicine. With chaos starting to lull as an ancient tries to calm things down Ace places a flashbang right under them and chaos peaked, ancients came running out of the infirmary as Scrappenny's drone snuck in behind them and went up the stairs. There was only one person up there and Ace sprang into action after asking Scrappenny to try to perceive the third party's commcode.

Ace spied some nervous youth and feigning being a cloaked ancient informer tried to get him to call for backup, and successfully distracted them so that the drone could get into place. Scrappenny delivered the medicine and calmed the confused elves by stating it was from "A.G", the party was advised to leave as they would not be alone for much longer. They got out without issue and Ace did some hijinks to get his slashed drone back.


Brody J and Scrappenny have a rain check on their date Minor Gang war in Puyallup The FBI informants received their data and are pulling out "A.G" is pleaased


Al Green (Connection 5) at Loyalty 3 with 1 chip - 7 RVP 6k nuyen - 3 RVP 6 karma - 6 RVP 2 CDP

Optional: 5x Ascension Rewards for -5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Dealing with that elf gang is always annoying, them trying to promote it and pushing it against all other types...just dealing with a problem and lucky got the job done with.


Gangers suck, and so do ancients. But 'superiority' is very little in the face of the fact that I'm one of the smartest men alive. It was a long trek and a lot of flyspy to get everything in place along with starting a near gang war with the help of my favorite idiot Brodie J. But with the right drone, because no one looks at drones, we got the message to them and pulled my flypsy back from getting sliced in the two with the whole airduct maneuver runners should patent. Another win, and hopefully a good word in my name with the actual CIA