Never Too Old to Die

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Never Too Old to Die
LocationSeattle, Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved


The Shotozumi-gumi Yakuza clan hired a duo of runners to clear out an Ancients garage that was housing valuable motorcycle parts.


Historic tensions between the syndicate and the gang continue as the stronger of the two decides they want what the others have and hires a team to facilitate this.

The Meet

Merc and Ace arrive at a pachinko parlour downtown where they are met with hostility and suspicion by some yak goons outside. After a tense moment the Johnson is contacted by the goons and the team are allowed to enter. Miss Johnson explains that Exiles Auto is a location of particular interest to her and is currently under Ancients' control. She would like the motorcycle parts contained within, Ace attempts to leverage that there are a lot of Ancients affiliated people within the Shadowhaven network for money. The Yakuza Johnson doesn't care and refuses to up their pay, but does agree that if she is brought a captive mage from the run then she will offer a bonus.

The Plan

The team scout the building and decide to go non-lethal, Merc ensures that the doors will be locked down once the enemy are alerted while Ace sneaks up and decides to rig the air conditioning units to pump Neuro-stun through the building.

The Run

On the recon side Ace has his fly-spy spotted and it's taken out, making the Ancients alerted to the fact that something is happening. The next thing they know however is they are being coated in Neuro-stun. Some attempt to fight back but Merc's armour proves to be sturdy, and Ace turns the mage they said they might capture into a fine red mist with a confined space frag grenade. A firefight ensues where several of the Ancients are killed, some knocked out, and others escape. Nevertheless the location is secure and the runners signal the J for pickup of the goods.


The Yakuza get some shiny new mods for their bikes.

The Ancients do not get some shiny new mods for their bikes.

The Ancients are angry at a Russian man and a turtle.


18k (9 RVP)

8 Karma (8 RVP)


-5 Ancients Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


First time working with the Yakuza, surprised they don't have a shoot on sight order for non-Imperial Japanese runners. They wanted the standard wetwork fare on ancients, seemingly unaware of the haven ancient's cells. Merc and I tried to get them into their hideout, I wasn't ready for them to seal the door with a shield , and well fish in a barrel especially when frag grenades are involved. Merc took a hit or two, but a win is a win and Babs won't be asking me any questions.