A Place For You No Place For Me

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A Place For You No Place For Me
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ancients Ares Macrotechnology
Commanders and leaders
The Tupelo Mississippi Flash
Units involved
11 Ancient Gangers, 2 Ancient Heavies
Casualties and losses
None 3 Gangers, 1 Heavy One hideaway and a cabriolet

Merry Christmas, and a save Haven for all!


A tenant vacated a Bellevue home early, and left it open to squatters accidentally.


Meeting in a different Bellevue property undergoing renovations, the runners stocked up on cake, cookies, and mission objectives. Mrs Johnson informed them that in between law enforcement fees, insurance premiums and property ratings influenced by incidence reports, Shadowrunners had become an economical choice to vacate non-paying tenants. The team accepted and simply walked to their destination. A cyclops in a tux and a sailors cap, a legless dryad in a wheelchair, and a young human, they somehow failed to attract too much scrutiny. Tupelo and Deimos chose the personafix chip labled "Pirate-Fighter" to slot into Dutchman.


Reaching the target property, the runners employed divination and Catpelo to gather intel. Noticing a stick-up in progress, they entered the house under the guise of Incubus Shroud. Everyone greeted Dutchman as Stevie, mostly ignoring the other two runners. The motorcycle gang that was holding up the group of adolescent SINners inside the house asked "Stevie" for "the money", but instead their leader got a knife flung right through him. Not dwelling on the gory details too long, Tupelo and Deimos joined the ambush, Deimos shutting down the whole encounter with powerful fear magic. Intimidated by so much physical and magical prowess, the runners found it easy to shoo everyone out of the house.

To get rid of the body, the team hijacked Stevie's convertible, breaking the door and steering wheel lock and providing propulsion by having Dutchman pushing and Deimos steering. In the back seat, the body was disguised as a chest of drawers with a trid phantasm spell. When a reinforced, pursuing squad of Ancients gangers caught up with them to avenge their fallen comrade, they ditched the car and corpse, proceeding on foot, skimmers and wheelchair. Despite ducking through some narrow back alleys, the ancients caught up with them, and a brief, fierce battle erupted. Deimos and Tupelo shape-shifted into birds to set up a flank with Dutchman demanding the brunt of the opposition's attention. While Tupelo was severely wounded, several Ancients fell (one committing suicide by rocket launcher) and the rest fled, realizing they were not equipped to deal with the level of opposition they faced before KE would arrive at the scene and make their situation even worse.


Other than some blood stains and giblets in the living room, the runners actually managed to vacate the house without raising hell at that particular location, netting them their employer's grudging gratitude and full payment.

The Ancients may well bear them a grudge, if, by any chance they were recognized.


6 Karma, 2k Nuyen; 4k nuyen OR 1 month of high lifestyle OR 2 months of medium life style.

-1 Rep with the Ancients, +1 Public Awareness for runners not concealing their identity.


Tupelo: Followed Deimos to The Daze in cat form while they waited for Deimos's medic to call them back.