Clipping Wings

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Clipping Wings
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Factions Involved
Commanders and leaders
Cyber Knight
Frag Face
War Dog
Units involved
War Dog's most trusted allies, various low level Ancients gangers Humanis thugs
Casualties and losses
None War Dog and all of his allies 3 Humanis members


An Ancients member, an adept named War Dog, is gunning for the seat of the Lieutenant he's working under, but she catches wind of his plan and acts before he can take her life.


The runners meet the Johnson at Matchstick's, where she instructs them to kill War Dog and all of his allies and to make it so that the job can never be linked back to her. The runners all readily agree, but are eager to upcharge the Johnson as much as possible and manage to bring their price up to 30k


Frag Face, through the use of skill wires, very easily finds plenty of information about War Dog, most notably his current location (out of town, running guns), his favorite bar (The Daisy Chain in Tarislar), and the identities of many of his allies. Meanwhile the rest of the group discusses how best to redirect blame of the attack towards another group, and decide on Humanis as their target. The group first heads to Tarislar and manages to kidnap a low level Ancients pawn that is associated with War Dog and tortures him for information. It takes very little time for them to learn the location of War Dog's safehouse, a warehouse on the Tacoma docks. Immediately after this, they track down a Humanis safehouse and slaughter everyone inside, collecting the bodies to plant at War Dog's safehouse. They then break for the night, and wait for War Dog's return the next day, lying in wait along a stretch of highway a couple miles from the safehouse. When War Dog and his entourage pass by they follow after him, forgoing the stealthy approach in order to ram multiple gangers guarding outside. They swiftly finish the job outside and infiltrate the warehouse, where Frag Face engages in melee combat with War Dog who proves to be a fair match for the ork, as Marion and CK fight the other Ancients members, including a sniper, decker, and rigger named Iris, Neuron, and Volt, respectively. The runners manage to kill all of their targets, but not after a long, challenging fight swiftly but skillfully plant the bodies at the safehouse and leave before any backup manages to arrive.


The Ancient's lieutenant keeps her head, and the runners are paid handsomely for the job


30000 Nuyen, 1 karma