Pacific Grudge

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This metaplot involves revolutionaries, pirates, and the politics of the high seas. In particular, it involves Bautista and the former insurgent's continued efforts to sabotage Japanacorps around the globe.


At the dawn of the Sixth World, Japanese Imperial Marines landed in the Philippines and subjugated the archipelago. It was only recently that the island nation regained independence, in no small part to the revolutionary efforts of the Hukbalahap, or 'Huk' for short.

Bautista is a 'retired' Huk, sent to mainland America to maintain smuggling operations and keep a steady income flowing back to a group now burdened with governance. However, Bautista is not entirely content to live out the life of a land-bound gangster and smuggling lord. Japanacorp influence remains strong in CalFree and the west coast, which Bautista intends to do something about.

Though his seagoing days are over, Bautista has entered the fixer business. And all that separates runners from pirates is boat ownership.


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