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Terrifying Razorgirl Assassin
"I send messages."
DiscordUnsurprisingly, Explosions#6325
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Europa is an FLR sniper kitted out with some of the latest and greatest ware Evo Corp has to offer - and she's looking to use it against its creators. Serves them right for forcing a corporate assassin to work for them even when she venomously hates the company.


  • Get a hang of running with a larger, more organized group
  • Stop being quite so paranoid
  • Murder the fuck out of Evo
  • Pay Five-Star back for saving her life


Heather Leroy grew up in Quebec, not too far outside of Montreal. Her parents were a pair of CATCo wageslaves - and unfortunately, that meant that she was subject to the usual battery of genetic testing that comes with a corporation essentially owning your family. It was found early on that she may be an excellent candidate for biocompatibility studies, and so, she was placed on the neat little track her corporate overlords had in mind for her. She was all set to go to school, gearing up for a job in Cross Biomedical... until she was about nine years old.

After Crash 2.0 hit, CATCo was embroiled in an all-out corporate war with Ares Macrotechnology, and this left their assets scrambling in the complete chaos that came with it. Everyone was prepared to either sell out to the encroaching corp or cling desperately to the company as it sank into bedlam. People were on edge, focused on finding any sign of Ares muscling in on their position; perhaps too focused. The rest of the world still hadn't forgotten about a corporation hemorrhaging funds and subsidiaries. Yamatetsu's North American holdings in particular were eager to seize on any lead they could as their own company recovered from the Crash, and unfortunately, one of the things they turned up was a database detailing every last candidate CATCo had for augmentation research.

Extracted as part of Yamatetsu North America's attempt at consolidating power, Heather was almost immediately put into a program focusing on attempting to minimize Essence impact for cybernetics in children: Project Tsukumogami. While that sounded all well and good, it essentially meant being pulled away from everything she was familiar with and repeatedly subjected to implantations. Her body was was a testing ground for the prosthetic limb division in particular; her arms and legs were constantly subject to change, and just as she got used to one set, she had them removed to start the process all over again, all for the sake of medical and magical scrutiny to see just how severely it impacted her mental, physical, and spiritual health.

In 2075, long after Yamatetsu had become Evo and reintroduced the North American assets into the fold, Project Tsukumogami was finally shelved. The test subjects that were still kicking around after almost a dozen years of intensive experimentation were doled out to various other divisions in the company - and for Heather, that meant being handed over to the internal security division. While her past of repeated augmentation (and an extremely poor psychological profile) made her unfit for assignment to something like a public-facing security guard, they nonetheless found a use for her. Heather may not have looked like an attractive candidate for normal corpsec... but as a convenient attack dog designed to keep the corporation's traditionalist holdouts in line? She was the perfect person for the job.

Heather spent much of the next six years as an Evo Corp ghost story, transferred quietly between regions with the express purpose of sending a succinct, terrifying message to whatever uppity executive she was assigned to. Compared to more blatant displays of force or sanctions that could reveal the internal strife and mar the company's squeaky clean transhumanist image, it was much more efficient to have a gaunt, red-eyed killer silently appear in the bedrooms of whoever was causing problems. During this time, her handlers had her outfitted with additional augmentations to make her as fit for the job as possible: Near mil-spec cyberlimbs, a bioware package designed to boost her reflexes without making her overly trigger-happy, and a powerful radar sensor that gave her 360 degree perception... right next to the microbomb set to flash-cook half her brain if she stepped out of line.

Her salvation came in a form she didn't expect. Perhaps it was an Evo employee trying to take control of the spook before she came for them, or another corporation seeking to extract her for further research, but someone wanted her bad enough to hire a runner team to do the job. Gertrude "Five-Star" Juarez and another four runners rolled up to the Evo blacksite Heather was being held at, armed to the teeth. A bullet through her handler's head, a few explosions, and an hours-long chase with her trying to outrun Gertrude's van later, and Heather changed hands yet again. Or she would've, if not for some kindness from the shadows.

When she next woke up, she was on a ratty couch in Gertrude's apartment, groggily shaking off a night's worth of sedatives. After the wheelwoman was nearly pounced on while bringing a cup of soykaf to her new guest, Five-Star explained everything. Apparently, the team had managed to net quite a few documents detailing everything about Heather's psych profile and time at Evo during the run. While over half of them were ready to sell her to the J despite any sob stories, Gertrude and another runner managed to convince them otherwise - mostly by promising to cover whatever pay cut they took when they came back empty-handed save for all the information. As of last night, Heather was a free woman, with the tiny, deactivated explosive a street doc had pried out of her skull to prove it.

It took a while for Europa to find her bearings outside of a strictly regimented corporate assassin gig, but nonetheless, she had skills that the shadows needed. Five-Star set her up with a fixer and a beat up old .308 hunting rifle, ready to turn the socially-stunted spook loose into the concrete jungle. In one of those rare moments of generosity and kindness, she was content to just look back and curse herself the next time it came to pay rent - the issue was, Europa refused to actually leave. The cybered-up weirdo was dead set on paying back the favor, and (partially because she had nowhere else to go), she wasn't taking no for an answer.

That was in July of 2081. Now, over a year later, Europa's become a capable, albeit chronically paranoid runner. With the help of her best friend, she's learned the ins and outs of Seattle's shadow community, taking jobs here and there to help pay Gertrude back. All the while, she's kept her eye on Evo Corp, waiting for the day she finally gets a chance at payback. After all - she was made to hunt executives.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Ambidextrous - Europa's skilled with two-weapon fighting, and has a tendency to use her dual pistols whenever a point blank firefight is called for.
  • Biocompatibility (Cyberware) - Europa's got a number of genes that let her avoid the rejection that most people with cyberware experience. It's what got Evo's eyes on her in the first place, and what led to her part in Project Tsukumogami.
  • Catlike - Europa moves far more silently than you'd expect for someone with as much ammo, weaponry, and pure cybernetic beef as her.
  • Erased - Originally, Europa's presence was scoured from the Matrix by Evo looking to leave zero traces of one of their corporate assassins. After their data regarding her activities and history were stolen and deleted from their servers during the run that freed her, the Matrix is basically devoid of any information on her.


  • Basement Dweller - Europa is paranoid normally, but with people she's just met, it's even worse. Expect her to take a while with any verbal responses, and keep in mind that she probably isn't going to be a killer conversational partner.
  • Emotional Attachment (Remington 950) - The hunting rifle Gertrude gave her when she was just starting out after getting her freedom is her most prized possession. Even when she's constantly cleaning and checking over her guns, she makes sure to give it special attention. The wooden furniture is immaculate, the scope is sighted in perfectly, and it's damn well going to stay that way.
  • Insomnia (Basic) - It's tough getting to sleep with dreams like hers.
  • Paranoia - Europa takes the idea of operational security a little too far. Expect her to be cagey on the most miniscule of details that could be used to identify her - during a run, you're only getting her name, her loadout, and her specialty. Where she lives, who she's contacting for help, and most other questions will most likely be met with a death glare if they're acknowledged at all.
  • Poor Self Control (Compulsive IV, Personal) - Europa has a routine, and she's going to stick to it. Every day, she needs to dismantle, clean, and reassemble her guns at least once. She gets extremely twitchy if she's unable to do so, constantly fearing a misfire, jam, or other imperfection that might throw off her aim when the chips are down.
  • Prejudiced (Specific, Radical) (Evo Corp) - Even the corpsec mall cop tasked with watching the showroom floor in one of Evo's smaller bodyshops isn't beyond her hatred for the corp. She will not under any circumstances knowingly work for Evo, and unless she's specifically asked to bring them in, chances are any employee of theirs she targets is going to end up dead.
  • Wanted (100,000 nuyen, Evo Corp) - Evo's not especially happy their assassin got out, especially since they lost most of their data on her when she escaped. There's a standing bounty out for her to be brought back to the corporation dead or alive. Thankfully, identifying information on her is sparse.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Undervalued PrisonerDejapesPacific Grudge29 September 2082
Blissful IgnoranceDiscogoblin6 September 2082
Gland Theft AltoCutierThanThou30 August 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Gertrude "Five-Star" Juarez 1 6 Service Chronically Paranoid Wheelwoman I'm Not Your Fragging Party Bus, Must Be This Tough To Ride, Listen To That Engine Purr, Step On It, In Rear, With The Gear, Amerindian Rebel Even
Henry 2 4 Fixer(G,K,A,N) Discreet Weapons Dealer There's No Rush, Where The Guns At?, Cavalier Shill, With The Laser Sighting, Three Corporations In A Trenchcoat Even
Randall Cage 1 1 Legwork Nosy Stuffer Shack Cashier Nosy, Have You Seen My Parents Are Shadowrunners?, Employee of the Month, I Heard From A Friend Of A Friend Of A Coworker... Even



Ancients: +5 Rep


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 You mean the frozen moon of Jupiter?
3 I hope you like facts about the frozen moon of Jupiter, 'cause that's all you're getting.
6 ... Who?

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 "Sorry, chummer, I'm not familiar. You sure you aren't looking for a guy going by 'European'? Yeah, it's a dumb name, but he does good work."
3 "Oh, the cyberzombie chick? I think she's a sniper or something - I didn't ask too many questions given that she just kinda stared at me and didn't say anything after the first few."
5 "I'm fairly sure she's working with some blackballed wheelwoman out in Renton. I dunno how that bitch managed to get a creepy razorgirl attack dog to follow her around like a puppy, but I know that the last Halloweener that got bold and tried to break into her garage ended up getting strung up on the Redmond border wall."


Catherine Saint (Rating 4, UCAS National)


Europa would look like a worryingly gaunt woman if it wasn't for her somewhat oversized cyberlimbs. She's pale as pale gets, and a combination of long black hair (styled to cover her partial cyberskull), high cheekbones, and stiff posture make her look distinctly aristocratic. For those in the know, her cyberware is recognizable as Evo's higher-spec designs even with the serial numbers filed off. Beneath her hair, there's a chrome panel at about forehead level that wraps around from just behind her right ear all the way to her the orbit of her right eye, used to access the delicate headware inside. One of the most striking things about her appearance, however, is her eyes. Most would consider the scarlet red irises to be tacky choices for cybereye coloration, especially given the eye light system behind them, but most people also haven't had a supernaturally agile boogeyman with glowing red eyes chase them down a dark hallway.


Europa's most often seen with most of her body obscured by a long, classy grey cloak meant to be paired with the Mortimer of London Berwick line. Beneath it, however, she's probably not what most people expect: Shorts that leave most of her mechanical thighs exposed, a selection of punk rock t-shirts, and a classic black armor jacket make up her usual outfit, with only the most formal of meets capable of getting her to wear something that restricts her access to the smuggling compartments in her legs. Beneath her clothing, she usually wears the thermal vest from her chameleon suit whenever feasible, trying to hide most of her heat signature from prying eyes.

Matrix Persona

Default for the Sony Emperor.

Media Mentions

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