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Discreet Weapons Dealer
You want guns, he wants money. Simple as.
"Just Henry is fine."
Contact OwnerMSmithVoices
Public Contact?Yes
LocationTacoma Docks, Seattle
Awakened/EmergedAwakened (Adept)
Preferred Payment MethodNuyen and discretion
Hobbies/ViceRare Firearms and Gun Trivia
Personal LifePersonal
AspectsThere's No Rush
Where The Guns At?
Cavalier Shill
With The Laser Sighting
Three Corporations In A Trenchcoat


Henry keeps his professional and private lives as separate as physically possible. Some of his long-time customers have learned that he used to be part of NeoNET, and the best guess is that he was specifically in the security division from what little he says about the experience, but nothing is quite certain. What is certain is that he has plenty of guns, smuggler connections, and a willingness to put those facts together and act as a weapons dealer. In addition, he does have a few contacts in his network - he won't say who, for obvious reasons - that may or may not have work for those looking to put their newly-purchased firearms to good use.


Henry's operation is run out of a warehouse in the Tacoma Docks that is conveniently empty whenever his buyers call in and say they need a look around the showroom. He only asks that you call ahead and give him a heads up, and within the day, you can be the proud owner of a finely-tuned weapon of your choice - though, he does have a personal preference for Cavalier Arms products, and isn't shy about letting people know.

Henry himself is a middle-aged ork of what most assume to be English descent, and is bald aside from a bushy goatee. While he is very keen on keeping things purely professional, he isn't afraid of speaking in a relaxed, casual fashion as long the topic doesn't stray from business. He's almost never seen without three things: A low-key armor jacket modeled to look almost indistinguishable from biker leathers, a cheap cigar in his mouth, and a pair of heavy pistols hidden in his jacket just enough to be polite while also reminding any particularly aggressive customers that he's armed and dangerous. Though it doesn't come up often, he's also a low level adept, and while he can't see on the Astral, he's more than capable of shooting the wings off a fly from fifty yards.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
There's No Rush There's no such thing as getting a weapon delivered by Henry through a quick phone call. At a minimum, he'll give you priority as a customer if he likes you. If he doesn't like you... well, better hope you've got a few hours to burn. Even if you need to talk to him about something unrelated to his arms dealing, Henry will refuse to discuss things over a commcall; you'll have to wait 2d6 - Loyalty hours for him to open up shop and get you in to see him in person. If you're trying to get ahold of something with over 12 availability, increase this to 4d6 - Loyalty hours.
Where The Guns At? Here. Even though he's not keen on sharing his network, he must have some far-reaching friends. Whether it's Streetline-made throwaway pistols or heavy caliber sniper rifles, he's your man. Henry has a +2 on any checks to acquire firearms, no matter the type.
Cavalier Shill Old habits die hard. Even though he's specifically Ex-NeoNET, Henry still has a love for their weapon manufacturing subsidiary after years of using their products. He gains a +2 to any checks to acquire weapons made by Cavalier Arms.
With The Laser Sighting Henry's not just a wiz when it comes to firearms themselves - he's got a near-encyclopedic knowledge on how they work, how to modify them, and how to get you out the door with a customized weapon. Delivery's free if he has to take it home to finish the mods! Henry gains a +2 to checks concerning gun knowledge, modifying weapons, and acquiring those modifications in the first place.
Three Corporations In A Trenchcoat NeoNET's internal politics weren't pretty, but it was home for the longest time. He's not exactly forthcoming about whether he left in the fall of the company or before (Privacy is golden, after all), but he's got knowledge of their security practices, their corporate structure, and some of their personnel. Just hope it's still up-to-date. Henry gains a +2 to knowledge checks concerning NeoNET and its subsidiaries.


Knowledge Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 0 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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