Blissful Ignorance

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Blissful Ignorance
LocationThe Redmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Ancients
Ashe Vanderline
The Cutters
Silvers Alvarez
Casualties and losses
None Alvarez


The runners are hired by Ancients lieutenant and smuggler Ashe Vanderline to track down and destroy the operation of a Cutters crew muscling in on the Ancients' routes. The team uses their knowledge of the area to find a group of the crew's goons, and after a short interrogation narrows down the location of their warehouse. The three use a hidden entrance revealed to them by an enterprising squatter to geek the mage first, and rapidly clean up the rest of the goons. They hand the now secured warehouse over to the Ancients and walk home with their payday.


The ongoing Light the Shadows campaign, as well as the events of One in the Dome, have stretched the resources of the Redmond Ancients thin. Seeing an opportunity, a crew of Cutters led by the street mage Silvers Alvarez began to muscle in on a profitable drug route from Redmond to Renton. Hesitant to spare the manpower needed to properly drive them out, Ancients lieutenant Ashe Vanderline hired a team of runner assassins to nip the problem in the bud.

The Meet

Grit, Gremlin, and Europa all arrived to the biker bar where Vanderline conducts her business. Grit and Gremlin, both Ancients here to do damage control after their disastrous run against Evo, felt right at home among the green-clad gangers. Europa, an incredibly awkward human, stuck out like a sore thumb. After managing to get through the bar without being shot the team met with Vanderline, who explained that she needed Silvers assassinated and her warehouse cleared out. She offered a lowball price of 8k each, which Gremlin managed to negotiate up to 10.

The Plan

Vanderline had given an approximate area for the warehouse, but it was on the team to actually find it. Using their knowledge of gang territory to narrow down the location, the team took their bikes to go investigate. Along the way they spotted a small squad of Cutters staking out the route, whom the team quickly cornered and interrogated. It didn't take long for the gangers to crack, and after giving up the location of the warehouse they were put unconscious with stick and shocks.

As the team arrived at the warehouse, they found it loaded with cameras and surrounded by a monowire tipped fence. Gremlin and Europa climbed a nearby building to snipe from while Grit, showing complete disregard for the warehouse's carefully laid defenses, simply jumped the fence and snuck in. While setting up on the rooftop Gremlin and Europa were confronted by a local squatter named Bottle Rocket, who was indignant that they were about to ruin a perfectly good squat by starting a firefight. When the team tried to wave her away, she told them that she knew about a hidden entrance into the warehouse. She'd been using it to boost drugs from the Cutters, but if the team agreed to give her some of the product once they took the warehouse she'd tell them where it is. The team reluctantly agreed, and Bottle Rocket dropped an AR ping to the vent system that ended right outside of the mage's office.

The Run

As Grit snuck through the vents, Europa and Gremlin drew a bead on two of the biggest guards they could see. Grit dropped from the ceiling and charged for the door while the other two started shooting. The high calibre sniper fire made it difficult for the guards to stop Grit, and she eventually blasted the door to the mage's room open. Silvers fired off a gigantic manabolt that almost killed Grit outright, and her spirit of air started engaging the other two on the roof. Gremlin punted the air spirit back into the astral, and after a tense fight Grit finally put a round through Silvers' head. Europa made short work of the rigger, and the other two cybered up guards were quickly finished off. Grit walked out of the office, stared down the rest of the Cutters goons, and informed them that it would take about one second to reload her gun. They all broke and ran.


Having completed their objective, the team rang up Vanderline to secure the warehouse before reinforcements arrived. While the Ancients were heading over the team paid Bottle Rocket her promised one and a half bricks of Bliss, enough to either make a handsome profit or die of a massive overdose. Bottle Rocket didn't let on which one she was planning to do. Vanderline arrived with her crew and congratulated the team on a job well done, delivering their payment along with a commcode for future collaboration.


10k Nuyen

5 Karma

+5 Ancients Rep


Optional Contacts:

  • Ashe Vanderline at 3/2
  • Bottle Rocket at 1/2

For Grit and Gremlin

One chip off their debt to Ether

For Grit


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Honestly, this was a fun run. I got to meet Moonmoon! Who is like, super cute.