One in the Dome

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One in the Dome
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven EVO
Casualties and losses
1 Earth Spirit, 2 Water Spirits, 3 Drones, 1 Beat Cop, Adrian Hon
Started Medium, then due to the actions of Grit and Gremlin, went high


Grit and Gremlin are hired by TerraFirst! in order to assassinate a corporate executive by the name of Adrian Hon. Things go sideways, and the two barely make it out alive.


An executive of an EVO subsidiary company is introducing a new, improved pesticide--The one problem is, TerraFirst! really doesn't want to see it come to fruition.

The Meet

Meeting out in the Snohomish woods, Grit and Gremlin were hired by TerraFirst! to assassinate Adrian Hon. After receiving their dossier and the terms of the mission, they set off.

The Plan

The plan was to find the man in his home if possible, assassinate him and then leave.

The Run

Coming to the enclosed neighborhood dome, Gremlin and Grit snuck in via a maintenance entrance, and crept up along the streets until they reached Adrian Hon's house. Once in his yard, the couple posted up into a tree, and began to observe. The first time their shot opportunity presented itself, they were unprepared, and missed the shot. However, the second arose when two EVO officers were inspecting the tree, and their suspicions were nearly abated. Then the two runners took the shot, and all hell broke loose. With Adrian Hon dead, Grit turned their rifle onto one beat cop, shooting and killing them instantly, while Gremlin turned their rifle on the other, wounding him. Then, knowing there wasn't much else to do, they began to flee as backup was called for. They encountered an earth spirit, which Grit neatly dispatched before they ran for the second exit--This was blockaded by two officers, two drones, and a water spirit. Gremlin dispatched the drones and the water spirit, while Grit attempted to take the cops down less-than-lethally. As the water spirit faded, another, stronger one replaced it, and the two decided to run.

Chased by the spirit inside the maintenance building they had entered from, they couldn't out run the spirit, so they stood their ground, Grit narrowly escaping death multiple times, until with Gremlin's help, the last bullet in their chamber did the spirit in. Fleeing on their bikes, they killed one last done.


They did escape, calling Ether to secure a safe house and a safe route out of Snohomish. Once there, both women got a lecture from Ether, and then another from Babylon about runner safety and security. Neither ancient is particularly happy with them.


  • 16k nuyen (8 RVP)
  • 14 CDP (6 RVP)
  • Records on File with EVO
  • Wanted: EVO (50k nuyen)
  • Negative 3 chips on Ether for saving your asses
  • 1 Notoriety

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Everything just went so, so, so wrong so quickly and Grit almost died. Now Babylon and Ether are beyond pissed with us. I thought I was doing well but, here we are now. I'm gonna have to work really hard to make it up to Ether.