An Undergound Robbery

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An Undergound Robbery
Part of Baker Wars
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Underground Bakery
Ty Vallynn
Cold Hands
Saul Goodman
His Staff
Cold Hands ended up with The Doll's Tears and then got rid of it.


In which four runners are hired by Saint Nick to steal pastries from Saul Goodman.


On a previous run, Saint Nick became addicted to pastries made by Saul Goodman. However, Saul's pastries were all purchased for the next four days for an upcoming conference. Santa can't wait that long...

The Meet

Saint Nick asks for pastries from Saul Goodman's The Underground Bakery. He's really going through withdrawal, needing that fix soon. He offers the runners each 12k nuyen or double that in KRIME gear (in addition to some of the pastries).

The Plan

Samsara calls Anything Andy for help robbing Saul. He tells her that he's buddies with Saul and doesn't wanna help rob him. He doesn't want to be in this pickle, between Warboss, Saint Nick, and Saul Goodman. Samsara talks him into giving her the route through the Ork Underground to get to The Underground Bakery. Then he takes laes. Then she calls Ghaz for a truck, who rents her one.

Samsara notices a toxic spirit following Cold Hands and engages it! This causes a fight with four toxic spirits. After disrupting them, Cold Hands heads out to Glow City to get rid of The Doll's Tears, which she found in her apartment earlier in the run. A nuclear spirit attacks her, though she disrupts it. As she leaves, an emaciated figure can be seen rummaging through the rubble she left the cursed doll in.

After Cold Hands rejoins the group, Oathbane applies first aid to her. By this time, Oathbane's matrix search ends. She discovers that Saul Goodman likely lives beneath the bakery in the OU, and she gets the layout of the bakery. Skimmer wears his Elf outfit and the team passes out KRIME gear to people in the OU after they get passage from Warboss. Skimmer gets called a 'Keeb' a lot, though, as he passes out lots of guns. 'Santa's little helper'.

Eventually the team makes it to the gentrified section of the OU, run by Renraku, underneath Downtown. Skimmer does a Christmas performance and Samsara drives the other truck preternaturally stealthy. Skimmer is approached by Renraku security forces who wants to know if he has a license for this. He... tries to talk his way out of this. He gets hassled A LOT along with Ty Vallynn by the cops (who help themselves to lots of guns).

Meanwhile, Samsara, Oathbane, and Cold Hands are making their way through a section of the gentrified OU. Oathbane is able to narrow down the buildings that could lead up to The Underground Bakery to four. Samsara wall-runs up to try to get to the top of a building, and can smell a bit of pastry. Someone opens a window nearby and tries to knock the 'critter' away that's making noise. She runs a bit further away, and Cold Hands throws up their helmet with olfactory sensors on it for Oathbane to smell through. She is able to find the source of the baked goods. Skimmer and Ty Vallynn continue their distraction.

The Run

Oathbane hacks Saul Goodman's lock, and [{Samsara]] and Cold Hands enter. Saul Goodman hears them coming, but is unable to fend off the two nerve-strikers. They steal all the pastries he's baked so far this morning, then escape. However, Samsara drops a small hint about Saint Nick being involved before they escape.

Cold Hands can visit Weirdboi on the way out of the OU.


Saul Goodman realizes that Saint Nick was involved and CUTS HIM OFF OF PASTRIES.



  • 12k nuyen or double that in KRIME gear - 6 RVP
  • 2k nuyen or 1k nuyen off of lifestyle costs for 4 months - 1 RVP
  • 9 karma - 9 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional: Saint Nick at Loyalty 4 for -5 RVP

Cold Hands:

  • Optional: Rad-Tolerant for -3 Karma
  • Optional: Weirdboi at Loyalty 3 for -5 RVP


  • +1 PA for spreading the joy of September Christmas

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I'm starting to worry about Saint Nick's seemingly unending need for the sweet, sweet pastries of Saul Goodman. He says he has acquired a slim worm, to help combat the obvious side effects, but it seems to be a losing battle. Santa needs an intervention, and he needs one soon. I'm not sure he's ready for such a dramatic situation though. He really enjoys being the Spirit of Christmas, and all that that entails. He understands what makes the boys and girls happy, and he does his best to provide. Do I do something about this problem, or do I allow him to be who he wants to be? I guess I will pray on it, maybe talk to Nameless about it. He might be able to offer guidance in this matter. Oh well, at least we got to have Christmas in September! Also, the people of the OU community were really nice, and nicknamed me Keebs; how did they now I loved the Keebler elves? Glory be."

Cold Hands

"This was a surreal, painful night. At some point, one of the former tenants of my new home left behind a strange and disturbing doll. Wary of leaving it alone in my apartment, I took it with me.

Turns out the doll was a very potent and very cursed focus that drew toxic spirits like flies to carrion. I put my team at risk, and I barely survived an encounter with a radiation spirit. As I limped away from a battle I had no business taking on alone, I saw someone - something - in rags, digging that focus out of the dead drop spot I found for it. The doll is no longer bound to me; it's found some other awakened to cling to.

I should have dealt with it as soon as Ty told me about its nature. That was on me. I was too complacent, too confident. Nothing like back-to-back encounters with a half dozen toxic spirits to ground your outlook.

And that's not even getting to a very strange run (sent my way by Warboss, of course) where we had to steal pastries for a personafix Santa Claus from a bakery managed by a former runner. I'm glad Samsara and Oathbane were around for that fight, as Saul Goodman was a stubborn opponent even when double-teamed and surrounded.

Skimmer seemed to enjoy playing the elfen distraction a little too much. Still, the earnestness was refreshing. Almost made me forget I spent much of that run on my back while nursing rad burns."

Ty Vallynn

Creepy doll...That was an interesting run. If that guy was what the humans really call "Santa Claus", I can support it. All in all, I feel like everything went ok. The toxic spirits were problematic but Cold Hands took care of the doll so everything's ok. I was really disappointed by those Renraku goons. Don't they have anything better to do than hassle good citizens spreading holiday cheer? Rude of them. I did kind of miss out on the action with Saul, but I managed to help Samsara out so it's all good. My trusty air spirit didn't really do me justice fighting the spirits. We'll have a conversation about that later.


I'm not sure what was going on with that creepy doll or those bad mojo spirits, but like, this was a pretty neat gig overall - got to steal cookies for Santa. You'd think Santa could get his own cookies, and I dunno why this baker wouldn't want to sell them, but eh, money's money. It felt a little bad stealing from this guy who the whole OU seems to respect, but also like, he did move out of it and up into the boogie Downtown to sell expensive pastries to rich people, so I'm not gonna feel too bad about fighting him and taking some baked goods that he can easily replace. Plus Skimmer and I got to invent September Christmas, which was pretty fun.


Honestly something can be too much of a good thing and do to my waistline and be loving to remain inactive for long periods of time. being addicted to these type of pastries would definitely not help me in the long run… it would likely make it more difficult for my brother to carry me off but i rather not deal with the health problems