Cold Hands

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Cold Hands
Adept Swordswoman
Avid Motorcyclist
Kaiju Film Enthusiast
Street Cred2
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.January 3, 2054
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - E
Resources - D

Character Information


Katana-wielding biker-elf who is inordinately fond of campy monster flicks and underdog causes.


  • Secure a safe haven and alternative identities for her parents, who are still abroad and the target of political persecution.
  • Accumulate enough wealth to eventually retire from Shadow-running.
  • Obtain good-condition original copies of a century's worth of Godzilla media.


June Alvarez was born to Filipino parents in Japanese-occupied Hawai'i. Straddling multiple cultures, she grew up speaking English but is conversant in both Tagalog and Japanese. After her parents were implicated in anti-Imperial activities, they sent their daughter to the mainland with false documentation in order to protect her. Since then, June has lived in the shadows under the moniker of "Cold Hands."

Attached to a katana that her father took from a deceased Imperial officer, and inordinately fond of certain elements of Japanese culture - including racing motorcycles and kaiju movies - June is a contradictory figure. During her upbringing in occupied Hawai'i, she was a star pupil at a particular sword dojo, picking up kenjutsu and learning to synthesize her blade training with the ki control of a natural adept.

Now that she runs in the shadows, she makes use of her two primary assets: swordsmanship and aggressive motorcycling. Ironically, her familiarity with the Japanese language and Imperial norms has brought her into contact with a Shiawese fixer.

Narrative Elements

Cold Hands is a slender, dark-skinned elf with straight black hair, green eyes and an aloof demeanor. She is professional and to the point, preferring business talk over small talk. Her preferred fashion choices range from gothic chic to biker regalia. The runner's electronic accessories are frequently contained in or fashioned to resemble silver jewelry.

Despite her chilly persona, the elf has very particular passions. The first among them is motorcycling - she personally owns a racing bike and is not adverse to participating in urban races. The second is an odd fixation for old media, particularly media revolving around B-tier monster plots.

But perhaps most fatally, she has a passion for underdog causes. Her cold and emotionless facade hides deep wells of empathy, and she has difficulty refusing jobs that favor the downtrodden.


Her parents were implicated in anti-Imperial activities in the Protectorate of Hawai'i, and are currently on the run. She also has an older brother with a legitimate identity living and working in Manila. The brother works for a megacorp and is estranged from the family, facts which have allowed him to so far escape the fallout from their parents' activities.


Cold Hands has a fake SIN (Rating 6) describing her as Catherine Yamamoto, a 30-year-old private investigator and citizen of UCAS. 'Catherine' has the following fake licenses (Rating 6): Driver's License, Firearm License, Weapon License, Adept License, Concealed Carry Permit, Private Investigator.

Current Residence

Following a run that went south (see 'Dance among Faded Memories'), Cold Hands vacated her downtown residence as a precautionary measure. She moved into a rented residence in Tarislar, an elven ghetto in southern Puyallup. Her room there could have been generously described as a 'studio apartment,' but was in actuality a single level in a small, run-down building that she needed to partially restore in order to make livable.

After some time spent living in Tarislar and garnering a local reputation by giving back to the community, Cold Hands has moved deeper into the elven ghetto and acquired a better residence. Though the new place is just as small as her prior dwelling, she now lives in a relatively safer neighborhood, has more amenities, and has a better selection of goods and services. (Medium lifestyle on Low cost.) Her residence has been made into an R15 Magical Lodge (Christian Theurgy Aspect).

Public Society

Cold Hands, as 'Catherine,' is a member of the Vigilant Iron Schooling House (Street Grimoire, p.60), a loosely-organized training group for both adepts and mundanes based out of a formerly abandoned gym on the edge of Redmond. She can often be seen there during her off-hours in informal sweat pants plus t-shirt, wielding a wooden bokken while teaching kenjutsu to younger students.



  • Graceful (Agile Defender, Exceptional Attribute: Agility, Catlike) - Naturally dexterous and light on her feet, Cold Hands is an embodiment of the 'graceful elf' stereotype. Being hard to hit and hard to spot is how she stays alive.
  • Guided (Mentor Spirit: Horse, Mentor's Mask, Way of the Magician, Practice Practice Practice: Assensing) - Cold Hands is linked to a mentor spirit that manifests itself as a spectral, wine-red mare. The influence of this spirit has compounded her wanderlust and innate curiosity, while nudging her towards a path of exploring the outer boundaries of her gifts.
  • Observant and Coordinated (Hawk Eye, Perfect Time, Perceptive, Vehicle Empathy) - Keen on details and quick with her fingers, hand-eye coordination is not one of Cold Hands' weaknesses. She has a penchant for noticing critical information quickly, allowing her to perform ably as a scout.
  • Empathic (First Impression) - Cold Hands, despite being a socially aloof introvert, tends to consider the perspectives of others.
  • Toxic-Touched (Rad-Tolerant, Spirit Affinity: Nuclear Spirits, Home Ground: Glow City) - While running, Cold Hands has had several startlingly close brushes with toxic magic, nuclear spirits and radiation cults. Though she is loathe to admit it, these experiences have left their mark.


  • PEANUTS (Uncommon and Moderate Allergy: Peanuts) - Cold Hands is careful about eating out, in no small part due to a peanut allergy that has afflicted her since childhood.
  • The Deep Dark Sea (Common and Moderate Phobia: Thalassophobia, fear of the Ocean) - While being smuggled to Seattle as a child, Cold Hands nearly drowned during the Pacific crossing. That trauma has haunted her since.
  • Filial Duty (Driven, Dependants) - Cold Hands' involvement in the shadows is goal-oriented. Much of what she does is aimed at relocating her parents and giving them a fresh start.

Positive Qualities Table

Trait Additional Information
Agile Defender
Exceptional Attribute AGI
Mentor Spirit Horse
Mentor's Mask Horse
Shoot First, Ask Later
Way of the Magician
Hawk Eye
Perfect Time
Perceptive Rank 2
Vehicle Empathy
Practice, Practice, Practice Assensing
First Impression
Spirit Affinity Nuclear
Home Ground (Acclimation) Glow City

Negative Qualities Table

Trait Additional Information
Allergy Uncommon, Moderate (Peanuts)
Phobia Common, Moderate (Thalassophobia - Fear of the Deep Sea)
Driven Finding Asylum for Parents
Dependants (Nuisance) Sends Money to Parents

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Weightlifting for the discerning runnerDoc Mnc30 July 2083
Infrastructure TheoremAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking11 October 2082
Silver RushArchtmagThe Burning Star of Redmond2 October 2082
Ace Powers Commits Tax FraudNiven27 September 2082
Sachet CatchetPokemonemocow725 September 2082
Journey BelowArchtmag24 September 2082
An Undergound RobberyAuroraBaker Wars15 September 2082
Fragmented VineyardAsmodeus8 September 2082
Cutting off the supplyArchtmag3 September 2082
Chinchillas Are Rad?Aurora26 August 2082
Vigil for the VulnerableIsaac22 August 2082
DJ SamuraiAurora19 August 2082
I Swear They are Normal Salamanders pt2Draknic16 August 2082
Dance among the Fading MemoriesDraknicWhen You Reach Me11 August 2082
Ghouls in my Ork UndergroundSleevey9 August 2082
A Lil' Legwork Never Killed AnyoneSi1asA Taint On Us All6 August 2082
Jawson VorheesDisco5 August 2082
Kevin Sane CrimesAsmodeusThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Hail to the Pumpking
1 August 2082
Talent ScoutDiscoGoblin29 July 2082
Hard DriveCutierThanThou28 July 2082
BlogisticsDisco26 July 2082
Peeking through BarsDraknic23 July 2082
Grandma's Pearlssamitefan18 July 2082


Street Cred

  • Gained +1 Street Cred for winning a Barrens street race as the 'Red Mare.' She was there to assassinate a notorious ghoul leader of the 162s, but it was made to look like a combat casualty of the no-holds-barred race.
  • Gained +1 Street Cred for helping to bring in one of the 'Hyde' serial killers.
  • Gained +1 Street Cred for piloting a run-away 5th World train to a stylish stop.
  • Expended 3 Street Cred to maintain a 'Medium' lifestyle at 'Low' cost.
  • Gained +1 Street Cred for recovering fissile capable plutonium from a toxic cult.

Cutters: +1

  • Worked for the Cutters in taking out a Halloweener stronghold in Sophocles.

Halloweeners: -3

  • Helped take out a Halloweener stronghold in Sophocles.

Wuxing: +2

  • Resolved an inconvenient situation regarding a local Tacoma business and a short squeeze.

Tacoma (specifically Tacoma Veteran's Association, Tacoma Shipping and Supply District Council, Tacoma Neighborhood Watch): -20

  • (if recognized) Involved in the destruction of a local Tacoma business.

Streets of Redmond: +5

  • Helped clean up a BTL studio and the rising gang behind it, and got the affected addicts into the care of local street docs.

Horizon: +1

  • Helped Ace Powers evade taxes.

SpinGlobal: +5

  • Recovered a substantial amount of plutonium that had been stolen by Barrens gangs and that eventually wound up in the hands of a Glow City toxic cult.


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Asahiro Kunitoshi 6 5 Fixer Vice-President of Imperial Kami Services For The Corporation, Blademaster, Scholar, Vashionable, Authorization, Spywork, Corpo Gear, Shintoist Even
Bautista 4 2 Fixer Huk Regional Boss Pirate Trainer, Gun Runner, Demolition Man, Talislegger, Fence Even
Warboss 6 3 Fixer Fixer WAAAGH!, Moar Dakka!, Half Machine, All Trog, Gang Boss, Lok'tar Ogar, Crime Lord, Smuggler Even
Alessa P 4 2 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Krimelin 3 1 Custom(K,A,G,N) FBI's Most Wanted Albinism, Spirit Savant, Demoncaller, Go On A Trip, Safehouses, Let It All Burn Even
St1tch 5 3 Legwork Dissonant Technomancer and Anti-Infected Crusader Vendetta, Dissonant Static, Clean Body, Clean Soul, For the Greater Good, Know Your Enemy, Datahaven Membership, Spiteful Sprites, Field Medic, The Enemy of my Enemy, Spick and Span, Temple Collaborator, Trid Enthusiast Even
Dr. Tony Hanks 2 1 Legwork Charity Clinic Doctor Surgeon, Charity Networker, Redmond Born and Raised, Gang Grudge, Overworked Even
Rose of Sharon Howlett 2 3 Legwork Occult Bounty Hunter HMHVV Carrier, CAS Native, Law Enforcement Experience, Monster Slayer, Spark of Magic Even
Chet Brent 2 3 Legwork Motorcycle Cop The Better Brother, Tacoma Precinct, Case by Case, The Open Road, Wheels Turning Even
Cera Goodwill 1 3 Legwork Member of The Invisible Population, Unlimited Access Even
Pump King Jack 5 1 Legwork Halloween Spirit Herald of Halloween, Extraplanar, Spirit Savvy, Hella Halloweeners, Goodnatured Guide, Formula One, Ritualist Even
Flora Seychelles 1 1 Service Independent Auto Mechanic Automotive Mechanic, Former Go-Ganger Even
Star Man 2 3 Service Free Spirit Spirit of Guardian, Astrology Man, Just Likes a Good Time Even
Weirdboi 3 3 Custom(G,A,K,N) Skraacha Cyberdoc Shamanic Surgery, Shamanic Cybersurgeon, Measure twice, cut just an irresponsible amount, It fell of a lot of trucks, Black Market Connections, Jar of blood! Oh I'll stop the bleeding now Even
Toxic Tension 4 4 Custom(A, N, K, G) Combat DJ SpinGlobal Radicalness And Loyalty!, Extremely Radical, Trog EDM, Keymore, SpinGlobal, Famous Artist, Pyrotechnics Even
Kyra Samaras 5 3 Generalist Spinradical Scientist Esoteric Acquisitions, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Collaborative Iteration, Actually Smart, Magic Mind, Whirring Gizmos, This is Research!, Spirit Friends! Even




In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Advertisements concerning mittens and heat pads.
3 Vehicle, jacket styling, and physical build matches to 'Red Mare,' a biker who regularly participates in Seattle street races.
6 Carried blade and sword style matches to a particular dojo in Imperial-occupied Hawai'i, one sponsored by Shiawase donors.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Aloof elf; doesn't socialize much.
3 Close combat specialist and fast. Likes motorcycles.
5 Some of her pay is always sent overseas. Can be reliably bribed with obscure kaiju media.


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 148 lbs.

Skin: Brown

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black


Prefers dark, plain jackets that are lit up in AR with racing team logos. Her electronic accessories are fitted into silver jewelry.

Matrix Persona

When Cold Hands does go on the Matrix, her persona is almost always a chibi version of Mothra.


"Master of Trains" (See: Fragmented Vineyard )