Vigil for the Vulnerable

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Vigil for the Vulnerable
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven BTL-producing gang
Cold Hands
Gang mooks
Gang boss
Casualties and losses
Entirety of the gang


The runners help out some BTL addicts with a bit of violence


Some gangers have set up a BTL dealing ring in an apartment building in Redmond. A mysterious J caught wind and wants it gone and the addicts brough to safety UNDER the radar of KE.

The Meet

After pre-run goofing, the runners make their way to a call in Westlake to help out BTL people. The J contacts via a matrix AR icon hovering above the crowd prompting a joining of a private DNI. She lists a location and after the runners agreed, she appeared in the meet to finalize the plan. With that done, the runners started off towards the location listed.

The Plan

The location listed was an apartment building.The first floor was filled with BTL addicts, the second with goons and the rest storage with the boss on the 5th floor. Upon snooping around, the runners formulate a plan to draw out the mooks to a murder box by spoofing commands and hacking comms. It doesn’t go to plan. The mooks realize it’s a spoofed tactic and the runners move in with the ol’ haven special of ‘kick down the door and shoot everyone in sight’

The Run

As Prince took up a sniper post, a rocket hurtled towards his position. He leaped out of the way but the battle had started. Prince fired back and Varia punched the door into plastic splinters as Tombstone (a little surprised) charged in directly through suppressive fire. As they wiped out the first wave of mooks, a heavily chromed martial artist sprinted down the stairs and grabbed tombstone. After a scuffle on the stairs in which Tombstone almost bit them, the fight was finished by Prince send the boss into an impromptu trip to the big claw dojo in the sky. With a little mook clean up and escorting the BTL addicts out of the building, the job was over.


The runners claimed their just rewards and set out on their own paths, though some with mixed feelings toward the lethal actions taken in dispatching the gangers.


  • 10k nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 8 karma (8 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • +5 Streets of Redmond rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I didn't expect gangers to be shooting rockets at my general direction while I had on a full sniper cloak, but there I was. The initial plan of divide and conquer didn't work out as my Belle sadly didn't get the leader's articulation quite right and we couldn't get them to come outside for a meetup in a killzone, and blowing up their commlink and sending another fake message didn't work either. The big guy took a lot of shots, heavy augments make you quick, got two shots on him with the EX-EX and that was the end of him.


I don't know how these people got setup. They couldn't even throw a grenade. Still nice to help people in need. Good will is in such short supply these days.

Cold Hands

"It's a good feeling to start the run familiar your team members and confident in their abilities. The gang we faced was wealthy enough to have some heavy armaments, but in all honesty they were outmatched."

"Working for Dr. Hanks is the closest thing I have to cleansing the dirt and grime I drag myself through in the course of runner work. I can only hope that these occasional 'hooding' runs help me hang on to a piece of my metahumanity."


"First run with Prince in a while, but it was nice to work with Tombstone and Cold Hands again. Varia seems like good people, if not a little jumpy. Felt nice to get paid for doing a decent thing for once!"


"That was ... interesting. The haven fighters seem very excited to kill people. I am happy that I did something good and helped some BTL addicts get into recovery but this place ... I think I will have to gain strength. This is a cruel world in Aztlan and in Seattle and I will need to get stronger to survive it and help other survive."