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Decker, Secondary Face
Discord (Preferred contact method)@Twinnie#9492
Street Cred1
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.Saturday, 6th July 2058
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


Catharsis is a personable decker with good intentions, quick to help others and give counsel where needed. When especially excited, her accent comes through.


Short Term

  • Network, make some friends.
  • Find the fragging Cutter who nearly killed her and return the favor.

Long Term

  • Stabilize her work / life balance
  • Found a non-profit NGO to provide resources to impoverished sinless in order to combat their mental health struggles on a larger scale.


Mentions of domestic abuse, Major Character Spoilers Below.

Zitkala Sano, Born Saturday, 6th July 2058 to one Miyata Sano and his wife, Koda in New York City.

Zitkala grew up in Old Chelsea, an impoverished neighborhood where the poor regardless of their nature are all crammed into small rooms. Being a UCAS citizen was the only saving grace from complete hunger, from the age of 8 months, making trips to the local welfare offices. She was raised by her mother, her father largely absent due to his alcoholism, subsequent arrests, and mental illness. To soothe her pain, Koda often would crochet, showing her daughter how to turn balls of yarn into blankets, and to sing in her native tongue-- a respite of joy for the two. Once she was old enough to be enrolled in school, Zitkala was firmly pushed to do well, and spent many long nights and longer days studying, perfecting her academics so she could get a scholarship into any school. All of her hard work paid off, as she was able to secure scholarship to the University of Toronto, and begin her life.

Her entrance exams showed an aptitude with the matrix, yet Zitkala was steadfast in her choice of diploma. With all the exposure to violence and crime in her youth, she wanted to take this opportunity to prevent people from becoming like her father--Drinking to calm the paranoia, then unable to stop drinking until the cycle had ended with one man dead, one in prison, and two broken families. While in college, her mother moved to Seattle to be closer to her daughter and extended family; her father had reconciled with her mother, and now stable, was out on parole to be with his family, and life seemed to be looking up. Now, Zitkala had the loving, semi-stable family she had wanted as a child. But as with all good things, it would soon sour.

Her graduation from university would be what soured--Her mother's health was failing. Ever the dutiful daughter, Zitkala returned home to her mother. It was during this period where naive 21 year old Zitkala met Aaron Knight. The older man was a journalist, and the two hit it off and fell into a whirlwind romance. In this time of desperately wanting support, she ignored the pile of red flags that a man eight years her senior was interested in her. She ignored the screaming, the destruction of furniture in his apartment, the holes he would punch in walls. It escalated to violence against her, but at this point she was trapped, they had been together for a year, and she had lost her will to fight. Every moment that she was not tending to her mother, or being terrorized by Aaron, she escaped to the euphoria of the matrix. There she could be her, not anything more, or anything less. It was here her natural curiosity caused her to look off the beaten path, and eventually work her way to the yawning void that was the matrix in it's entirety once one looked between the grid lines. In the depths of this digital darkness, she was safe, the real world a terror one too many for her. Pressure was coming in on her to marry Aaron, so that her mother would be able to attend her only child's wedding. She caved, married at the foot of her mother's hospital bed by a tribal shaman.

At the suggestion of a sympathetic neighbor, she was steered towards a local low level runnerhub. Her visits to runnerhubs became more frequent, becoming a sickly sort of social affair--Accepted as a miserable person amongst similar kin. It was here that a shot of adrenaline re-awoke Zitkala's long slumbering passion for life--Her first run. All she had to do was keep some poor Stuffer Shack employee busy while her friend turned mentor, Sapphi, slipped a file amongst the host's files. All Zitkala remembers of the rest of that night, was going home with a pep in her step, and for the first time in months--Fighting back against Aaron's belittling behavior. The next thing she remembers is waking in the hospital, face swollen to near disfigurement. It would take her several more weeks, but she would eventually learn the details of what else happened that night--Missing dinner, Miyata went to check on his daughter, and instead found the man whom he had hoped would one day be his son in law covered in his daughter's blood. It was the final straw for Miyata, who ended up beating Aaron as badly as he had Zitkala--Landing him back in jail. Hospital bound, she had a choice to make--Pressing charges against her long term boyfriend, now husband, or not. She pressed chargers, and in return Aaron pressed charged against Miyata and lawyered up. Left in a legal deadlock, Zitkala's wounds healed at home, but the passage of time had not slowed. She used her injuries to take time off work, allowing her to be there as her mother breathed her final breath. Mid legal battle, she did not have the nuyen for a funeral, let alone a lawyer. So once again, she caved under Sapphi's wing, and began moonlighting as a decker to give her mother the funeral she deserved. It went from being the funeral her mother deserved, to the legal defense her father was owed. Once his defense failed, and he was sent back to prison, the money went to paying off her medical bills.

By September of 2081, her father had passed away from liver disease in prison. With the last of her family dead, she moved into the Christopher View Apartments in Renton, and started her own small branch of tele-therapy practice she worked at, targeting low income and sinless people, the people who she ultimately believes truly need it. Occasionally though, it does mean a trip in person, and Zitkala is still unfamiliar with certain parts of Seattle, no thanks to many of her clients being in the ork underground, or Renton. As of now, running is just a habit, a place for her to channel her anger that Aaron roams free, to fund help those who need it, to help those who need it and to watch, waiting for her moment of revenge.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Significant study has been dedicated into Japanese, making her passably tri-lingual.


Professional Listener (Analytical Mind, College Education (University of Toronto BS in Psychology), Common Sense) - As a (non)practicing therapist, Catharsis has put significant time into helping with other people's problems and offering advice.

Actually a Giant Nerd (Bilingual (English, Sioux), Speed Reading) - You don't go to university in the sixth world without being a bit of a nerd.

Matrix Escapist (Codeslinger (Matrix Perception), OverClocker, Quick Config) - The matrix is this girl's safe place, and so she's learned to navigate it, and her deck to maximum efficiency.

Everything Feels Blue? (Instinctive Hack, Go Big or Go Home, Reverberant) - After a bad run in with a Cutters decker, Catharsis has learned to act fast and to trust her gut feelings, even when they extend outside of the 'trix.


It's Uncommon, but it's Mild! ( Allergy (Uncommon, Mild, Zen), Phobia (Uncommon, Mild, Globophobia (Balloons)). Specifically the threat and sound of them popping.) -

A (Semi) Retired Tourist (SINner (National, UCAS), Day Job 40hrs) - While Catharsis has given up her day job in hopes of her own practice, the SIN isn't quite so easy to quit.

Least Favorite Color (Vendetta: Cutters, a specific unnamed decker) - After a bad time on Cenozoic Smash and Grab, Catharsis has a bone to pick with the Cutters.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Family TiesPatGriffin15 October 2082
HellhazersDiscoGoblin1 October 2082
Walking on DiamondsPatGriffinCall of the Shadows18 September 2082
On Angel's WingsPatGriffinCall of the Shadows17 September 2082
Halluncination Nation 4: Newt Fucking Dies (This Time For Real)PatGriffinCall of the Shadows13 September 2082
Perilous DetourDejapesFlight of the White Owl2 September 2082
Vigil for the VulnerableIsaac22 August 2082
Riding with Private MaloneDraknic10 August 2082
Jawson VorheesDisco5 August 2082
Cenozoic Smash and GrabSleeveyThe Cretaceous Clash5 August 2082
A Meatcar Named DesireCutier Than Thou2 August 2082
BlogisticsDisco26 July 2082
Sibling RivarlyPatGriffin24 July 2082
Finda KillerPatGriffinCall of the Shadows22 July 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Messner Vukotic 4 1 Fixer Community Healer/Charity Worker/Fixer Black Cross Healer, Safe Place, He Won't Need it Anymore, Knows all kinds of People., Hears all Sort of Things. Even
Sapphi 3 4 Service Decker Motivated By Food, Thrill Seeker, Ready to Rumble, Lady from Hades Even
Clyde Murphy 2 1 Gear KE Officer Horrible Liar, Lost in the Evidence Locker, KE Intel, The Guns Were Lost in Transit, Impound Even
Gene "723" Brisk 2 2 [[Contact_Rules#Contact_Archetype|]] Shadowrunner Example Negative Aspect, Example Positive Aspect Even
Alcatraz 3 3 Gear Smuggler Smugglers gotta Smuggle, Hermetic Mage, I don't know it, but I know someone who will, "I think I know someone from that metaplanes. Even
St1tch 5 1 Legwork Dissonant Technomancer and Anti-Infected Crusader Vendetta, Dissonant Static, Clean Body, Clean Soul, For the Greater Good, Know Your Enemy, Datahaven Membership, Spiteful Sprites, Field Medic, The Enemy of my Enemy, Spick and Span, Temple Collaborator, Trid Enthusiast Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Hellraisers Mom Friend 1 9 Street Gang Maintaining Hell's Kitchen, Puyallup, Seattle


Organization Reputation
Streets of Redmond +5
Street Docs of Redmond +5


Organization Reputation
Cutters -21
Halloweeners -1
MCT -10

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Dictionary Definition of Catharsis -- the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
3 Catharsis appears to be some sort of Haven affiliated decker who largely did hoodie work. More recent information shows a shift in this attitude.
6 Images of Jelly, Catharsis out with other Haven runners.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Catharsis is a friendly decker on the Haven who is a shrink of some sort.
3 "Call her mom, it's fun to watch her reaction."
5 Catharsis is a decker who had a day job working in various parts of the city, now spends most of her time with the Hellraisers

Assensing Table

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy, anxious yet cheerful, Mundane.
2 A datajack plus at the base of her head. Aura swirls with rich earth tones--Deep greens and browns.
3 No Alphaware-grade cyberware, no maladies. Essence is lower than the casters.
4 No Betaware-grade cyberware is present. She does have Cerebral boosters. Essence is 5.45.
5+ No Deltaware-grade implants no gene treatments, no nano-tech. Absolutely not a technomancer.


SIN Name Rating Issuing Body Licenses
Anna Milgram 4 UCAS Concealed Carry Permit (R4), Cyberdeck License (R4), Firearms License (R4), Matrix Software License (R4).
Stella Zimbardo 6 UCAS Concealed Carry Permit (R6), Cyberdeck License (R6), Firearms License (R6), Matrix Software License (R6).
Zitkala Sano Legtimate UCAS


Catharsis stands at 5'5 and no more than 130lbs soaking wet, with brown curly hair and deep brown eyes.


Matrix Persona

Jelly, a 1930s styled cartoon head and occasional disembodied arms as needed. Generally speaking, Catharsis and Jelly are one in the same, save for the exaggeratedly cartoony actions and animations, the only major exception being that as Jelly, Catharsis always speaks with her native accent.

Media Mentions

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