Finda Killer

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Finda Killer
Part of Call of the Shadows
LocationOutremer Islands
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Horizon Dr. Jekyll and The Mr. Hydes
Bayou Bill
Sweetie Sinful
Ace Powers
Originally began as a medium, but due to the actions of Bayou Bill, went High.


The runners are hired by Clyde Murphy to find Seattle's newest serial killer and ensure that they end up in the hands of Knight Errant, alive.


Clyde Murphy is a Knight Errant officer who is frustrated with the DEA, KE and Mayor's office attempts to cover up and ignore Seattle's newest serial killer, the 10-2-10 killer. Eventually he grows frustrated enough to turn to outside help.

The Meet

The runners are told to meet in an alley in downtown Seattle at 8 PM. Coalescing at the mouth of the alley, there is some brief gator based discussion amongst the runners before they notice the Mr. Johnson set up at the end of the alley. Upon approaching, Bayou Bill offers various handcrafted NoPaint items, which Clyde declines before beginning to tell the runners of the 10-2-10 killer, named such as they take both hands, your kidneys and both feet.

Offering up a box of evidence, it becomes apparent that 3/5 of the runners are actually illiterate in some capacity, leaving it to Catharsis to speed read through the physical copies of the evidence while the rest of the runners debate if runners count as serial killers as well, and eventually, at the prompting of Newt, learn of the original intended payout of 4k a head. After some baulking from a majority of the runners, Clyde elects to also offer whatever he can reasonably nip out of the evidence locker. Satisfied with this, the runners receive their Knight Errant consultant badges and begin to form a plan.

The Plan

The runners elect to investigate the three most recent victims and their crime scenes, starting with the Jimmy Lewoski who was killed outside their place of work, the Stuffer Shack. Depending on the quality of evidence found outside the Stuffer Shack, it is agreed upon to head to the apartment of Jesse Lee afterwards.

The Run

Heading to the Stuffer Shack, Sweetie Sinful calls Cornelius Morton to ask the significance behind the missing hands and feet, and Cornelius suggests one of two options; a ghoul with particular tastes or Azzie magical rituals. Arriving at the Stuffer Shack, it becomes apparent there's going to be a problem as there are two young Halloweeners messing about in the crime scene. Newt at this point elects to be stealthy and attempt to move about unseen. There's an attempt from Catharsis to get the two kids out unharmed, which proved ineffective. In order to aid her, Bayou Bill attempts to encourage the two to leave. However, all diplomatic attempts go out the window as upon being called old, Bill dropkicks one kid, sending blood everywhere but not exactly killing him. The other immediately reaches for his commlink, calling someone before Newt is able to shoot it out of his hand. Immediately afterward, the uninjured Halloweener attempts to run for it, but is met with a sufficient mauling by Gator. It is at this point two people step out of the Stuffer Shack; one Sweetie Sinful with a cherry red slushie and one Colten Wight who takes one look at the now scuffed crime scene and elects to call the police. Newt takes advantage of said chaos to investigate a nearby drain, picking the lock and securing one coaster to the Red Sails before escaping away from the chaos via the sewers. Sweetie gives the kid who had been drop kicked a stim patch while Catharsis and Bill elect to leave before the cops, or the Halloweeners show. Luckily for Sweetie, Mack and Hack show up first, and after some brief conversation, elect that she's far too stupid to kill, and let her off to rejoin the rest of the party.

Reconvening at the apartment building of Jesse Lee, Catharsis and Newt head upstairs to investigate the crime scene, leaving Bill and Gator downstairs to keep an eye on things. Newt begins to use Psychometry, first investigating the apartment belonging to the victim before investigating the actual crime scene itself. By reliving the murder of Jesse Lee, Newt is able to identify illusion magic and get a better description of the killer. After some brief discussion between the two, Catharsis also hops into the security camera above Jesse Lee's door, and while she's unable to find the footage of the murder itself, she is able to find footage of the killer while not under the magic of an illusion spell erasing the footage of the murder.

Heading back downstairs, the group shares information, before encouraging Newt to once again use Psychometry on the coaster from the Red Sails. In this vision from the killer's perspective, the runners learn that the murder of Jimmy Lee was an opportunist act that the killer found boring, equivalent to working. From this vision, it is confirmed the killer is some sort of infected. Newt at this point elected to call Amelia Novak, and heard tale of an ambush predator losing to it's prey and fleeing. Seeing no other leads from the apartment, the runners hired a cab and made their way to the Red Sails, a run down coastal bar. Inside of the Red Sails, Sweetie began to chat up the bartender, Johann. After threatening to call the health department, Johann gave them an address of where they could find their ghoul serial killer, named Hyde and a bit more information on Hyde himself, perhaps most importantly, that he won in Azzie land, and had recently run in with some bad people.

Driving to the location given to them by Johann, Catharsis attempts to pose as someone doing a wellness check to no answer. At this point, Bill is given the go ahead to kick the door down, and all hell breaks loose. Seeing a man slumped over in the corner, Bill rushes him, and issues one electric dick twist. Upon closer inspection however, it is apparent that this man is a runner with Neo-Haven. Once again, Sweetie slaps on a stim patch, and they discover that this man is known as 723, who begins to call his Fixer, Ace Powers to help explain the situation. His commlink is drop kicked by Bill when the call is noticed, forcing the other runners to question 723 instead. 723 explains he is the boyfriend of the third and yet uninvestigated victim, Donna Patrick. Relaying the events of the evening of her death, he realized that as he escaped the crime scene he would be followed. Electing to confront Hyde instead, he lost his right hand, and was discovered by the runners as he lay there dying. Unfortunately for the party, Horizon was coming. Newt took their dosage of accelerator Bill had given them and fled as the helicopter arrived, Sweetie and Catharsis following suit as Bill engaged in a one man war against the copter, succeeding in killing both vehicle and pilot.


The runners escaped into the sewers and, with the exception of Newt who had fled due to accelerator crash, elected to call the J and give him the address of the butcher's shop instead of dealing with it themselves.


  • For Bayou Bill - 12,000 Nuyen In Vehicles (3 RVP), Daredevil at CharGen (6 RVP), 16 CDP (8RVP), Wanted Horizon 40K Nuyen, -2 Halloweener Rep, -20 Horizon Rep.
  • For Catharsis - 4k Nuyen (2 RVP), 3 Karma (3 RVP), 24 CDP (12 RVP). Optional Contacts: Clyde Murphy C2/L1 (2 RVP), Gene "723" Brisk C2/L2 (3 RVP), Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy C2/L2 (3 RVP).
  • For Newt - 4k Nuyen (2 RVP), 3 Karma (3 RVP), 24 CDP (12 RVP). Optional Contacts: Clyde Murphy C2/L1 (2 RVP).
  • For Sweetie Sinful - 4K in Nuyen (2 RVP), 3 Karma (3 RVP), 24 CDP (12 RVP), +2 Halloweener. Optional Contacts: Clyde Murphy C2/L1 (2 RVP), Mack and Hack C1/L1 (1 RVP).

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (pAARs)


My First run on the Haven and.... What a mess. I feel horribly for Clyde, stuck between his morals and ethics, and even worse for Gene--Watched his girlfriend get murdered, then got assaulted by the... Maniac that is Bayou Bill. Sweetie and Newt seemed nice enough--Bill though... Never again.\

Bayou Bill - “That were damn fun! You know you’re in for a good time when you put a foot through some ‘weeners right off the bat. More stuff happened with all that detectery. Those folk’s need to lighten up, it’s just a lil’ bit of murder. Anyway, me an’ gator kicked down a door and messed up some Neo-Whatever runner and then beat the drek out of some folks in a copter. A damn good time.”