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Thrill Kill
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle

Faction Information


The classic thrill-kill cult. They tend towards slasher-themed getups, as well as pumpkinheads and other horror and macabre. Their new leader, Nightmare has brought them back to relevance by being truly terrifying- many other gangs don’t even like to fuck with the ’weeners. Who- (or what-) ever Nightmare is, it has a tightly masked aura, and a high level of magical skill.


Major Locations





Current Status

Health Summary



King HumungaMax2GearHalloweeners' Mid Boss
Mack and Hack1Custom(A,K,N,G)Halloweener Troublemakers
The Weekender6FixerHorizon Johnson



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Living for a WorkZerre23 November 2083
I'm full of bad ideasDraknic17 July 2083
Angry Singed RaccoonEdward27 May 2083
Early OctoberArchtmag16 March 2083
An Ancient Forgotten MemoryAurora9 March 2083
Dave's BBQAurora31 October 2082
Expedited ExtraditionDejapesFlight of the White Owl4 September 2082
Perilous DetourDejapesFlight of the White Owl2 September 2082
Redmond Rejuvenation CandleAurora19 August 2082
Kevin Sane CrimesAsmodeusThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Hail to the Pumpking
1 August 2082
The Bell TollsAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking26 March 2082
Bread And CheeseAuroraBaker Wars22 March 2082
Crossfire: Local OffensiveAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking1 February 2082
To Defeat A VillainAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking30 January 2082
To Usurp the KingAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking21 January 2082
Clearing the SidewalksSi1asBuilding a Better You4 January 2082
Out Of Place, Out Of OrderAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking26 December 2081
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YearSarcarian31 October 2081
Welcome to the ShowSi1asBuilding a Better You23 October 2081
Teal Tiki TemptationsSedatedAlice22 August 2081
Kevin's LimesOBThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
The Farm and The Furious
15 August 2081
Home is where the heart is:PreludeCrimsonThe Farm and The Furious
Home is where the heart is
13 July 2081
Where is all the ham gone? - Part 2 - Revenge of the PumpkinsSedatedAlice5 June 2081
Why is all the Ham GONESedatedAlice31 May 2081
Nova Crux Act 3ryncewynde88Nova Crux14 February 2081
Nova Crux Act 2ryncewynde88Nova Crux7 February 2081
Nova Crux Act 1ryncewynde88Nova Crux31 January 2081
On the RocksPurkinje30 October 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Weary by Mal BlumDrBurst26 October 2080
A Seventeenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst18 August 2080
A Sixth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst17 July 2080
A Seventh Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst17 July 2080
A Fifteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst17 July 2080
A Third Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst13 July 2080
The Kinks - StrangersDrBurst8 July 2079
Better Off DeadKoLetsWatchTheRain13 October 2078