Why is all the Ham GONE

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Why is all the Ham GONE
LocationHalloweener warehouse in Redmond
Factions Involved
Cyber Snake
Princess Sparkleshine
Casualties and losses
A ganger's snake-based love life.


The Johnson needs a delivery of meat returned. The Runners are happy to oblige, and even manage to avoid killing most of the halloweeners on the way.


The Johnson's delivery of meat had been stolen by some pesky Halloweeners! The Johnson didn't wanna become lunch for the delivery's recipient's pet so he had to retrieve it, and fast.

The Meet

The Team met up outside the J's pet shop in Snohomish, where there was an inconspicuous lack of a certain Van. Cyber Snake did a little window-shopping before they moved into a back room to discuss the details. After Aristotle and Princess Sparkleshine channelled the power of friendship, a deal was struck for 14k, or a substantial amount of meat, on the condition that the best "spiker" in the city or the young girl who accompanies him didn't find out

The Plan

Locate the missing van, and it's meaty contents if not otherwise present. Then recover it by any (hopefully non-lethal) methods possible.

The Run

Having accepted the job, the team used the van's license plates and tracking chip ID, they were able to narrow the location of the van down to Redmond, at which point Sparkleshine's plant spirit was able to locate the van precisely by honing in on the zebra meat it was carrying.

The team arrived and after a little bit of recon, it was decided that the best plan would be to just put a vehicle through the wall of the compound and start dropping people.

Cyber snake attempted to give one of the ganger's a snaky kiss but unfortunately the ganger hadn't matched with him on Tinder, so he just ended up losing consciousness instead. Between the combination of the team and their spirits and drones they made very short work of the 'weener resistance, especially after the plant spirit caused most of them to have accidents, leading one of them to shoot himself in his foot.


Having dealt with the 'weeners, Flyboy finds the keys to the stolen van and, having verified with Cyber Snake that the goods were all present and in good order, and with a little assistance from Gridguide, gets both himself and the Team back to the Johnson. The Johnson is amazed at how quickly they were able to recover the van, and is more than happy to pay them all.


  • 14,000 Nuyen
  • 5 Karma

Cyber Snake:

  • A bag of fish sticks
  • 5 kilos of zebra meat
  • 1 "Human Horn
  • 7 T-Bone steaks
  • 7 pork and apple sausages
  • 7 beef sausages
  • 5 racks of spare ribs
  • 20 bone in chicken breasts
  • 14 lamb chops

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, I'm glad the wall was less solid than the front of the Roadmaster. That would've been awkward, although I do now need to buff out a few dents.... Ohwell, we managed to do it mostly non-lethally (I should probably have given the drones more non-lethal options) all while exploring the power of friendship. Wooh!


It was a nice smash and grab that was one of the rare runs where everything goes according to plan. All sorts here on the haven, some with some... particular tastes. Be careful out there runners.At least mostly everyone got out safely.

Princess Sparkleshine

The team performed great! Using the power of friendship we had minimal OpFor casualties and got the ham van back in one piece. Good first job on the Haven!

Cybe Snake

I have not ate anybody! Also made new friend and got myself a nice dinner! Best run ever!