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Npc elfmale aristotleTMP.png
Hermetic Magician
Major in Mana Manipulation
Street Cred7
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.April 27, 2054
Metatype - D
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - D

Character Information


Hermetic Magician whose area of study is raw mana and the manipulation of it, exploring and improving the fundamentals is how entirely new things are discovered. Eli keeps to himself and his nearby circle mostly, this isn't due to being a *total* social recluse oddball, between his studies and doing whatever jobs to make ends meet, the small amount of time for recreation and exploring new things is limited. If you knew him from work or passing by normally, you'd take him for a stoic straight-lace, and there's some truth to it as the Hermetic tradition is quite structured and orderly. However he also has loose side and will take frequent visits to "The Daze" bar to clear his mind of formulae this and theory that.

(Uses Hermetic Elementals Option)


  • Achieve Self Perfection
    • "Perfection is impossible, therefore the true meaning is to always improve, and my magic is when I actually started living, so let's cultivate that first and foremost."
  • Establish Self Sustaining Lifestyle
    • "I can't truly focus on pushing the magical boundaries when I constantly have to worry about rent or my next meal, there must be some solution..."
  • Ensure breakthroughs survive for future generations
    • "While keeping one's best secrets while living is important for further advancement, it's a terrible waste for the knowledge to die with you."
  • Repay Alessa
    • "She helped me get my life started, I'll likely never be able to thank her enough, but I sure can try"
  • Find trustworthy peers
    • "Sadly the path to high magic is nearly suicidal alone, but mage society is always at each-others throats, this chaos is impossible to isolate and exposes even more variables and risks, but I need a few comrades to clear astral barriers with. Hopefully we'll keep sight of the bigger picture..."
  • Evolution?
    • "I wonder if there's a way to break the confines of reality in a way... To move to a higher form of sorts... Very unlikely, but then again this is magic we're talking about, maybe I'll see a possibility in the future."


Eli, before taking up the moniker of 'Aristotle' was much further down on his luck than he is today. Growing up as a young elf in the wrong area to do that to you. Between being kicked around by the other poor kids for being the only local elf in the group, and having to do random courrier jobs in place for one of his parents in order to help make ends meet, Eli found himself briefly meeting all kinds of people and often kicked around by corrupt cops. One time he got jumped by a local troublemaker who was trying to steal the package, luckily Eli was already near the dropoff point and thus managed to grab the package and run. Making it to 'The Daze' to turn the package into Alessa P, though obviously scuffed up, the package itself was in pristine condition. After being paid and given a cheap drink as 'hazard pay', Eli took a moment to enjoy the atmosphere in this little punk den. Between frequent deliveries and just enjoying the place, Eli became a regular, often chatting up with Alessa whenever the place was having a slow day. When he became an Awakaned person, Alessa offered him a deal to help him both land better jobs but also utilize his talents, with a little bit of risk of course. Eli, while hesitant, didn't see anywhere but up from his family's squatter life style, and took the offer. Alessa hooked him up with a commlink with material to get him down his path, but also introduced him to a Talismonger 'Aunty Nuyen', along with being his gateway for any jobs in the runner sphere. A few jobs in he managed to get enough to afford a shabby appartment nearby, and has established himself well within the hermetic tradition. His dedication to the basics of magic though has earned some teasing among some past colleagues for being 'old school', one time a troll said Eli was like an 'Aristotle' that he heard in a trid movie once, and the name stuck. The rest is history

Narrative Significant Qualities

Positive Qualities

  • Focused Concentration 6
    • "Pushing the foundations of magic requires a strong will and a mastery of fundamentals, the ability to multitask strong spells easily is one of the hurdles."

Negative Qualities

  • Insomnia (Basic)
    • "I've almost finished this project, rest can wait!"
  • Phobia (Uncommon, Mild) (Riding Motorcycles)
    • "I... I don't think this is a great idea. I have terrible balance and all, let's not have both of us meet the asphalt flesh grinder."
  • Weak Immune System
    • "Dammit, those dirty alleys are making me constantly bleed nuyen for medication. What did that last document state, something about mana having purging qualities? Ah, the Sterilize spell, I might just make it yet!"

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Arrogant AmatuersChrisst11118 July 2081
All Our DaysPillareString Theocracy27 June 2081
Booze CruiseChrisst1117 June 2081
A Little Doll's DreamPillareString Theocracy2 June 2081
Why is all the Ham GONESedatedAlice31 May 2081
Hold Down the BlockPillareString Theocracy28 May 2081
A Shudder of ClownsAurora14 May 2081
WHO DARES SUMMON ME?Teksura7 May 2081
Libre NachoDoc5 May 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alessa P 4 3 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Aunty Nuyen 4 3 Gear Talismonger (Hermetic) Talismonger, Immigrant, Black Market, Fort Lewis, Loveland Even
Ariel Lopez 4 1 Generalist Shamanic Talismonger Shaman, Teacher, Enchanter, Hell's Kitchen, Poor Networker, Survivalist, Ritualist Even
Overwatch 4 1 Fixer DocWagon Dispatcher Dispatchers' Union, DocWagon, Superhero Fan, Wanna-be Sidekick, Awakened -1
"Wild Goose" 2 1 Gear ID Manufacturer SIN Forger, License Forger, Matchmaker Even





In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 "An ancient Greek Philosopher and polymath back in the 5th world, born 384 BC, taught by Plato, and founded the Lyceum. Died 322 BC"

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


  • Fake SIN R4 (Blane Schmadner)
    • Fake License R4 (Driver's License)
    • Fake License R4 (Mage License)
    • Fake License R4 (Concealed Carry Permit)
    • Fake License R4 (Automatic Weapons License)
    • Fake License R4 (Firearms License)



Matrix Persona

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