Hold Down the Block

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Hold Down the Block
Part of String Theocracy
Factions Involved
Ice Cube


Upstart goblin rapper sends runners to fetch his tech producer friend who has been missing for several days.


Gamma, a goblin rapper in the Redmond Barrens is trying to make a name for himself so he can elevate his music career. Given where he's at on the totem pole, he doesn't have many options for a producer to run his tech equipment. So when his friend and producer doesn't appear for several days, he enlists the help of shadowrunners to track him down, and save him if he's in trouble.

The Meet

The party meets up at the Johnson location individually from each other, where they meet basic security of a troll politely asking them to leave their weapons in their vehicles and then patting them down to ensure compliance. Upon entering, they're directed to another door in the building, this winds up being the recording studio for Gamma. Gamma gets straight to business, explaining the situation and providing an image and address of Gabe, the missing ork. With some leads and the relevant information, the team went on to discuss payment for the job, and the rapper was an upstart asking for a big job. Initially wanting to pay only 4000 each, which was not very appealing since the team might have to be shot at to find this kid. Ultimately they settled on a 4k plus 2k if it went hot deal, and thus all the terms were set and they were ushered out the door to get to work.

The Plan

The team first went to the friend's house. After some debate on how best to enter, they decide to knock on the door (while being stared at by many people in the neighborhood). The friend's mother opens the door, and after explaining why they are there she lets them search the friend's room. The runners find an advert from a store announcing their opening for the same day he went missing. The runners decide to stack out the store and see what happens next.

The Run

Outside the store, the runners discover that there are two cyberdecks running silent inside it. They hack into them and steal their files right before the owners turn off their decks. The people in the store then get in a vehicle, running wireless off, and peel out. The runners hack into GridGuide to get access to the vehicle in order to follow it (as vehicles even when wireless off use induction to talk to GridGuide). Two of the runners follow along astrally as well, while everyone uses a car to either follow along or bring their shoes.

The fleeing deckers go to a bar which is filled with many other ganger deckers. They are led by a woman with an implanted cyberdeck, and the missing friend is discovered inside by the astral scouts having been dosed with laes. The team decides to try to masquerade as the boss to order the gangers to bring the friend somewhere less fortified so the runners can ambush them, though this action fails and cybercombat is entered. Fortunately for the runners the boss is terrible at data spiking, causing the fight to be over in seconds. Their plan failed, the runners assault the bar head-on. A few stun grenades, mana binds, and many SnS bullets later all of the gangers are disarmed and immobilized. The runners then switch to APDS and put one bullet through each deck belonging to the gangers (though not the boss's since hers is implanted).


The runners quickly diagnose the medical issue with the friend and acquire Forget-Me-Not in order to prevent his memory from being erased. They return him to the rapper's house as per their job description, but do message his mother to let her know that he is ok.


  • 6000 Nuyen Each
  • 6 Karma Each
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh Ice Cube my hero! You saved my precious Teufelkatze! That car costs way more then that crappy singer will earn in his career, I owe you finest Bier mein Freund! Shame I did not get to use flamethrower on them...


Fighting a bunch of decker-posers was interesting, though I'm unimpressed with their skills. Not that I think I'll ever see them on the matrix again; decks are expensive. I guess they could use commlinks instead, but their hacking days are likely over.


Glad the man was able to be rescued safely, surprised the run went without a death, though the kidnappers were punished in both beatings and destroyed expensive property. Also note for any mages projecting with spirits in tow, make sure you sweep a room for shadows that may be turrets, they're very effective in disrupting even decent spirits surprisingly.

Ice cube

Wasn't really a fan of getting shot in the chest as part of the reward, but hey I have been treated worse.