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Factions Involved
4 Energy Spirits


Young shaman apprentice was left to his own devices and experimented with summoning magic unsupervised. Obviously it gets out of control and nearby runners respond to the obviously out of control job posting about an out of control spirit in their neighbourhood.


Everyone is taking care of their own business when spiritual mayhem strikes in their neighbourhood.

The Meet

The runners who happened to be nearby when the hectic job posting went live quickly linked up and then made their way to the location beacon sent by the Johnson's commlink. Upon reaching the run down building and destroyed room that the commlink was reported at, the room was seemingly empty. This prompted the present Astral Specialist Aristotle to immediately start assensing the astral plane for astral signatures and trails given how the job posting stated the Johnson summoned an out of control spirit. While doing so the rest of the team searched among the room for any meat-space clues where Kara finds a young boy fiddling with a broken commlink in a closet.

The boy recognizes the runners as likely who responded to the job posting, which prompts a line of questioning from the team. Among finding out that the situation was that the boy tried to free-form summon a spirit randomly, summoned something too strong, lost control, and the spirit is now on the loose, the boy is also the apprentice of a shaman who is an affiliate of the shadowhaven and used her commlink to make the post because he knew her password, shortly before the spirit bricked the thing.

Since the boy no longer possessed the summoner-spirit link he served little use once Aristotle was able to deduce that the spirit was both free, and at least greater than a Force of 3. However, between the boy's concern for fixing his mistake, and the need to deal with the destructive spirit quickly, he wound up tagging behind as the team started trying to track down their astral prey.

The Plan

The plan was follow the cookie crumb trail mix of destroyed electronics and eventually an astral trail to lead to the problematic spirit.

The Run

Departing the dilapidated building where the chaos all began, the group quickly found a troll outside angrily fidgeting with a visibly dead commlink. Aristotle made the quick question if his device had died within the last couple of minutes, which the troll confirmed to be true and then asked why they were asking. Trying to hurry, Aristotle said that they were hunting down the cause of it as they spoke. Which the troll took for a hacker, which the group didn't bother correcting as it was close enough to the importance. However when asked to allow them to take a look at the device, the troll refused, prompting Kara to intimidate the troll and thus managing to scare it into handing it over. Luckily Aristotle was able to get a strong enough signature from the spirit's activities that he could now track it down, returning the trashed device to the troll and immediately leading the team towards the target.

Upon the trail leading to a building mere minutes later, the team suddenly heard gunshots ring out. Prompting the infiltrator Click to take point to breach and lead into the building to find the situation, Mickey stayed outside to protect the child as a child has no place in a gunfight. Inside the team heard a commotion in another room that lead to a troll running out and closing the door behind him. Upon noticing the odd visitors he now had, he aimed his shotgun at them and demanded to know who they were and why they were here of all times. Quickly inquiring if there was a spirit in the other room made the troll suspicious that they sent them on him, which was quickly refuted with that in fact they were hunting the spirit down as it has been causing mayhem locally. This lowers the troll's suspicion enough to let the team do fulfil their task.

Aristotle quickly setup a mana barrier in astral space to encompass the room in order to inhibit the spirit from easily escaping. Which was a good idea, as the spirit shortly revealed itself and was identified to be a bit weaker than the barrier that was placed, and then it hopped to another device to drain its battery. Aristotle tried to convince the spirit to come out and make the ordeal easier, however due to him being a hermetic elementalist, it was not interested in cooperating with him. Prompting preparation for more aggressive removal measures. However upon further investigation, there were 3 additional spirits. Passing the barrier to be spell binded to the currently bound air elemental Aristotle had at his side, he summoned a water elemental and started off trying to banish one of them, which was partially successful in decoupling it from our world, however this prompted aggressive action from the pack of energy spirits, combat ensued.

Luckily the mana barrier was there and kept the spirits separate from the runners. However, four spirits wound up being too much as it took three of them to break the barrier, leaving the fourth one which was also the one that was subjected to a banish attempt left to engulf Aristotle. One of the spirits was promptly damaged by a high powered round striking true against its materialized form, and a second one was not as fortunate and was immediately disrupted by a true shot from Click. The spirit engulfing Aristotle was simply waved away as the last tethers to our world were then severed away by the mage. The Fourth spirit made a mad dash outside, but was allured by the tech galor that Mickey possessed, thus causing them to be engulfed as the spirit wanted to consume the energy. Kara decided to try and snipe the spirit that was currently wrapped around Mickey tightly, very narrowly missing mickey and managing to disrupt the spirit. Where click finished off the final damaged spirit with a final shot.


Once the spirits were dealt with, the troll returned to his work. Shortly afterwards, the mentor of the child showed up from tracking down the source of her account posting a job without her knowledge. Other than a short reprimand, she seemed unconcerned with the well-being of her pupil. Due to being short on cash, Ariel Lopez instead owed each of the runners a favor, which as a runner can sometimes be just as valuable. Mickey upon regaining her composure checked their devices as they were their lively hood, luckily the spirit wasn't on long enough to brick the devices rather it just merely drained the battery.


  • Gained Ariel Lopez as a 4/1 contact with 1 favor
  • 5 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Not every day when gathering reagents do you have a summoning gone wrong event happen. Honestly glad I was able to help in this situation, no comment on the training practices of the shamanic tradition, but situations like these make me glad that the practice of summoning elementals has made a resurgence the past couple years, as well as other advances in the hermetic sphere of training techniques.


A tip for any parents/mentors/whatever: watch your fucking kids. That said, it's good that they didn't get hurt much. Showing up at a sex trideo bunker was pretty funny. Getting the shit zapped out of me by a spirit was not. Had I seen the fucking thing coming I woulda set taht thing of fire. But none of my shit broke, and... Even if we didn't get paid at least I get a favor out of it.