A Little Doll's Dream

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A Little Doll's Dream
Part of String Theocracy
LocationBunraku Parlor in Touristville
Factions Involved
Yakuza security


The team was hired, to find someone who was kidnapped from her home.

The Meet

The meet happened in a library host in the Matrix. After aggreeing on the price, the team was sent to meet a client who knew the details of the run.

The Plan

The plan developed on the fly as more and more information has been discovered.

The Run

When the runners met the contact, they investigated the apartment of the target. They found out that she was kidnapped using the Drug called Laes. The team managed to find a place where it is sold, and after some crafty negotiation on behalf of Turul (involving a hand grenade), the vendor was gracious enough to help them analyse the sample, and deduce, it is probably made by the Yakuza. With the help of their contact Mano Ringo the team managed to find a Bunraku parlor in Redmond, where the target is held. After some failed reconnaissance (The gods and spirits did not sided with the runners that day) The team simply stormed the gate, and using non-lethal methods, dispatched some of the yakuza. Most of them, including their leader, got away. After the assault they found kidnapped women, who were made into bunraku. The target however had high grade, industrial cyber in their head.


The client was worried of the status of their friend, scared that they'd become a bunraku. Setback had sent the girls they rescued to Solace.


7 karma
6000 nuyen

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


What have I've gotten myself into? I mean I am all for rescuing anyone from any bad situation...but from the Yaks? Plus if not for Setback, I'd have probably ended up full of holes. I need to get stronger. On the other hand, It looks like, I'm getting more and more involved with the big leauges, So at least I'm starting to make it.


I hope the Yaks stop this drek. Hopefully zip-tying them to street lamps and other sidewalk obstacles after the fight will teach them a lesson.


This run scared me. First the guards start shooting at my poor little fly spy. They scratched Steve's paintjob!!!!

Then later we tried to go inside. Nice and smooth. While getting into a Host is scary, I can use a data-tap to make a direct connection and sneak my way past it's defenses. But the first conversation with the guards led to a whole lot of shooting. I don't like shooting. My body is highly incompatible with bullets. I dropped some smoke and hid away before going into the matrix. But now I had no way of sneaking past the Host's defenses.

I got past it, only to come face-to-face with the enemy spider. He instantly spotted me. All my attempts at helping were rebuffed and he got marks on me. At the end I had to use the last service of Shadow just to buy enough time for me to escape.

Overal verdict: TOO MANY BULLETS


This bloody run was a nightmare, goes to show that sometimes in life all you need is a scary enough cyber monster and you'll be in good hands. I don't know what happened but the manasphere was not a nice mistress that day, and a hothead combined with the yaks was a combination out of a horror trid! This is why we always spare cash for a panic room kids!