Libre Nacho

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Libre Nacho
LocationTacotemple, Bellevue
Factions Involved
Taco Temple
Casualties and losses
3 Taco Temple HQ security guards,
1 Bellevue Taco Temple's files


A group of guys, piles of deep-weed, and a holiday that encourages eating of food en-masse only means one thing. A whole lot of hungry guys and overworked taco joints that have to turn down orders. So what does any rational and very rich person do when you can't get your 'Mega Grande Volcano Burrito'? Obviously you hire a bunch of shadowrunners to steal the recipe so you can make it yourselves from now till the end of time!


Cinco De Mayo festivities at Taco Temples prevent a bunch of very rich stoners from satifying their Taco Temple munchies, so they hire runners to steal the secret recipe.

The Meet

The team arrives at the specified apartment in Bellevue. Tobias the Cyber Samurai just runs there. Before they could even knock on the door they noticed smoke was pooling out from underneath! Tobias's sensors array identifies it as deepweed smoke. Relieved there wasn't chaos behind, but also concerned at the amount of smoke, the party knocks at the door to be greeted by a high individual. This individual was one of multiple people within this apartment, some still smoking their deepweed joints, and had been confused why a delivery called for four people, prompting the team to ask for the person who posted the job, thus being taken inside to a man named Chad.

Chad had explained the situation: Cinco de Mayo had caused Taco Temple to be overworked, thus their order was declined, and they had to have their 'Mega Grande Volcano Burritos' today as the deepweed has given them some serious munchies. So, the team was to steal the secret recipe for this dish from Taco Temple. (and also pick up a unrelated fast food order, why not, you guys are going out anyway)

The initial pay was 8000 nuyen per runner. However, the job called for same-day delivery. For a job like this, information gathering is the most crucial aspect of the job, and that was a short time-frame; thus Aristotle, who in his past was a frequent delivery boy, reminded Chad that typically same day delivery had an additional charge, managing to secure an additional 8000 per runner, and with that the deal was made and the team quickly got to work.

The Plan

After departing from their employer, the runners quickly got to work planning this time-constricted heist. First thing they needed to know was where the secret recipe was held. Where else to find information quickly than the information superhighway that was the matrix? Spider made swift work on a nearby Taco Temple host, evading burrito IC. They acquired the location of copies of the secret recipes, held on a data-chip in the regional HQ, but also the floor-plans, the security personnel employee records, cleaner schedule, and security layout, which included a small file about the employment of a single minor security mage. Spider then proceeds to nuke every file they could see before jacking out, taking that Taco Temple out of operation.

With the physical location known astral recon could be done, and this falls within the expertise of Aristotle. With a quick relaxation and a review of the location of the HQ, Aristotle let his consciousness slip into the astral and begun his evaluation. Slowing down at any sign of astral activity, he immediately noted two force 4 watcher spirits that routinely drifted throughout the complex and immediate grounds, reconvened every 5 minutes, and repeated. Other than the watchers, there were no signs of mana barriers, wards, or other significant auras or astral entities on site. The watchers presence would mean Aristotle's talents would be reserved as a backup plan.

Given the mundanity of the payload, the civilians involved, the skills at hand, and most importantly the fact that HQ was in a B zone, the team unanimously decided to go in quiet. Aristotle, lacking mundane skills such as stealth or social manipulation, and knowing his main talent set would raise alarm would stay behind in the truck and monitor the situation with the team through their sensors and trode-communication, ready to jump in astrally.

Meanwhile Sinister, Spider, and Tobias would make their way through the building, with Spider looping cameras and sending spoofed messages to throw off the guards as they weasel their way to the 4th floor office building where the safe that contained the data-chips were. Should drek hit the fan and an Astral threat come along, such as a spirit, due to relatively close proximity Aristotle could be there in an instant via Astral Projection and manage with mana-spells and elemental support. This would prove most difficult against threats that had no presence on the astral plane, however given the civilian grade security it should be simple enough for Tobias to deal with. Given that records also showed that the safe with the pay-data wasn't connected to the grid, the team could only assume there would be other obstacles as well that the decker couldn't simply pop, and this is where Sinister's B&E skills would shine.

This raises the question, what about the second objective? They do need to also bring back a second delivery. Well, in all situations the answer was simple, since the heist would be later in the day, just go ahead and bring Chad back his food right away so he and his friends had something to eat while they waited.

With a cohesive plan set, and contingencies set in place, it was time to get to work.

The Run

After delivering Chad's food order and binding an air elemental in case drek should hit the fan, the team went to the Taco Temple local HQ to enact their delicious plan.

Aristotle leaning back in the chair and kept a focus on his commlink feeds, given the stealth level of the mission he could not afford to check on the Astral during this time for fear of drawing the eye of the watchers and thus their creator as well.

Spider, Tobias, and Sinister walked through the attached Taco Temple restaurant area without drawing suspicion, slipping into the restricted HQ area via a door near the bathrooms. Spider quickly regained marks on the host, allowing the team to skyrocket through the floors as they looped cameras and spoofed messages to the patrolling guards. The run is going according to plan! Which is odd, plans never go completely right.

So of course, after Sinister picked open the door to the manager's office and the team entered, a chair swivelled around revealling a figure dressed in animal skins and a mask wielding an axe. Aristotle, watching from the commlinks, realized what the team had sitting in front of them- a Jaguar Warrior guardian spirit. As the spirit started to stand up and prepare to deal with the instruders, Aristotle had already slipped into Astral Projection and summoned his bound air elemental to provide assistance, knowing the security mage will soon be alerted.

Despite being a spirit based on guard duty and combat, the Guardian spirit quickly succumbed to a brutal melee onslaught from Sinister and Tobias. However the damage was done, as the loss of the spirit's connection alerted the security mage, definitely triggering a High Threat Response. Time was of the essence. Luckily the safe's offline fingerprint scanner was an easy crack for Sinister's cellular glove molder, as he grabbed a print from a mug left in the office. Inside was a collection of datachips. GRAB THEM ALL! Security cameras alerted Spider to the guards attempting to prepare an ambush outside. They attempted, but failed, to spoof an unconvincing order to reposition. This was no hindrance to the exfiltration however, as two guards were slaughtered by Sinister and the Samurai. Tobias flew down the stairs to geek the remaining, fleeing guard. Aristotle had returned to his meat-sack to deal with drain, and shortly after applying a stim patch and checking on the astral, he spotted the security mage arriving on scene. By virtue of already having a spirit and being at capacity again, Aristotle quickly scared him off and covered the rest of his astral tracks before returning to his body once more.

The team went out the main door, piled into the car, and got out of dodge before HTR could get within earshot.


After managing to escape the Taco Temple HQ before HTR could arrive on scene, the team returned to rendezvous with the Johnson. Returning to the apartment door, which was still leaking deepweed smoke, they were greeted by another stoner who didn't recognize them, however quick mention of a delivery for Chad got them in to hand over a copy of the 'Mega Grande Volcano Burrito' Secret Recipe. Although the Johnson 'Chad' had initially tried closing off with the original 8000 nuyen each offer, a quick reminder of the same-day delivery charge accompanied by a trid recording of him offering and agreeing to 16000 had quickly settled things simply and neatly. The team was invited to chill/take some deepweed, but everyone declined.


  • 16000 nuyen
  • 4 Karma
  • 500 bonus nuyen per runner from collected extra pay-data
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Matrix support makes everything too easy. The only thing i got to punch worth a damn was this filthy spirit. Mages are never willing to do the fighting themselves. All enemies were eliminated and the package secured. No taco's though.


Hey, if this is how these guys wanna spend their cash, I'll more than willing to take it. Shame about those guards though. Could have done this cleaner. Damn Guardian Spirit. Why would anyone except for absolute stoners care that much about a taco recipe?


A simple quick cash grab, things went rather smoothly thanks to having amazing matrix support. Only annoyance was the spirit sitting right on the objective, no easy way to avoid tipping off the security mage when that happens. Spirit and mage was easily fended off though, minimal casualties given the situation. Guess what they say is true, information will always be valuable to somebody no matter what it is.


This was a very... stupid... group of clients. Who eats that much Taco Temple?!?!