Booze Cruise

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Booze Cruise
LocationTacoma Docks
Status Threat Level: Low/Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Unknown Gangers


After receiving a call to steal a shipment of booze for a party; K9, Legion, Trogzor, and Aristotle, came together and successfully stole multiple pallets full of various alcoholic beverages without raising any alarms.


The Johnson has a party going on next week, and reached out to the shadows to provide some quality booze for a discount price.

The Meet

After getting the call, the team agreed to meet up in the Daze, since it was raining, most of them came in their various vehicles, with the exception of K9, who had to run because her car wouldn't start.

The Plan

The plan was to break into the harbormaster's office, and to look at the manifests in order to find out when the booze was arriving, then to steal it after the ship pulls into harbor

The Run

The team decided to meet at the Daze. Once there, they discussed the best course of action to steal the booze, and decided to steal them from the docks in Tacoma, which K9 pointed out would be the most likely location that the shipment would arrive at. With a pseudo-plan in place, the team loaded into Legion's roadmaster, which was thankfully modified to accommodate trolls, so it was easier to fit TROGZOR in.

They drove to the Tacoma docks, and Legion parked in the back of an alley, while making sure there was no "No Parking" sign, Legion drove into the curb and popped one of his tires. Aristotle, while everyone was discussing how to fix the tire with unconventional means (Including, but not limited to, plugging the hole with foam explosive and a blasting cap, summoned a F1 air elemental to keep the tire from deflating.

The team was able to just walk into the docks, and after finding someone were able to use a combination of intimidation, politeness, and negotiation to convince the worker that they were part of an inspection agency called the P-CIA, and that they were here to inspect how closely the harbormaster was following governmental regulations. After being directed to the Harbormaster's office, K9 split from the team seeing that the front doors had scanners, and she had most of her illegal gear on her, and went up the fire escape and got to the harbormaster's office from the roof. The rest of the team met up with her after they walked in the front door and talked to the secretary.

While searching the office, TROGZOR noticed a hidden floor hatch leading to a panic room that doubled as a faraday cage. After closing the hatch back up, the Harbormaster entered his office from the elevator. In order to avoid being caught, K9 used her shock gloves to instantly knock the harbormaster out. She then cuffed and gagged the harbormaster, and tossed him into the panic room, and while the priest was distracted stealthily welded the hatch shut to cover their tracks.

They accessed the computer with a combination of perception tests and reading to find the harbormaster's password. After this, they found the manifest they were looking for, and the time it would arrive. K9, uncharacteristically, took control of the computer while the others were trying to figure out how to enter paperwork to send a few pallets of alcohol from the ship to the loading dock to be loaded into Legion's roadmaster.

While waiting for the ship to arrive, the team went to the shops to get coveralls and electronic paper to slap onto the roadmaster and create logos for their coveralls. Legion got his tires replaced with runflats, and filled his popped tire with foam explosive and gave it to the air elemental, who Aristotle gave free reign after it was done keeping the tire inflated. After half an hour or so, while waiting for the tires to be changed, an explosion was heard in the distance. K9 remembered the drone that had been recording them while inside the harbormaster's office, and snuck back in to steal it without getting caught, and brought it back to give to Legion.

The team changed into the coveralls, put the electronic paper on the roadmaster and their coveralls and posed as a delivery service to pick up the alcohol, K9 stood out as she wasn't very muscular, but it was brushed off as her being an intern of some sort or being in training. They were able to load up and leave the harbor without getting caught in the act.

After arriving at the drop location, the team and the Johnson were ambushed by some gangers, who were quickly gunned down, sliced in half, and even eaten by a spirit.


The Johnson survived the ambush, the Harbormaster still hasn't been found, the team got invited to the party and was allowed to keep a crate of alcohol each. And somewhere out there, a spirit exploded a tire filled with foam explosive.


  • 12k NuYen
  • 4 Karma
  • One crate of alcohol
  • Party Invites
  • Legion only - 1x Sony Goldfish (Personality - Er1k the Japanese fighting fish)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


No fighting!We go in all quiet and speaky! We great at socializization! Then they think they are smarterer then us and try to fight us! They ended Poundinated!


Well, it wasn't exactly the type of job that was in my area of expertise, but I think despite us not having all the skills required to pull this off without a problem, we were able to avoid any combat until we were ambushed


This run stands as a testament to both my colleagues and I's ability to fulfil roles and jobs that we're not skilled in as long as the plan is kept nice and simple. Or at the very least it was a demonstration on the power of social engineering, and shock gloves, but mostly social engineering.


We were certainly not a team designated to stealth or charming our way in... but we did, somehow? Praise the Lord for that because I had no clue what I was doing until the fight at the end! Though I am less than pleased with the Harbourmaster being welded in... I'm sure he'll be fine. And let it be known that anything TROGZOR touches dies!