Tacoma Docks

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Tacoma Docks
Location CreatorChrisst111
IC OwnerThe Dockmaster
Background Count0
FactionSeattle Government


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IC Information

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Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A variety of ferry services going to and from Tacoma's Docks, and public mooring fees.
3 The only port in the city, and subsequently only official way in and out of the city
6 The only official port in the city that is owned the city government, the vast majority of traffic coming by sea comes and goes by the docks, however there are a number of smaller docks attached to sound-adjacent warehouses that are either illegally owned or operated by megacorps.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 The only port in the city, and subsequently only official way in and out of the city
3 A number of corps such as Ares and Renraku have their own private warehouses on the docks, but the majority of the space is dominated by public services (such as ferry terminals, pleasure boat mooring and shipping and receiving for countless unrated businesses) and emergency services (such as lifeboat and coastguard services)
5 The dockmaster is a corrupt individual who has been known to take bribes on occasion to turn a blind eye to certain comings and going. A number of syndicates and larger gangs will occasionally take advantage of this for drug smuggling and gun running, although KE do their best to keep a lid on this.

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