Black & White & Red

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Black & White & Red
Part of The Crow of Seattle
LocationTacoma Docks
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Charon Garik von Louv
Casualties and losses
1 point of burnt edge to pull off a K-10 fuelled murder. Garik, the sanity of several Vory bodyguards.
This run was an initiation ordeal.


In which Charon gets revenge. Again.


In 2011, Charon was assaulted and hospitalized by a group of scum taking advantage of the riots and chaos. She's kept a kill list ever since, but hasn't had much success in tracking them down.

The Meet

Agamemnon calls Charon as she's returning from a New Years' trip and birthday party in the west coast of North America, having met up with Frank Goldman in person, talked about vintage Ferraris and sucked off some unfortunate people until they were soulless husks (and that's not an innuendo). He's found Garik von Louv working in Tacoma under an alias. He's smuggling some drugs that he assumes to be Cereprax and asks if Charon wants a piece of him. She agrees, telling Agamemnon to skip the payment. She'll do this one for free.

The Plan

There is no plan but murder.

The Run

Charon drives to the docks in her GMC Phoenix and approaches the front gate, announcing herself to a KE beat cop. He immediately stops her and asks for identification; Charon uses another hit list target as an alias: Richard Woolsey. The cop doesn't seem convinced, pulling his gun out and pointing it right at the strange blonde apprehending him. Charon doesn't even flinch and presses the muzzle into her chest, urging the cop to pull the trigger and see what happens if he wants to start 'fucking with his boss' VIPs.' This seems to break through to the guy and after asking Garik (or Boris as his alias is nowadays) about this, he takes her to a larger warehouse.

Here, she's taken directly to Garik's office, occupied by six or so bodyguards. He assumes she's there to kill him and she criticizes his security precautions before willingly handing her Cavalier Champion to one of the guards as a mocking gesture. He quickly takes it apart and sets it on Garik's table; the man gives her the go-ahead as she asks if smoking is fine and they begin talking business: Charon offers wetwork services in regions where the Vory aren't particularly welcome to spare them the manpower and resources in exchange for information about her father and some of the others involved in the attack on her over half a century ago. Garik remarks that she hasn't changed a bit, then starts digging through his drawers for some old tablet.

Before they pour a glass of vodka down the hatch to seal the deal, however, Charon takes them all by surprise and turns the room into a literal hellscape with her powers of pure fear. The only one mentally fortified enough to not collapse and scream in horror is Garik himself who immediately tries to shoot Charon with her own gun. What ensues is a brutal fist-to-fist brawl as Charon breaks her fists, fangs and skull on Garik's augmented body over and over again. Garik himself bashes her into tables, wrought iron, steel bars and pure concrete.

Having had enough, Charon breaks the box of drugs Agamemnon had requested her to retrieve and injects herself with its contents: a familiar-looking box of K-10 (see: [All I Want For Christmas is K-10])that surges through her veins. She coldly mentions that no price is too high for revenge even as pure hatred courses through her veins and she goes against Garik with renewed vigor. She tries again and again, biting on his neck until she finally crushes through the biofibers of his orthoskin and rips out a piece of his jugular. After that, Garik himself also injects himself with an ampule of K-10, but not before Charon bites down on his neck and forcibly gouges her thumbs (burning edge to Smackdown the result and guarantee her success), forcing the knuckle deep into his eye sockets with a dramatic spray of blood. Blinded and bleeding, the berserking Garik tries to blindly swing for the vampire but to no avail. Picking up her Cavalier Champion and loading in another EX-Explosive rifle round, she takes careful aim and blows Garik's junk out, turning his crotch into a fragmented, bleeding orifice.

The bodyguards, horrified and traumatized either pass out from sheer fear or run away as Charon walks on top of the incapacitated Garik and rips his head off with her teeth, slowly and surely stealing life from his K-10 flavoured corpse. With his blood, she writes the same thing on the wall as she did on Oswald's residence (see: [Old Ghosts]).


Satisfied with her work, Charon takes Garik's commlink, outdated tablet, a dozen vials of K-10 and leaves as a cloud of blood red and onyx black mist.


Surprised that the drugs were K-10, Agamemnon looks somewhat happy that Charon got her revenge. She foregoes payment, but does end up asking him about a platinum and onyx ring as a focus for her to cast spells with. He agrees and gets to work; it's easy for him, given they share much in their aspects and traditions; in addition, as thanks for her help increasing his connections and establishing himself as a capable fixer, Agamemnon shares with her what he knows of the Unseen Art of Masking. As she leaves, Ajax, the loup-garou friend of Agamemnon (see: [A Grown-Up Fairy Tail]) mentions that he misses hunting; Charon, the ever-friendly crime against humanity mentions to him that if she finds a good place to graze without drawing attention, she'll let him know.

Another year, another corpse left to remind the rest of the dickless fucks about their inevitable demise. The ferrywoman's coming for the dead men who refuse to accept their fate. By now, it's surely starting to dawn upon them who's behind these kills. A ghost of the past coming back to haunt them, a skeleton in all of their closets breaking the wardrobe and closing in on their beating hearts. Charon's quest for vengeance is one step closer to completion. And now she knows astral masking!


  • Initiate Grade 2: Masking
  • 9 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Spellcasting Focus R5 for Health Spells, aspected to Mentor Spirit (Death) (at 2:1 gear rewards pricing, with 4k nuyen paid out of pocket)
  • -10 Black Vory Reputation

Charon's After Action Report

"I don't care that I sacrificed for it. I don't care what he was like anymore, I don't care if he had a family, he could've been the patron saint of beggars for all I care. He was on the list. He wronged me before. That was enough for me to kill him by any means necessary. I'm not going to take K-10 again if I can help it, but if that's the only way I'll ever manage to kill the rest of them... I won't hesitate. They're all dead already; they just don't know it yet.

Didn't Marlon Brando say that in The Crow? God, I'm so like him nowadays..."