Spring Bird Ahoy

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Spring Bird Ahoy
GMDoc Mnc
LocationTacoma Docks
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Elizabeth Babbage
Donnager 3 Security Guards
Giant Crocodile
Stinger Tail Adept
2 Gun Turrets
Casualties and losses
All units killed.


Donnager blasts her way into an Aztechnology boat to steal a weapons shipment that Elizabeth Babbage tipped her off about.


Aztechnology was moving a shipment of valuable weapons through Tacoma, which Elizabeth's contacts learned was currently on a docked boat called the Spring Bird.

The Meet

At 0800, Elizabeth woke up a sleeping Donnager with a phone call about an Aztech shipment of weapons, including a Terracotta Arms AM-47, stored on a boat in Tacoma, and Donnager enthusiastically accepted.

The Plan

Finding the C-zone boathouse the Spring Bird was docked in, Donnager observed from a nearby fish'n'chip shop, learning that the boathouse had a fire exit round the back, was only cordoned off by a simple chain-link fence four metres from the building, and that a pair of guards circled the area inside the fence once every ten minutes and then went back inside.

The Run

After a guard rotation had went back inside, Donnager cut her way through the fence with a miniwelder and snuck up to the fire exit, however she failed badly when attempting to cut through the lock and set the miniwelder's fuel tank on fire, throwing it away hurriedly. Donnager then activated her autoinjector and kicked the door in, heavily injuring the guard not behind the boat with her assault rifle before ducking behind a wall.

The guards then regrouped behind the boat, Donnager easily following, dodging the fire aimed at her before laying down suppressive fire that heavily injured two guards and incapacitated the third as they scattered out of its area. A giant crocodile then burst out of the water, shrugging off the suppressive fire and biting Donnager's leg but failing to penetrate through her armour and SURGE'd granite skin. Donnager then backed off and pulped the crocodile's head with tightly focused automatic fire from her assault rifle, Donnager took light injuries from the guards' assault rifles as she moved to finish them off, killing one guard with automatic fire before executing the third, surrendering guard with a single headshot.

Donnager then kicked her way through the Spring Bird's bridge windows, finding a floor plan of the boat - including the location of its armoury - but hearing someone moving around below. Carefully moving down to the next deck, Donnager kicked down the doors between her and the unknown hostile, some electrified monowire placed against the final door snapping against her armoured legs. Finding an adept with a bioware stinger tail, Donnager sprayed them down with automatic fire before retreating to more open ground. The adept easily followed, hitting her with a charging attack that nearly incapacitated her with the tranquiliser in their stinger tail, but Donnager activated her pain editor and replied with a tight blast of automatic fire at the adepts vitals, managing to knock them unconscious, whereupon she executed them.

Slightly confused by the layout of the boat's deck, Donnager made her way to the armoury, finding herself confronted with a heavy reinforced door. Attaching a high-explosive grenade with a wireless trigger, Donnager retreated to the opposite side of the deck above before triggering it. Rappelling down to the deck below the armoury deck through the substantial hole blasted in the boat's bulkheads, Donnager destroyed one turret inside the armoury door with tightly-focused automatic fire, dodging the surviving turret's return fire before destroying that too.

Grabbing the Terracotta that she came for, some ammo for it, an automatic shotgun and miscellaneous high-value weapons for Elizabeth, Donnager then snuck back out of the boathouse, lying low for a while in a safehouse - a cramped, wet section cubbyhole in the docks, but one out of the way of the police and any HTR - until Elizabeth could collect her.


Donnager traded the backpack full of assorted illegal weapons to Elizabeth in exchange for training in how to use her new 'assault cannon with a scope' that she dubbed 'Queen Bess' after her, bonding during the training.


- 40k Nuyen weapons/ammo Ascension Reward (Terracotta Arms AM-47, Mossberg AM-CMDT, weapon upgrades to both, sniper rifle ammunition) - 2 RVP

- 15 Karma towards Longarms Ascension Reward - 3 RVP

- 6 Karma - 6 RVP

- 5 Bonus CDP - 5 RVP

- 2 Standard CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Damn, that was great! I'm bloody grateful that Lizzie sent that tip my way, Queen Bess is a damn fine gun. Lizzie's a damn fine woman too, come to think of it... Focus, Isabella. Back to the run, it was lovely tearing through those corpsec like paper, and that giant bloody crocodile - Aztech are weird - didn't last long either. That adept with the bloody stinger tail on the boat, though. Their electrified booby trap snapped against my armour, but they had a bloody strong tranquiliser in that stinger - that was the worst off I've been since the streets. Thankfully, I triggered new pain editor and more than returned the favour with some nice, simple APDS, and they didn't have a pain editor, heh heh heh.