Teal Tiki Temptations

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Teal Tiki Temptations
Rave ARO
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Fuego Fieri Firebrand the Fourth
Aztechnology Halloweeners
Jenny Glitz
Forklifts, Warehouse Guards, Stuffer Shack
Casualties and losses
2x Palates of Suspicious Slushie Mix, 1x Slushie Mixer


A large gathering of urban shamans hire a Haven team to help acquire a replacement slushie mixer and extract a shipment of tainted Stuffer Shack slushie mix before it can be distributed.

The Meet

Following a poorly phrased and highly confusing job request, Flyboy, Jenny Glitz, Southpaw, Footsteps, and Valkyrie each receive a location file for a large rave at a warehouse in Downtown Seattle. They are instructed to fly a specific green ARO symbol upon arriving; it's apparent that the bouncer is quick to refuse anyone without the ARO, stating that people have no business coming in unless they have an important reason to do so. Inside, EuroVision style music plays at extremely high volume. The team wanders through the dancefloor of the rave until locating a fabulously dressed person flying an ARO that states RUNNERS PLEASE COME HERE. After convincing the raver that they needed to discuss the job in a more secure area, the team is lead to a soundproofed medical room where they meet a drug-addled man rambling about visions of tainted drinks.

The high man states that the team must destroy this tainted drink, then briefly discusses seeing a warehouse and vague feelings of mental control. He also says that they need a replacement slushie machine for one that was recently broken. He provides a large number of credsticks to the runners which totaled to 60,000 NuYen. When asked for clarifying information, an airwave spirit appears and implies that Aztechnology is involved with the use of 5th world song lyrics. The team is eventually provided more background from Jerry, a sober urban shaman that was partially responsible for the destruction of the previous slushie machine, who requests the runners locate this tainted drink mix and deliver it back to the rave. He summons a friendly local cement spirit, clocks him in, and has him to provide a general location of the warehouse to the runners.

The Plan

After gently ushering a dancing shaman from the parking lot, the team departs. Jenny Glitz enters a Stuffer Shack host in order to perform recon and observe the icons, personas, and MARKs in use. She utilizes her persona editing program to disguise herself as a Stuffer Shack employee and change her MARKs to the company standard Aztechnology logo. Using her new disguise, she re-enters the Stuffer Shack host and locates a manifest which specifically calls out the warehouse and delivery time of a new flavor of slushie mix. The slushie mix stands out because it has been special ordered from a location in El Paso. Jenny then locates the warehouse host, gains admin-level access, and bootstraps malware to the forklifts inside, which would invite 3 MARKs to anyone who messages them with a specific passkey. Valkyrie takes her helicopter to a mechanic to have a winch system installed in order to airlift the drink mix palates away from the warehouse rapidly.

Meanwhile, Jerry's cement spirit materializes in Flyboy's van, announcing that Jerry has sent him to keep an eye on the team and make sure that they're doing their job. The spirit is very impressed by the quality of bricks in the back of Flyboy's van.

The team makes calls in order to borrow a heavy vehicle for the purpose of driving around a slushie machine while one of the rave's hardware specialists assists Jenny Glitz in performing a change of ownership operation. Jerry sends a small bus driven by the horse shaman from the parking lot. Jenny Glitz enters the host of a Bellvue Stuffer Shack, located in a B security zone, and generates a fake work order to inspect and perform preventative maintenance on one of the slushie machines as a cover story for Flyboy to disconnect and remove it from the location.

The Run

With both parts of the job set up, the team decides to hit the Stuffer Shack first. Jenny Glitz informs the clerk about their work while Flyboy goes back to the slushie machine and pretends to inspect it, reporting that they would need to take it back to the shop to replace the radiator before it failed. While Flyboy is preparing to disconnect the machine, a group of four Halloweeners roll up to the front and prepare to loot the store. The manager of the store unlocks the back room for Jenny Glitz and Flyboy to hide out in.

Jenny bricks three of the gangers' guns immediately. Southpaw had been practicing tricks in the parking lot with her new scythe, skateboard, and reaper outfit when the gangers arrived; she rolls up behind first one, cleanly cutting him in half before kickflipping over his corpse. Valkyrie airdrops her steel lynx drone into the fight while Footsteps maneuvers to dispatch a magician who had quickly summoned a fire spirit [1]. The fire spirit begins eating snacks that one of the customers had thrown at him as a distraction. He recognizes Flyboy, who directs him to the snack aisle, where he vibes as the last gangers are dispatched. Flyboy and Jenny Glitz escape out the back door with the slushie machine, where they rendezvous with Delilah, the raver's hardware specialist. The transfer of ownership operation goes without a hitch, and Delilah and the horse shaman depart with their new slushie machine.

The team then heads over to the Aztechnology warehouse, where Valkyrie and Flyboy utilize Jenny Glitz's malware to take control of two forklifts and begin moving the palates of slushie mix to the loading bay area, avoiding suspicion from the warehouse personnel through careful driving. Jenny opens the doors and Valkyrie airlifts the crates away using the newly installed winch on her AN 822 helicopter. The mix crates are transferred to vehicles and moved Downtown to the rave.


Jerry received the delivery of the tainted teal slushie mix after clarifying for the team that the rave was going to dispose of it themselves. The slushie machine is successfully installed at the rave and everybody is happy again. Flyboy dumps all of his flyspy footage to Southpaw for her to edit into a skate tape.


  • 12,000 NuYen
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • OPTIONAL: 1 rank in Knowledge Skill: Very Cold Drinks

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Goddamnit, I can't believe I stood up Hydro on dance night for this garbage. At least the skateboard and scythe thing worked out, though I probably shouldn't do that if I'm expecting any serious threat. Now I need to find someone to edit this footage and hope nobody calls me out on this fake-ass gang I made up on the spot as a cover story...


This job went off really well. Sure the Johnson wasn't exactly with it, but it went well. I swear though, if I get jumped by some gangers because I'm part some sort of fake rival gang, and somehow manage to survive, I'm taking out Southpaw's legs.

Jenny Glitz

Tossed a few networks, planted some fun malware in some factory drones, it was a pretty good night. Glad the muscle was there to take care of that gang at the Stuffer Shack.