An Ancient Forgotten Memory

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An Ancient Forgotten Memory
LocationSeattle, Tarislar To Touristville
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Laesa Halloweeners
Heart of the Tempest
2 Laesa Guards Halloweener Go-Gangers
Casualties and losses
2 Laesa Guards knocked out


The team is hired by Ether to smuggle a former member of The Ancients who defected to the Laesa out of Tarislar and into Touristville as she now wants to defect back to The Ancients.


The Ancients and the Laesa have an unfriendly cooperation, with the Laesa poaching many younger members of the Ancients. Former Ancients member Heather Rose has decided to defect back.

The Meet

Ether explains the situation to the team and offers 10k nuyen and her number if the team successfully extracts Heather Rose out of Tarislar and into a bar in Touristville. The team manages to argue for an extra 2k nuyen, and everyone agrees.

The Plan

Heart of the Tempest had previously made some noise in Tacoma with a giant Ball Lightning, so was worried about KE presence in picking up her Vault of Ages. She instead contracts Bilge-Rat Jones to collect it for her, and the team picks it up from the Downtown docks.

Highlander decides to disguise himself as the target, and the team heads down to Tarislar to pick up Heather.

The Run

The plan immediately goes awry when Highlander, disguised as Heather, walks in and the two guards here see her enter without having seen her leave. Heart of the Tempest proposes marriage to one of the guards while the other one runs upstairs to check on Heather's room (followed by Surtr and Highlander). Noir uses some mind magic and makes that guard shoot himself in the mouth with stick-n-shock while downstairs Nebula shoots the other guard before he can respond. Highlander opens the door and sees Heather (and they look identical). They try the fire escape and discover it to be nailed shut. They quickly run down the stairs and all pile into Surtr's car.

They see some people across the street taking photos, so Highlander has them drop and smash their commlinks with Commanding Voice. Nebula drives a couple blocks away and they quickly change the license plates with a similar vehicle. Shortly after escaping, the team sees some Halloweeners coming to pick a fight with The Ancients, though Highlander and the team manage to convince the go-gangers that they're NOT elves and that they're having a girls' night. The Halloweeners somehow believe this...? The team manage to make their way to Redmond and make it to Touristville.


The Ancients learn more about the Laesa smuggling operations.



  • 10k nuyen - 5 RVP
  • 2k nuyen - Negotiation Bonus
  • 4 karma - 4 RVP
  • Ether (Connection 5) at Loyalty 3 - 7 RVP
  • 1 CDP
  • -10 Laesa Rep



  • Heart of the Tempest: +1 Rank in Law Enforcement Procedures (Street) as a Street Knowledge Skill and -30 KE Rep
  • Highlander: +1 Rank in Dating Etiquette as an Interest
  • Surtr: +1 Rank in Lesbians as an Interest
  • Nebula: +1 Rank in Critters and 50 Raccoons are living in her house until June 21st 2083

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Working with others was a new thing to her, it was quite the experience. Her chaos was perhaps a little unwelcome, having to cause more work for Nebula and Highlander. In a snap decision, Noir used control actions to geek one of the guards. Killing someone deffinitely not a good idea, but it all worked out. She's deffinitely hooked.


It's a real small miracle I survived with these feckin' lunatics! T'ere I am, disguised as the lass we were pickin' up, workin' t'e usual social magic on the guard when t'e poor bastard up and shoots 'imself. The mage, or however ya call 'em, went and made 'im move like 'e was a puppet, 'e did. Feckin' madness, sends shivers down me spine just t'inkin' about it. At least we got away clean, though I did have to toss a burner phone for the effort, twice if yeh can believe that. Oh, and dullahan is all sunshine o'er t'e results of the mission, guess I left a good impression on Mrs. Et'er.

Heart of the Tempest

Welp. Forgot that spells can be noticed by mundanes again. Oh, and I wish that I got that frakker that assensed me's face. The actual run went great, though, great teammates - including a shapeshifting bloody avatar of Loki Himself.