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On the border with Bellvue, hidden from prying eyes, this newly formed branch of the RRP settled in a region that used to be called North Rose Hill, most of it has been reclaimed by nature as it is right beside Forbes lake and North Rose woodland park, but a few buildings from the old condominiuns nearby are in "functional" capacity (IE: it has roofs) and can be used to house the locals. With enough effort, materials and the right personel, Jaguar and Mist think they can get the place up and running again.

They made a deal with Mint´s farm to get a steady supply of food (the ones that were not "good looking enough" to be sold) in exchange of providing housing for the farmhands, in time Jaguar plans to use the overgrown park as cover and also have enough space to make a small farm of their own where they will be able to plant more diverse crops to complement what they are already getting and maybe give the surplus away for those who are starving.

Once they have a solid foothold and proper means of defending themselves the plan is to expand outwards, offering shelter and protection from the gangs that rule the streets and a place where the sinless can call home.


Redmond Rejuvenation Project

Important Members

  • Bruno Pereira - Impromptu leader, Security director, Contact with the Haven.
  • Kiona Avila - Impromptu leader, Infrastructure organizer, Anchor of the community.
  • Mint - Farm owner, Food supplier, Spark of hope.


  • Support the denizens of the Barrens.
  • Create a "Home" with decent living conditions.
  • Give the people that live there access to education and possibly a better future.


After losing their neighborhood to a gang war a group of survivors was formed out of desperation, led by an old soldier and a kind hearted adept, they seek to give their extended family everything that world has denied them, a roof, warm meals, proper access to water and electricity, safety and (if everything works out) somewhere to belong.


  • Mint´s farm
  • Shadowhaven


  • Anything that threatens the safety of their people

Current Status

Just starting

Health Summary



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