Covering The Basics

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Covering The Basics
Part of Home is where the heart is
LocationEverett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Bentley & Hart's
One confused receptionist
Casualties and losses
None None


The gang gets asked to quietly steal heavy industrial equipment from a local cyberpunk Walmart by the name of Bentley & Hart's. The gang proceeds to pull off a spotless heist with a flawless plan where one person does all the work and the other two nap in the car.


The Redmond Rejuvenation Project required certain pieces of gear to help make folks' lives easier, but doesn't quite have the finances to afford these pieces of gear. Luckily, a hardware store in Everett has everything the group needs. As it's a simple heist from a store, the RRP hires a trio of greenhorn shadowrunners to fix the problem.

The Meet

The three runners meet with an orc woman in a Touristville TexMex restaurant. Well, two runners and the third runner's drone. She explains the situation, and after some haggling on the reward, the group accepts the apparently-simple robbery job posting and gets to work. Almost too eagerly, as Gemini starts googling intel before the gang even leaves the restaurant.

The Plan

After Gemini's internet search on the store (in which she helpfully figures out Mithril provides the store's rent-a-cops), the group's first step is to case the joint. Pretending to be simple interested potential customers, the group heads inside. While Arun got accosted by a teenage employee eagerly attempting to sell him a hunting rifle, Gemini poked at the store's security and Nita did a round through the store, tagging the targeted goods. Using her astral senses, she also figures out Mithril has a mage stationed in the store who has several low-Force spirits keeping an eye out.

For transport of the goods, the group realizes they require a truck. Via Nita's contact, one Alessa P, the group comes into contact with a driver by the name of Marcus. After haggling for payment, the truck and its driver are settled, with a drop point a few blocks away from the actual drop point for the RRP. The group then plots to plant a datatap in the hopes of neutralizing security from the inside. The group then acquires a set of simple janitor's fatigues in the actual store itself. Through Gemini's contact, Giovanni Montalban, the group comes into contact with a local tailor who owes the mob a debt. With the fatigues now modified to resemble the B&H janitor uniforms, the group sends Gemini inside under the pretense of being a new employee.

The Run

After several awkward moments, bold-faced lies, filled-in pieces of paperwork and strokes of luck, Gemini manages to infiltrate the facility proper and plant the datatap. She soon figures out that with her setup, she can easily expose one of the system's major flaws: someone breaking in from the inside can easily put in new, fake orders without any payment. Faking a pick-up for the list of goods provided by the RRP, Gemini arranges for the rest of the group to pick up the relevant items and exfiltrates. With Marcus's help, the gang makes off with the goods, dropping them off with the RRP.


There's very little aftermath to add - the infiltration was nigh-on flawless, with no hitches in the plan or unpredictable scenes. The RRP is happy, the runners get paid, the fixers are pleased with their people's performance.


7700 Nuyen (6000 base reward, 2000 from negotiation, -300 for in-run costs)

8 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


First haven run here, turned out fairly simple. Could have gone quite bad if we went a different route. I was very impressed with D's and Gemini's performance, definitely made this one simple. And I am glad to have helped a good cause. Gemini and Nita definitely seem like some runners I would appreciate having had if it turned messy.


Honestly, it feels like I could've been more helpful, but in the end we all pulled through. Can't believe Gemini pulled it off so smoothly, to be honest. Kinda expected her to hose it, but no static no nothing. In the end the Johnson got their goods and we got paid, with a little extra cred courtesy of the negotiations. Didn't piss off any spirits either, which is always a good thing, and that's a chip truth. I'm just hoping Gemini was as clean as she said, and we're not gonna get tracked down by some dataslave or that wagemage they had sitting around.


Like I said. It's as good as robbed. Can't say I could've done it without my teammates' quick thinking though. That disguise idea using the overalls was amazing, probably even saved D's skin.