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Bio-Sam Hitter
Combat Medic
MetatypeHuman - Nartaki
Street Cred1
Public Awareness0
Titles and AwardsN/A
D.O.B.January 28th 2049
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Grew up surrounded by the military due to his family's heritage and post. Had a strict upbringing, which only slightly loosened due to his surge. Both parents are commissioned officers in the navy. Surged at age twelve during the passing of Hailey's Comet. Went through military school and military academy. Served two tours of duty to consequent military service and a third before mustering out. Picked up by DocWagon after moving to UCAS.


  • Disrupt and/ or harm any of the Humanis Policlub's interests and supporters
  • Leave the world a better place than he entered it
  • Impress upon all felines that he is worthy enough to pet them


Harshal grew up surrounded by the military, having moved a few times, depending on where his parents were posted in India. He acclimated well to the environment, made more acquaintances with the junior officers and adjutant's that scampered around his parents then he befriended other's his age. Before he was used to the atmosphere of authority in the household, he SURGEd; due to his father's beliefs and hindu culture, he was allowed freedom to explore what priesthood offered. On one such pilgrimage he encountered an injured cat and helped to nurse it back to health, on returns to the particular temple, he had grown a relationship with Mina and ended up adopting her finally. He did not take well to the supposed elevation in caste that was afforded to him; he figured that he could do more elsewhere, and continued his education in military school. After graduating from a military academy, he was signed up for the subsequent two tours of duty in the navy. He served aboard an LPD based out of Vizag, as part of a Marine Expeditionary Force's Commando Forward Surgical Group. After mustering out of the navy following his nine years of service; he wanted to test his mettle with corporate forces. Whilst being scouted by Charachorp he was offered a better contract by DocWagon in Seattle. What moved him to accept the contract out of country, was that it was lenient in it's tenure; which meant if after a year he toughed it out and didn't appreciate what a corporation had to offer, he could try out operating independently.

His hate for Humananis, never mind their views, stems from their apparent funding of violent gangs and terrorists; the latter costing him a close friend and a few weeks out of action. During his DocWagon contract, out on a call, he protected a Humanis politician from protesting civilians; of which the politician had assaulted prior. In the incident, Harshal was caught off guard and had to cull an ambush during extraction of the client; he dumped a mag of gel rounds and stick n' shock into them, wounding many at close range.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Ambidextrous
    • "Was always handy before my SURGE, a bit sad that it did not carry over to the other arms though."
  • Battle Hardened
    • "Pirates are common in the Indian Ocean, had an opportunity or two to acclimate."
  • Bilingual
    • Growing up with two CO's in the household afforded a higher education among other things; not that I would ever admit it to the Admiral."
  • Common Sense
    • "If it wasn't for nonsense, some people would have no sense."
  • Shiva Arms (Pair)
  • Shoot First, Don't Ask
    • "Put 'em down before they can do any harm otherwise."


  • Big Regret (Firing on civilian protesters)
    • "A little too fast on the trigger this time around, not that I could have talked them down anyway."
  • Creature of Comfort (Middle)
    • "Grew up well cared for and safe, then of course starting a tour as a commissioned officer had some perks."
  • SINner (National) Indian Union
  • Striking Skin Pigmentation