Trading Spaces (Drug Den Edition)

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Trading Spaces (Drug Den Edition)
Part of Building a Better You
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Building a Better You
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Beuford "Saint' Mcgill
Sarah Glenn


BioGen hires runners to clear out the squatters in their new Seattle location. Through proper legwork and a strong combat presence, they break the gang using the building to peddle drugs and--in doing so non-lethally--earn the respect of the group they evicted.


BioGen purchased a warehouse from AnthroCustoms. Questions arose about the signatories after one of the co-owners was put into a coma, so closing on the property was massively delayed. As a natural consequence of this delay, the building was stripped of any valuables and--after closing--BioGen was forced to deal with the squatters who had taken up residence there. To keep their hands clean, runners were hired.

The Meet

Arun, Koi, Nitro, Okami, and Saint meet the Johnson at a hidden office in an old apartment building in Auburn. Ms. Johnson confirms that the infestation is likely gangers and druggies, hence hiring runners as a go between.She originally offers 15,000 NuYen as payment, but Koi's bargaining earns another ten percent bump per person. She provides credsticks and building blueprints to the team, and will inform the police that BioGen plans to do some light demolition, providing some cover for police activation in the area. The team departs for a local Stuffer Shack to formulate a plan.

The Plan

The team decides to scout the building with spirits as they formulate an incursion plan. However, summoning the spirit goes sideways, (see news story,) and the team is forced to depart their planning stage early. Instead, drones were used to infiltrate the building, which yielded a headcount, found defensive measures (turret drones), and allowed the team to plan for a three-pronged incursion into the building. Mages would enter through the front door, while the rest of the team would enter through the rear.

The Run

First, the team planted explosives on the defensive drones utilizing their own drone network. Then, Okami entered through the front door, thanks to some helpful reminders from her teammates about what the passphrase would be (F* Halloweeners.) Saint followed her, invisibly.

Activating the explosives on the defensive drones was the go signal. Nitro and Arun entered through one set of back doors, and Koi through the other rear door. Okami took over the mind of one defender while Arun, Nitro, and Koi fired at active defenders. Saint attempted to knock out the guard at the front door, but instead knocking himself out cold thanks to drain.

One guard was taken out with stick and shock, another was floored by an armor-piercing round, slowly bleeding out. Koi finished off Saint's bouncer, before posing the two together for a series of photos he can embarrass his fellow runner with in the future. Okami's target, now under control, pointed the team to their boss before being knocked out with stick and shock rounds.

Breaching the office doors with flashbang grenades, the team disabled a final ganger while Sarah Glenn--the ring leader--surrendered. As a show of good faith for her surrender, the team administered first aid to the ganger who was bleeding out and--seeing that Sarah did not stock BTLs, K10, or any of the other nasty stuff, allowed her group to keep their drugs if they'd relocate. Since Glenn uses the money from her sales to fund anti-Halloweener actions, (and probably because all the rest of her gang was completely neutralized,) she took the offer.


The building, clear of gangers, is being remodeled for BioGen. Sarah Glenn continues to work on her anti-Halloweener crusade, albeit from a new location. Runners that were so inclined have a new dealer connection. And, as a fun aside, the "fart tornado" released by Saint earlier in the day was called "rowdy youths" by the news.


Players earned 16,500 and 1 faction rep from BioGen for clearing the premises. Additionally, players earned four karma and could choose to add Sarah Glenn as a contact (at normal rates) for choosing a non-lethal path and administering aid to fallen gangers.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That mess at Stuffer Shack is exactly why you should never rely on a spirit to do a drone’s job.  Luckily, security at this target obviously was not intended to counter a rigger.  It was easy enough to get a flyspy in their vents and count the guns we’d be dealing with.  Unluckily, I found they had a couple Mitsuhamas modified as tracked gun turrets to keep the peace amongst the drugged rabble.  

Mr. Charleston came through for us though, got me 3 sticks TNT quick.  Only needed two to take care of the drones.  Provided a nice distraction while we breached the perimeter at midnight too.  

Turns out I was the only one not loaded with stick n shock, so one of the gangers ended up full of holes while the others were just twitching.  Made negotiations with Sarah Glenn afterwards real awkward.  I won’t be making that mistake again; I think Charleston carries stick n shock and I gotta spend this nuyen somewhere.


this was a weird one. it everything went as expected and...we didnt kill anyone and even made a sorta friend with the opfor? nice to work with mostly comptent people. but that "saint" not looking forward to working with him again


Really glad no bugs, but why do all these Johnsons want to meet so early?! Saint is turning into a bit of a menace. I just wanted lunch...

Getting in the building is rather easy when you have no weapons, but I didn't really help much once in there...


So I may or may not have messed up time i dont summon a spirit so strong i promise. Also casting a spell that powerful probably wasn't the best plan.