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Combat Mage
Magical Furry
MetatypeElf (SURGE)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.April 1, 2063
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Snippy, sarcastic, but furry and adorable! Awo.

                    / V\
                  / `  /
                 <<   |
                 /    |
               /      |
             /        |
           /    \  \ /
          (      ) | |
  ________|   _/_  | |

Oh ya, and a combat mage. BOOM

          _ ._  _ , _ ._
        (_ ' ( `  )_  .__)
      ( (  (    )   `)  ) _)
     (__ (_   (_ . _) _) ,__)
         `~~`\ ' . /`~~`
              ;   ;
              /   \
_____________/_ __ \_____________


Be free in America.

Find a place to belong.

To prove I am worthy of my family's love!

Be a better mage?


{{#spoiler:show=Show Background|hide=Hide Background|

The Tomura Family are old money. The men of the family had been investors for many generations. They had had a lot of luck in the companies they invested in (Including stock in Yamatetsu Corporation before it became EVO), and the family was very well off.

Tomura Shota had inherited the Tomura family wealth when his  father had passed a few years before, and he was eager for a son to pass everything on to. Haoru, born an elf in the 2030s, had married Shota when they were both very young. Looking for a trophy wife to call his own, Haoru looked just elf enough to be exotic, but human enough to not stand out. Everything seemed like it was going to be perfect, until the arrival of Haley’s Comet flipped their relationship on its head.

Growing up in Japan, Haoru had always been the one to face prejudice, but that would quickly become the opposite when the SURGE hit Shota. The change had been rather fitting, for a man born and raised in Japan, as many described the likeness to that of a Kitsune, with a long tail and pointed ears. It had landed Shota in the hospital for many weeks, where he had insisted they be removed. He only attempted that once… Going through the pain of it growing back a second time was enough.

Everyone was told he was taking an extended vacation. Something to do with Haoru’s health…  Only the next few months, he underwent a dozen surgeries to make himself look human again. (Even though they ultimately failed) Haoru did not fully support his decision, but stuck with him the whole time. When it was all said and done, Shota became paranoid about his position in life, and in his marriage. He thought securing an heir would be the perfect way to keep everything the way it was.

In mid 2062, Haoru announced she was pregnant. Sadly, by the end of the year, word would come out that the poor couple had lost the baby,and Haoru would not be seen for months following, said to be grieving for the loss of her child. In reality, April 1, 2063, Haoru gave birth to a happy, healthy… Freak of a baby girl… Tomura Hakuro

When it was discovered, during ultrasound, that the expected baby had developed the same fox-like ears and tail her father had developed, Shota had originally insisted the pregnancy be terminated. He would not let her grow up with the discrimination he was going through.

Haoru would hear none of it. She would keep her baby. It wasn’t a boy, as Shota had hoped, but she would be loved… And hidden...It took much careful planning, and even more money to pay off the people involved. Doctors, staff, and many others would be paid to keep silent. There would be no mention and no sign of any baby… When she was old enough to handle what the world would throw at her, they would concoct a story about how they adopted some less fortunate child as their own… But for the time being… She would be a secret… A ghost…

While Okami did grow up with all the benefits of a rich upbringing, including private mage tutors when her magic manifested during puberty, she was, for all intents and purposes, nonexistent. Often left with a nanny when her parents were away, living the expected life for a couple with no children, she grew up craving a real family, and acceptance for who and what she was. Her parents did, in fact, love her very much, and her father spoiled her endlessly, but it would seem a lot of that was to shush a child yearning for an outside life. Okami took to video games at an early age. Even though she could have any game money could buy, she was drawn to the old 5th world games and spent countless hours alone, playing and replaying whatever games she was given.

In 2071, the Tomura family announced once again, the coming of a baby, and in December, 2071, they would give birth to a very human, baby boy, who they would name Shuno. In the beginning, Okami was very excited about her little brother, and at a young age, they got along very well. Shuno, however, was told Okami was the child of the nanny, since he was not old enough to understand the consequences of referring to her as his sister. It was easy to convince him, what with Okami never being allowed on trips with the family, or to leave the confines of the property. Shortly after Okami's 16th birthday, (she had simply asked to be allowed to go on a trip off the property, but had been denied) the Tomura family announced that Shuno, their only child, would be heir to his father's wealth and other holdings. It was the tipping point for Okami, to hear them refer to Shuno as their only child… It was then that she began her plans to run away.

It still took her some time to get everything in order, trading off expensive items she’d been bought, to the one of the shadier servants in exchange from a fake SIN and a plane ticket. She’d heard America was nice this time of year? Really, she’d heard nothing. She was at a total loss. She’d never left the property. But go big or… stay home…  By the end of the month, she was on a plane to Seattle. Nothing like a giant airport, in a country where you can just barely speak the language to set your nerves straight. She had just managed to gather her bag, a task that had taken her nearly an hour to figure out with her limited English skills and she turned and bumped into the back of a giant of a man. Stepping back, and bowing in apology, the troll turned and looked at her with a grin.

“Puppy!” He exclaimed, loudly.

What did that mean? Puppy? Like a dog?? Why hadn’t that come up in her attempt to learn English over the last month?! She had no time to consider before she was picked up like a sack of rice and thrown over the man's shoulder. It was then she noticed a few odd things about the troll. He has scales, and features that resembled more of a lizard than a troll. No amount of kicking or screaming seemed to deter him. The other people in the airport actually seemed to move AWAY from the screaming! The troll headed out of the building, and before she knew it, they were on a motorcycle, headed down a highway to who knows where!

As it turns out, the troll, known as Big B,  was a fellow SURGEling, and a member of the go-gang, The Menagerie. He was also a bit dimwitted, and she would later find out, he’d thought this is where she had belonged. It’s not kidnapping if they have nowhere to go, right? But she had, in fact, stayed. Being with other SURGEd had made her feel welcome, even if she didn’t understand what was going on most of the time. They had been fine with her performing menial work for the first while, until she got her feet under her. After that, they taught her to ride a bike, and how to slap humanis in the face, and graffiti their houses. She learned quickly that they had a real bone to pick with those people. The gang was a bit fast paced for her liking, but it had felt like home for a while.

Recent tension between the leaders, Flash Wolf and Boss Hogg, were what gave Okami the final push to see herself out. She’d heard of a group of people, Shadowrunners,  who took the jobs they wanted, when they wanted, and she wanted that freedom. It would be tough, and she would be along again, but maybe it would be just what she was looking for...


Narrative Significant Qualities


Changeling: Ears, tail, the whole bit. Fluffy AF.

Witness my Hate: Bit of a loose canon.


Albinoism: The beacon is lit! Gondor calls for aid!

Severe Gold Allergy: If you like it, don't put a ring on it...

Moderate Bug Phobia: If it has more than four legs, it must die.

Cold-Blooded: I'm not cuddling, I'm just stealing your body heat...

Critter Spook: Cower before the supreme predator!

Nocturnal: I also hate garlic too...

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
This is how you Really camp!Doc Mcguffys12 August 2082
Trading Spaces (Drug Den Edition)Si1asBuilding a Better You29 August 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Carlos Blanco 3 2 Fixer(K,G,N,A) Town Gossip Rumer Mill, Tortuga Taco Truck, I Know A Guy, Corporate Lunchbreak Even
Damien 2 2 Gear Talismonger Talismonger, Black Magic, Awakened for Hire Even
Rod Sterling 2 2 Gear Electronics/Software Merchant Bins and Bins of Crap, Software Hookup, Crime Mall Resident Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A fifth world video game featuring a white wolf.
3 SURGEd runner who's kinda new to the scene.
6 A mage runner from Japan, who was a member of the menagerie for a bit before going solo.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Super Japanese, albino furry
3 "Terrified of bugs... Likes to cuddle..." -Unknown Runner
5 Abandoned by her family, just looking for a place to belong.


Mariko Tanaka (Japan)

(Fake SIN level 4 w/ level 4 mage license)



Matrix Persona

Based on the fifth world Okami video game.

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