This is how you Really camp!

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This is how you Really camp!
GMDoc Mcguffys
LocationMad River, California
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Princess Hurley
Fed Up
Ramen Shamen
Casualties and losses
1 dog


Wires organises a camping trip to blow off steam and to head out of town while the heat is high.


The Meet

The meet took place at the oarking lot outside of Shrimp's Fried Rice in Tacoma. The runners all showed up more or less on time, and after some cursory checks and deliberation of seating arrangements, the group set off to Wires' camping location: Mad River Campground in California, a few miles south of the DMZ.

The Plan

During the drive, Ramen accuses Wires of breaking his promise to another runner, Catharsis, who had requested the camping not be located within the DMZ, as Wires had originally intended. Wires defended his honor by reminding Ramen that they were technically outside the DMZ. Meanwhile in FedUp's car, Fed gives Okami a deepweed brownie, causing her to astrally perceive the spirits on the highway. This leads her to become distressed when Fed hits them with his car. Hurley claims her stomach hurts, so Fed duct tapes her to the roof of his van.

The Run

After the group arrives at the campsite, the group attempts to set up camp on top of a hill overlooking Mad River. After Hurley sets her blanket on fire, Wires sets up everyone's tent, while Fed uses the blanket to start a nice campfire. Wires scans the area for any Tir patrols or other annoyances, and sees a brief flash of a man in the trees far away. Upon relaying what he had seen, Hurley bolts into the woods in search of this person, with Okami in pursuit. After about an hour, Hurley returns alone, prompting the group to go looking for Okami in the woods.

After finding Okami by some flowers that had caught her interest, the group finds some footprints. After some examination, these prints are determined to have been created by someone with spurs. Ramen expresses interest in not unduly harming this person, and the Wires and Fed reluctantly assent. Hurley runs off again, and the runners track her to an abandoned 1880s Mansion.

The group spots Hurley running within the mansion, but as they pursue, the door shut ominously behind them. While wandering around the Mansion, the group notices that the many clocks in the building appear to change their time and the buildings backround count as the runners entered various rooms. After some trial and error the group discovers that the clocks can be destroyed, then move about the mansion while being attacked intermittently by stunbolts, knives, and crossbows. After destroying the penultimate set of clocks, the runners discover the corpse of the man who had led them into the mansion. Wires decides the he needs a dignified burial so he dissolves dissolves the deceased man in a bathtub. The runners hear the main door open and leave. Outside they meet Hurley, who claims to have been unable to enter the building.


The group retires for some smores, deepweed brownies, and fishing.


14 Karma

Ascension ordeal for awakened, Shoot first quality for Mundies

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Nothing like a good camping trip. Sure I had to do virtually all the work for the ladies but it turned out alright in the end and I got a sweet revolver. Note to self: do not engage in magical hijinks in the future, as that whole time-prison stuff was really quite annoying. I also caught a Catfish."

Ramen Shamen: An interesting trip for certain, I was not expecting what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend to include a trip to a metaplane, but here we are. I enjoyed the company of Wires, FedUp and Okami, and look forward to doing more with them.

Okami: So much fun camping with new friends! Maybe next time not go into magic metaplane house...