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Explosives Expert
Hired Killer
Professional Boyfriend
Likes: Cigars, Cloudy Days, Dragons (a lot)
Dislikes: Aztechnology, Aztlan, Drunk People
Street Cred2
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - e
Attributes - a
Magic/Resonance - e
Skills - a
Resources - c

Character Information


Rarely seen without his cord-infested backpack, Wires is a nondescript yet respectably successful assassin looking to widen his skillset in the mean streets of Seattle or wherever running may take him


  • Short term: Obtain money and renown in the shadows
  • Long Term: Liberate Bogota from the Aztlan government


When Gabriella Herrera finally gave birth to her child, she named him Isidro and promptly hated him. So began the first decade of Isidro's life: begrudgingly raised by an addict who wanted nothing more than to leave him behind and continue her life. He loved his mother all the same, and was ecstatic when she took him on a trip to a seedy roadside town near the Aztlan border. Gabriella rented a room for the night, tucked her son in, and left. That night, Isidro had a nightmare in which his reflection climbed out of the bathroom mirror and replaced him, taking over his life while all Isidro could do was stand and watch. When he awoke screaming, his mother was nowhere to be found, nor was her car. As the days passed, from the motel to the police station, talking to many concerned-looking grownups, Isidro tried to hold onto hope that his mother had simply gone to do something, or was maybe visiting someone and would be back any day. As the days stretched into weeks, and true despair began to set in, he became convinced that his reflection had indeed replaced him, and he started hallucinating the boy whenever he looked in a mirror, always jeering and laughing at him. After running away from numerous foster homes in search of his mother and treacherous reflection, the beleagured Amazonian social services gave up on his case, and he became just another rat in the gutters of Bogota.

Isidro Herrera enlisted into the Amazonian armed forces at 18, and quickly progressed into the special operations divisions due to his startling intellect and talent for stealth. The next year the Azt-Am war broke out and Isidro and his team were deployed to aid the general military as forward recon in urban areas. As they completed missions together, Officer Herrera became known as "Wires" by his squad due to his penchant for complicated traps and the meters of wires he would lug around the jungle for their construction.

Returning from an job one cloudy day, Isidro and his squad were surprised to see a huge green dragon circling overhead. Fortunately for them, Sirrug did not take notice of this snack, and soon left, but Isidro was transfixed. Never in his life had he seen something so beautiful, so powerful. It put all of his problems in perspective, as insignificant dalliances before such a majestic creature. When Isidro heard that Sirrug had disappeared, perhaps permanently, he became consumed with rage and vowed revenge on Aztlan and Aztech for destroying the object of his misplaced infatuation. But first he would need friends, gear, and skills, but with Amazonia still reeling from the war, he resolved to find them as an assassin. For the next eight years, Wires worked primarily in Europe, honing his skills and taking mid-level contracts to kill. However, after a near-disastrous job left him in the hospital, he resolved that he would be better off with someone to watch his back, and thusly traveled to Seattle to begin his new life as a shadowrunner.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Wetwork Expertise (Exceptional Attribute:[LOG], Practice: [Sneaking]): Ever since his promotion to Amazon Spec ops, Wires' life has constantly involved the end of others. He has perfected staying unseen or at least unnoticed for more than a decade.

Disarming Presence (Blandness, Too Pretty to hit): Wires has a calm and playful demeanor


Harrowing Upbringing (Phobia: His Reflection): Wires never truly recovered from his abandonment, and created a delusion that his reflection was evil, replaced him, and still seeks to do him harm.

Questionable Taste (Bad Rep): After seeing Sirrug in the flesh, Wires developed a preference for dragons and their ilk. Some even say he succeeded.....

Cigar Man (Dependant: Tobacco Addiction): Wires has a habit of smoking cigars nearly constantly. He claims they help him focus.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Steamed Pork SubstituteDejapes27 August 2082
This is how you Really camp!Doc Mcguffys12 August 2082
Dance among the Fading MemoriesDraknicWhen You Reach Me11 August 2082
BlogisticsDisco26 July 2082
Sculpture StealingNiven22 July 2082
The Sword and the StonedCutierThanThou16 June 2082



"Adam": A former partner of Wires', the two still help each other out with the occasional favor or recommendation. Or the occasional "favor."

Honest John: Wires went to buy a car shortly after arriving in Seattle. Assholes of a feather, Wires and Honest John became fast friends.

Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
"Adam" 5 4 Networking Infobroker Dirty Laundry, Vipers' Nest, White Hands, Black Tie, Maybe Gonna Give You Up, Toys of the Trade, Blood Runs Thick, Just for the Night, Tastes Just Like Poison, Varied Clientele Even
Honest John 4 3 Fixer Fixer, Arms Dealer Booming Business, My Russian Friends, Used Car Salesman, Eye for wheels, Under-the-Table Enterprise Even
Blair Allen 1 1 Service Forger Fake Credentials, Former Corporate Paper-pusher Even
Mack and Hack 1 1 Custom(A,K,N,G) Halloweener Troublemakers Those Two Idiots, With The Power Of Friendship, ... And This Gun I Found, King Of The Pumpkin Patch Even



Triads: Octagons (Solid Rep +1)


Aztechnology, Aztlan government

In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit A wire is a single usually cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads or electricity and telecommunications signals.
2 hits A modestly popular Lo-Fi song from the 2020's
3 hits A witness in a Polish murder trial mentions a man by this name came to him for information on the deceased.
4+ hits *A photo of seven men standing in a jungle, one of whom is cleaning a sniper rifle. One comment refers to an Officer as "Wires"*

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Yeah, a guy I sat next to gave that name. He was about 5'9 and he had ..... a haircut
2 hits Colombian Assassin. Also does demolition and body disposal. Honest John's his fixer.
3 hits I heard he got drug through the mud big-time last year in Warsaw. Ouch. Anyways, the guy's got the biggest hard-on for dragons I've ever seen. Surprised he's lived this long, honestly.
4+ hits Former Amazon Spec Forces. Over 90 confirmed kills. Afraid of his own reflection, if you can believe that.



Brown-haired brown-eyed Wires is unremarkable as looks go, he has a datajack in his left wrist and walks with a slight limp.


Wires usually opts for a brown wool coat over carhartts or jeans, on his head aviator sunglasses and a beanie.

Matrix Persona

While not particularly skilled in online hijinks, Wires uses a flower made from red and black wires as an icon.

Media Mentions

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