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LocationRedmond, Abandoned Office Building.
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven 162's Cutters
Cold Hands
Casualties and losses
4 Ghouls, including an adept Pride (and consciousness) of a single gang member.


The runners are hired by St1tch to find and kill someone, then make off with some logistics data off their commlink.


St1tch has a bone to pick with the 162s, an all ghoul gang in the business of organ legging in Redmond. Looking to the Haven's runners, they've elected to put a pin in their movements by having one of their main paper pushers, Manuela Angelo killed, and securing some data on their movements from her commlink.

The Meet

The runners are told to meet on the matrix at a host around 3PM, a nice and cozy Renraku park. The J gives the runners the necessary information and 4 days to deliver, expressing a disdain for the infected and ultimately uncaring for any infected casualties. While leaving to meet in person with the other runners, Catharsis noticed a very ugly sprite presumably owned by St1tch.

The Plan

The plan was to stake out the 162s' building and simply wait until their target came out of the building for a smoke break. Snipe her, grab the commlink and go.

The Run

In order to further discus things in person, the group elects to meet at a low end bar found by Wires close to where the building where the target lives and works. Since they were warned about food being an issue, Catharsis made pb&j sandwiches for everyone, unwittingly excluding Cold Hands due to her peanut allergy. While Wires and Baracuda fought for the last sandwich, a few members of the Cutters noticed Barracuda wearing Hellraisers colors. One drunken cutter came over, and began to harass Baracuda, who attempted to talk them down. Drunkenly continuing their belligerence, Catharsis grabbed Cold Hands and moved to leave. Sadly for said cutter, Baracuda the runner replied with a boot in the offending mouth and they were on the floor. After some squabbling between Catharsis and Wires on who gets to ride with who, they set out for the stake out. .

The group began by physically scoping out the location, and found a abandoned two-story building with a view of the building in which the target was located: a 162's organlegging office in Redmond. The group began by examining the office via matrix and physical perception while Wires installed monowire in the doorways of the hideout, at a height that none of the vertically challenged group would themselves injure. After waiting for dark, Wires (broadcasting over imagelink) observed the ghouls that exited the office and guarded the main entrance. Save for a few guards and some other wageslave ghouls, no one else came out of the building. The only person to enter the stake out building was a scavenger who when offered 100 nuyen on a cred stick by Cold Hands to leave and say nothing, took the money and ran. It became apparent after several hours of stake out that she wasn't going to come out, and they had to improvise.

At this point, Catharsis went from tagging comlinks to mark off victims to searching for blue prints in order to get an idea of the building, in case they did have to go in. Thankfully with a the blue prints as a point of comparison, Catharsis was able to locate and access Manuela's commlink, taking a look around before finding the file, and disarming the data bomb. Unfortunately her luck ran out at this rate, and she was spotted by the gecker (ghoul decker). Choosing to blatantly ignore the enemy decker, she deencyrpted the file and ran with a copy of it. Which was unfortunate, as soon things began to stir in meatspeace—Drone full auto attacks hurt, and Wires bore the brunt of it. Barracuda happily gave the drone a shotgun blast to the face, before Cold Hands ran up to the floor the rest of the runners were on, jumping out of the building to slice the drone in half. Pouring out of the building a gadept (ghoul adept) and two gun toting guards went after Cold Hands, the gecker assisting where he could. Barracuda elected to call the target, and after some convincing, the target agreed to come outside under the guise of being extracted by Renraku. Unfortunately the structure under him failed, and he tumbled down to the ground floor.

Zipping inside, Cold Hands lead the gadept right into a nice monowire beheading, vindicating Wires' set up. Barracuda followed suit after eating a few bullets of his own, before encouraging all to get it together and finish this. The gecker went for Cold Hands' bike in order to return the disrespect, resulting in Catharsis switching from buffing her allies to brute force and dataspiking the gecker's zombie persona until it doesn't move.


The runners satisfied with their carnage, they sent the file and footage of the hit to the J. Wires at this point crashes horribly from the cocktail of drugs, resulting in him being tied to Barracuda's back with a scarf so that they could again ride to get some Greek food and do some sick bike stunts.


  • 20,000 nuyen (10 RVP)
  • 2 karma (2 RVP)
  • Optional Contact: St1tch at 5/2 (6 RVP)
  • For Wires: +1 loyalty with Mack and Hack

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cold Hands

"Had a good team this run. I can't imagine us pulling off the objective had any one of us been missing. Catharsis seemed too normal and sensible to be a runner, but she snatched that file from under a spider all the same. Barracuda had the audacity and quick tongue to get the mark to leave a building they were safe in, and Wires lined up the perfect shot. "

"I have mixed feelings about St1tch. Like any sane metahuman, I'm no fan of the organ market or ghoul gangs that kidnap people off the street. But our Johnson gave off the intense vibes of a personal crusade. I've still decided to keep in contact; HMHVV cases aren't exactly within my wheelhouse, and it'd be good to have an expert on call."

"Note to self: don't underestimate monowire."


"I had a good time. Now lets go through the four run food groups and see how this one shook out.

QUICK: We gave the target a headache and yoinked that sweet paydata the night after receiving our orders.

CHEAP: I personally only expended three bullets, and a dose each of kamikaze and long haul.

DIRTY: Ok I originally was after Cuda because of those biceps but man hes got prescence. That ghoul really thought it was getting extracted right up until the end, haha.

DEADLY: Target and two hostile combatants were disposed. One infected escaped. Sloppy. Next time leaving less mess.

Altogether solid time. Monowire performed exactly as intended, I could have set explosives in the street or the building to help control the terrain better.


Honestly, not the biggest fan of wetwork, but I needed to fill the gaps in my bills all the same. We all seemed to work together as intended--Cold Hands seemed nice enough, feel a little guilty about excluding her from the sandwiches, and I really enjoyed the company of Barracuda, and the banter with Wires. I would say, all in all, a solid team, and I'd enjoy working with them again. I wasn't super keen on our J, they rubbed me the wrong way, but I get the feeling I know exactly why.