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Local Idiot Gangers Too Stubborn To Die
TypeStreet Gang
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationHell's Kitchen, Puyallup, Seattle

Faction Information


Founded by a veteran of the Puyallup gang scene, the Hellraisers are a loose coalition of outcasts, freaks, and criminals. Just about anyone is welcome as long as they bring something to the table.


  • Grow to become the dominant gang in Hell's Kitchen
  • Figure out how to turn a profit
  • Keep the Iceberg Hotel intact despite God's best efforts to the contrary

Major Locations

  • The Iceberg Hotel

The Iceberg Hotel is a remarkably intact hotel bordering the volcanic hotspot of Hell's Kitchen. Since the gang moved in, it's gone from a dilapidated squat to something resembling an actual dwelling; an honest-to-god HVAC system, water filters, and enough scrap metal and insulation to keep the Puyallup air out makes it an island of relative comfort compared to its surroundings. With the help of Twitch, a minefield out front plus a series of traps in the interior give it a measure of security most buildings in the area lack.

Basement: server room, backup generators, and maintenance areas

First Floor: kitchen, canteen, planning room, Cricket's room, Wholesale's room,Tombstone's room, and refurbished guest rooms

Second Floor: Barracuda's room, Zenny's room, and refurbished guest rooms

Third Floor: Mostly a write-off due to structural damage, but Twitch makes his lair in the intact area near the western stairwell

Fourth Floor: Completely leveled aside from the scuffed HVAC unit and the hotel's rain filters

  • The Underground Bolt Hole

After a journey to find Gigabite's old stash of alcohol, the gang converted the secret chamber deep in the Puyallup Underground into a passable bolt hole. There's an old subway tunnel near the hotel that leads to the elevator down. The wraith "living" there, Repo Man, has become an honorary member of the gang pending an attempt to free him from being stuck down there.


Despite his poor reputation and the fact that he sounds like he gargles brimstone, Barracuda nonetheless serves as the gang's current leader. After pulling together enough manpower, stockpiling resources, and staking a claim on the Iceberg Hotel, he was able to found the gang - though time will tell whether he can hold it together.

After being recruited in the wake of the Light the Shadows heat wave, Cricket took up the task of getting the gang's pitiful Matrix infrastructure up and running. Since then, she's come to see the Hellraisers as an opportunity for her to finally belong somewhere, and has begun flying the colors with pride.



"Ally" is stretching it, but Saeder-Krupp is nonetheless responsible for funding much of the hotel's restoration. In return, the Iceberg Hotel is occasionally visited by "friends looking to stay a while" - which is to say, Saeder-Krupp operatives that need a safehouse where nobody will think to look.


  • The Nuclear Warlocks of Salvation

A wiz-gang based in Loveland, led by a necromage named Squeezing Zombie. Caught wind of the gang's involvement in starting a brief gang war between them and the Explosive Special Reapers, and have been sending a couple zombies over to test the hotel's minefield every now and then since.

  • The Explosive Special Reapers

A chrome-heavy thrill gang based in Loveland, led by a wared-up elf named EX-Death. Particularly known for stuffing flashbangs into people's mouths and pulling the pin. The gang's hookup for good chrome, Shrapnel, was killed during the gang war with the Nuclear Warlocks of Salvation.

Current Status

Health Summary

The gang is currently trying to get itself off the ground by bringing in fresh talent and figuring out ways to make cash. In the meantime, it's supported by income from shadowrunning.



Amar "Bash" Ruano1ServiceSemi-Reformed Cyberpsycho
Gord "Twitch" Rodney1Custom(A,G,K,N)DIY Survivalist and Obnoxious Attic Gremlin
Kyoko "Wholesale" Nakajima1Custom(K,G,N,A)Totally A Professional Thief
Zenny3Custom(A,G,K,N)Hippie Techno and Hellraisers Cyberdoc



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
We Like To Party, We Like We Like To PartySleevey3 October 2082
HellhazersDiscoGoblin1 October 2082
Trust the ProcessAurora12 August 2082
An Arm and a LegDiscoGoblin19 July 2082

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