An Arm and a Leg

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An Arm and a Leg
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Sweetie Sinful
Corpsec Mooks
Casualties and losses
xXJ@ck41Xx (Arrested and put on probation)


A social infiltration run commissioned by the Hellraisers' cyberdoc Zenny to steal one of Renraku's totally nova new cyberarms. Using their social skills and wide variety of contacts, the runners infiltrated the cyberware convention Ohmacon to steal the arm off of its display. Orchid smash and grabbed the arm and feigned getting arrested by Magnum, disguised as a plainclothes police officer. When the Renraku corpsec refused to accept that he needed the arm as "evidence", Magnum and Orchid started blasting and made a run for it. Sweetie, the only one who kept her cover, enjoyed the rest of the convention as the other two sped off into neutral extraterritoriality. Oh, and their matrix support got arrested.


Philosophers often ponder many of life's great questions. What is truth? Why are we here? How did Zenny get his hands on 40 thousand nuyen? The answers we may never know. Regardless of its source, there's only one thing that Zenny was gonna spend that much scratch on: some fancy new 'ware. The only problem was that the fancy 'ware in question, the Renraku Rokurobuki cyberarm (with advanced snake hands and in-built medical equipment), wasn't out yet. A prototype model was being debuted at the cyberware convention Ohmacon, and so Zenny decided to hire some people to pick it up for him.

The Meet

After receiving the call from their fixers, the runners travelled to Puyallup to visit the luxurious Iceberg Hotel. Orchid scared some gangers with her roadmaster, Magnum told the cop at the SIN scanner to wear barbecue sauce next time, and Sweetie rode a pedalbike through the wastes of Hell's Kitchen. With Zenny's "help" they picked their way through the minefield and started doing pushed in his Zen Den. He briefed them on the job, made it clear that it needed to be done non-lethally, and offered payment in either nuyen or questionably sourced ware. Satisfied that the runners had accepted, he let them plan while he went back to operating on himself.

The Plan

Hanging out on Zenny's beanbag chairs, the runners started calling up contacts to plan their heist. Orchid called up her younger brother Coldspot who referred her to questionably qualified matrix support in the form of the decker xXJ@ck41Xx. xXJ@ck41Xx agreed to shut off the cameras and put Magnum in the system as a plainclothes cop for 6k nuyen, talking Orchid's ear off about how beneath his skill it was. In the meantime, Sweetie called up the Spinradical scientist Kyra Samaras, who happened to be presenting one of her team's new inventions at the convention. Sweetie managed to talk her way into a guest pass with the promise that she'd come say hi. Orchid just bought a ticket the normal way. The team went clothes shopping to fit in with the convention's corporate aesthetic, and prepared for the day.

The Run

The runners met up with xXJ@ck41Xx at a nearby Taco Temple and planned their entrance. Orchid used her looks to get away with cutting the line, completely flustering some poor cyberware nerds. Magnum used his cop persona to talk his way through a side entrance, and Sweetie got distracted and started handing out autographs. Eventually they all made their way inside, and after exploring the convention a bit they found their exhibit. Sweetie distracted one of the guards by saying that she found a bomb, and while the other wasn't looking Orchid simply walked up and grabbed it off the display. It took about five seconds for everyone watching to realize what just happened, by which time Orchid had already started running. Magnum charged off in hot pursuit, pretending to shoot and tackle her once they were away from the main convention floor.

As the security guard caught up to the two, Magnum flashed his fake KE SIN and assured her that everything was under control. She bought it, but told Magnum that he couldn't take the arm as evidence. Getting real tired of this corpo drek, Magnum responded by whipping out his pistol and shooting her with stick and shocks. Magnum and Orchid made a run for it, fighting off a group of guards to burst out a side entrance. They hopped on Magnum's bike and sped into a different extraterritoriality, erasing the tags on the arm for a clean(?) getaway.

While this was happening, Sweetie went to go save xXJ@ck41Xx after her got fried by a spider trying to suppress the building's alarms. She went to the bathroom stall he'd been hacking from, pocketed his deck, and went to go talk to the security guards who were converging on him. She thought of lying to the guards, saying that her and xXJ@ck41Xx had been doing other things in that bathroom besides hacking. Then, she considered that she had standards, and let the guards past to go arrest him. She spent the rest of the convention hanging out with Kyra as xXJ@ck41Xx got loaded into the squad car.


The runners took their stolen arm back to Zenny, who congratulated them on a job well done. He transferred the nuyen and went to go install his nova new ware. Orchid called in a favor with her fixer to keep xXJ@ck41Xx from going to jail while Sweetie went to go meet Kyra for drinks.


For Everyone:

-12k Nuyen (6 RVP)

-5 Karma (5 RVP)

-Optional contact: Zenny at 3/3 (5 RVP)

+2 Hellraisers Rep


For Sweetie:

+1 loyalty with Kyra Samaras for doing damage control on her demonstration

For Orchid:

-1 chip with Molly Landry

Optional Contact: xXJ@ck41Xx at 2/3 (4 RVP) For Magnum: +1 public awareness

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Orchid: I was thinking it was going to be a simple job and sneaking into the place without being caught. but always something happens at the end but at least we made it out with the arm and the item was taken...thankful for my team.