Kyra Samaras

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Kyra Samaras
Spinradical Scientist
Technically not a mad genius
Actually nice
Contact OwnerArchtmag
Public Contact?Yes
Preferred Payment MethodInformation, Services, Exciting Ideas and Experiences
Hobbies/ViceSpending time with friends, Irresponsible use of scientific resources, Astrally Projecting
Personal LifeSingle
AspectsEsoteric Acquisitions
Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Collaborative Iteration
Actually Smart
Magic Mind
Whirring Gizmos
This is Research!
Spirit Friends!


Kyra had her place in life decided for her in many ways. Her parents part of the Spinrad corporate machine, their daughter was set down much the same path. Kyra though, had a mind and spirit that set her apart from many of the other corporate children. Intelligent, curious, and eventually, magical, her corporation turned those talents to their own ends. Placed in a research division, she was put to work, a decision that rapidly proved itself. Her projects, while occasionally unsuccessful or unfocused, created valuable results over time, an outcome that easily excused her scattered energy.

Today, she's moved beyond her relatively humble beginnings. With a science team under her direction and minimal oversight, she is free to pursue goals and projects as she pleases, so long as she continues to generate corporate value. Dabbling in many different fields, her labs are chaotic, but ultimately productive. Recently, she has begun to collaborate with runners. Starting with a novel new training proposal, she's found that the needs and experiences of runners inspire her, the strange situations sending her mind whirring with new ideas. It may or may not also be related to her repressed problems with being a corporate minion.

Notes for GM

  • Kyra is cheery, excitable, and very passionate about what she does. She has a great love of doing scientific work, and she finds a special enjoyment in working with runners. While it doesn't always directly help her, she oftentimes gets fascinating new ideas from the collaborations and is always ready to help. Plus, she loves making friends!
  • Kyra is highly curious and can be distracted by interesting ideas or observations. While she can keep attention during a conversation, when she has a free moment, oftentimes she will explore the new inspiration, for better or for worse. Fundamentally, she wants to understand as much as she can, and to build and discover new things.
  • Kyra tries to be polite and helpful to the people she works with. She will withstand negative interactions from runners, to a point. Particular things that bother her are abusing other people, insulting her scientific ability, obviously lying to her, or showing flagrant disregard for the wellbeing of corporate workers. Like any real person though, if she gets abused enough, she will have a negative reaction.
  • Kyra was born into the corporate machine. She had no real choice about joining it. While it certainly has done a lot for her, she's not blind to how it hurts people or how her projects contribute to that. It bothers her, immensely at times. Often, she can distract herself by focusing on her work or rationalizing her feelings away, but she is deeply conflicted about her job. For now though, she's too afraid to seek a change. She's never known anything other than this and the rest of her family is just as ingrained, not to mention the resources she has available to her.
  • Kyra is not a fan of violence or hurting people. Casual violence or talk of killing will bother her. Intellectually, she knows that runners do these things and can accept them to a degree, but directly trying to get her to contribute to harming others will be difficult. Not impossible though. Her work makes her deal with similar things at times, and she manages to rationalize her way through that, though she will feel guilty if she dwells on it. She might try to convince the runners to spare others, or to be more merciful.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Collaborative Iteration While quite excited to work with runners, she tends to view interactions less as straightforward requests and more as a group collaboration. If not carefully checked, the task or idea asked of her might "evolve" in a direction that she feels is either more effective, interesting, or profound. Sometimes she even remembers to call back to update the team.
Esoteric Acquisitions Things are more interesting when they're unique right? +2 to Gear Acquisition Tests for exotic weapons, exotic animals, and for items of availability 16 or greater. In a run, this additionally applies to anything the GM views as appropriately "esoteric".
Magic Mind Kyra is a hermetic magician and can perform magical services. Additionally, she is well studied in magical phenomena and gets a +2 to Knowledge or Active Tests regarding magical topics.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration Science isn't a one woman operation. It's a group effort with everyone pitching in their part. +2 to Networking Tests involving Scientists, Academics, Engineers, or those involved with them.
Actually Smart While often carried off by errant thoughts, she is quite intelligent at the core. +2 to Knowledge Tests regarding academic topics or disciplines.
Whirring Gizmos Magic may have returned, but technology is an uncharted future. Kyra is fascinated by its potential. +2 to checks regarding electronic or mechanical devices.
Spirit Friends! Kyra enjoys wandering around the astral, taking in the sights and meeting new friends. Talking with corporate people has expectations, but with spirits, she's free. +2 to checks regarding spirits.
This is Research! Kyra has vaguely defined projects and oversight, which is good for runners! +2 to checks that make use of Spinrad R&D resources.


Knowledge Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects
Active Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects
Gear Acquisition Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects
Networking Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects


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