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CorpSec Elite
LocationAuburn, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Kyra Samaras
Sweetie Sinful
Casualties and losses


The runners take part in a corporate training experiment, acting as the security, while corp agents try to work against them.


Kyra Samaras, Spinrad researcher, had an idea. If her bosses wanted better security and better spies, training against each other or against corp provided materials, would be a poor choice. All they would really be doing is learning how they react to things. To get real progress, something more real, authentic would be needed. Thinking, who better than shadowrunners, she decided to contract out a team to help her.

The Meet

The team received an invite a deli and bakery in Southeastern Auburn, vague instructions from Tanya sending Cyrrel there a bit early. He enforced a strict no talking policy, though he let her order him a sandwich, which he ate and enjoyed. Eventually, the rest of the runners arrived and ordered food at the deli, Kyra paying. As the team sat down, she explained her request. She needed the runners to serve as corporate security for a training exercise. Spinrad's forces would receive a unique experience, training against a nonstandard force, and Kyra would get lots of interesting data to study. Seeing what runners do in a non-traditional role could potentially lead to numerous new innovations.

After processing both the proposal and who was offering it, the bullying immediately began. The team talked to each other about wanting K-10 as a reward, using grenade launchers freely, and generally making many unveiled, but indirect, threats of violence. Kyra, not wanting anyone hurt, especially because of her bringing in the runners, was a bit horrified, though she tried to contain her reaction in front of the runners. Desperately trying to placate them, while preventing an murder sprees, they eventually negotiated a payment and Kyra led them to the compound.

The Prelude

Heading a few blocks over the Spinrad compound, they were lead to a large, blocky, building. Nervous about walking around in view of so many corp camera systems, the team asked Kyra for faceless systems. Not having considered that aspect before, she was quick to agree. Cricket, when told not to hack the main host, peeked around only to be dissuaded by a rather well put together system.

Heading through winding passages, the team were lead to a curious sight. In a vast room, a smaller building had been built inside. Three stories in height, it was a miniature facility to test and train in. Odder still, it was occupied, with actual workers. It turns out that two weeks prior they had moved employees into the building to create a lifelike environment for the test. These employees were not told of the true point of their workplace, laboring in ignorance in a rather strange office.

Given uniforms, badges and host credentials, the team were set to work. Striding in as totally official SpinGlobal security officers, the team wandered around, exploring their new domain.

The Infiltrations

Taking up positions in different locations, the team began their watch, settling into their roles, Samsara chilling in a meditation chamber, Cyrrel lounging at the front desk, Cricket hiding in a break room -plugged into the matrix-, and Sweetie vainly searching the labs for a lab coat to wear. As they made small talk and freaked out the wageslaves, time passed. Eventually, Cricket noticed something strange. On the second floor break room, a shifty dwarf was messing with the fridge, mostly hidden from the camera, though clearly up to no good. On the case, Cyrrel ran up there to confront the man. Busting him, Cyrrel caught him red-handed, a cup of stolen yogurt in hand. While the man tried to deny his crime, the label told a different story. Ripping the yogurt from his thief hands, Cyrrel enjoyed the strawberry deliciousness instead, forcing the dwarf to walk in shame back to his office. As they entered, Cyrrel left the food on the table, in sight of the original owner, letting the drama unfold as he walked out.

As things quieted down again, the team relaxed again, only for a water spirit to materialize in a liminal tricycle lab. Wandering around, it grabbed a prototype-trike and started to head for a door. Samsara raced upwards, and started telling the spirit off. Reluctant to give up its prize, it made petulant noises like an angry child, so Samsara leaped on top if it and ripped the cyberware from its hands. Discouraged, the spirit fled by finding a toilet and taking the sewer exit.

In the time after, Sweetie and Cricket visit an office curiously described as the "Vibemaster". Not sure what they'd find inside, it's a bit disappointing to just find a man with his feet on the desk. Greeting the duo, the man askes them if they're hear for their daily weed rations, two joints. Offended by the stingy handout, Sweetie tries to beg-convince for more drugs. The man as they find, is something of a therapist, that also can hand out drugs, and this guy well.... was weighted more towards the latter. Grilling him revealed that his vibes were disappointing and that his methods weak. Sweetie gave him a pity invite to her club, and the two left.

Next on the problem train, about an hour or two later, Cricket noticed some icons that shouldn't be in the building. Specifically, ware and weaponry on the 3rd floor, right next to the executive's office. Cricket, acting fast, gremlined the infiltrator's cyberware, sending them into convulsions as their wired reflexes failed. Alerting the team, Samsara managed to reach the area first, only to notice that a concealed turret, supposed to be under Cricket's control, started to swivel menacingly towards her. Ignoring it, she decided to disable the man at the door instead, wanting to stop his painful looking seizures. Though she left herself open, Cricket managed to disable it before she was shot.

Meanwhile, Cyrrel heard a disturbance down the hallway where he was stationed at, a floor down. Heading over there, he was greeted by three "office" workers carrying pistols and another hacked turret. Initially alone, he started to disable the enemy, dodging quite a bit of enemy fire. As Samsara arrived to help him finish off one of the last enemies standing, Cyrrel leaped over and bit the other, using his venom to near deadly effect. As the combat died down, parts of the team stared in worry at the downed woman. Cyrrel's venom having an extreme and rather disturbing effect, it seemed like they were in real danger, a stark contrast to the explicitly non-lethal combat that had happened before. Promising that the woman was fine and that she was just playing the injury up, he pushed back against the other's fears. Deciding to cart the woman out, Kyra met them at the edge of the testing area, blatant concern and fear on her face. Taking the wounded person away, she hurried them over to a doctor.

Left alone, the team eventually wandered back inside, waiting for something else to happen. Samsara decided to just take laps around the building, getting some training in and watching for enemy spirits at the same time. She did find a spirit, but not what she was expecting. To her delight, she found a cute little paper spirit playing in a copier. Messing around with paper and folding himself, she spent time hanging out with the lil guy, showing Cyrrel too.

Then the fire alarm went off, water spraying everywhere. Samsara, priorities in mind, protected her paper friend from the water. Cricket, trying to find who pulled it, was ultimately unsuccessful as the office started to evacuate, people everywhere. Sweetie hid under a table, desperate to not get her outfit ruined.

Firefighters busted in, saying the experiment was cancelled, that every room had to be checked by them. The team, meeting them face to face, was suspicious. Unable to make them budge on their position, the team decided to follow them around, the team splitting into two to match their movements. As they slowly and painstakingly checked every spot, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Sweetie, who had exited the building by this point, searched the crowds for a sign, but found nothing. Eventually, the teams reached the labs on the second floor, a glass wall separating them. Cyrrel, eyes sharp, noticed something then. One of the firefighters had swiped a prototype commlink, deftly pocketing it. Calling him out as an infiltrator, the man tried to say he didn't know what Cyrrel was talking about. Cyrrel wasn't very flexible about the point. Eventually, slight threats included, he eventually gave up, and a woman in the other firefighter team started berating him for being terrible. They started arguing, and the team celebrated a win. Until, Sweetie failed to notice something very important. In the chaos of the crowd outside, a figure approached the executive, a dulled knife concealed. With a quick swipe, he "killed" the target, and two firefighter imposters gave each other a high five through the glass, a successful distraction completed.


Sweetie slapped a stim-patch on the uninjured executive, making him tremble as the drugs hit him. At this point, Kyra sent a message saying that the experiment was over. Rushing out into the field where the employees were milling about, the excited researcher started expressing how good they did and how much data they got. She also said that the person Cyrrel bit had been recovering. Happy about the entire thing, she paid the runners and promised further work and collaborations in the future.


16k Nuyen (8 RVP) (Option to get a Spinrad Monofilament yoyo at discounted gear price)

Can subtract 1 RVP to get a R4 generic Faceless system, a spinrad pog

5 Karma (5 RVP)

Optional Contact: Kyra Samaras - Spinrad Scientist and Visionary, Connection 5

For Samsara and Sweetie, at loyalty 2 or 3 - RVP 6 or 7

For Cyrrel and Cricket, loyalty 1 - RVP 5

Merch Bag, hand-selected by Kyra: Spinrad themed T-Shirt, Lanyard, Sunglasses, Backpack, Commemorative Challenge Coin stamped with a shadowy roadrunner, water bottle, and a frisbee with Johnny Spinrad's face on it.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Man. Working corpsec feels weird. Like, is this what all those guards I beat up do all day? I mean like, Spinrad seems more fun than a lot of corps - certainly more interesting things going on than Renraku - but like, it kinda also makes it feel weird, to take all that 'radical' stuff and turn it into this merch bag. I dunno. Thinking about this stuff is hard. The others were cool to work with though - I don't think I've ever met an oni before, and I got to see two on the same job, plus hang out with a squirrel changling to boot. Definitely have had worse jobs, and I think we all kind of just agreed to frag around as much as possible so that the corps couldn't get any useful intel, so that was fun.