The Burning Star of Redmond

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A group of people, spurned by the cruel world around them, dream of a better society. Guided by their goddess, they will create a better world for all in the ashes of the old.

Other people protest a bit.


The Followers of the Light

A toxic cult in Redmond, they seek to reforge the world using the power of radiation. They will create an equitable society, one that provides for every life, and tear down the corporate masters that led the world to ruin. Lead by their goddess, they follower her teachings with unerring devotion.

See the faction page for details.

Important Members

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--See Faction Page

Rusted Stilettos

The traditional masters of Glow City, the Rusted Stilettos are a gang of orks and trolls known for their horrific mutations, psychotic demeanor, and their fine BTLs. Using the wasteland of Glow City as a buffer to avoid aggression, they work outward, raiding others and seeding their crime enterprises beyond. With others reluctant to chase them inside of Glow City, life was good for the gang.

Until of course, the threat came from within. Catching them by surprise, the Goddess and her cult seized the heart of Glow City and began to slowly push outward. While they were weak at first, the superior magical power of the Followers, coupled with growing conversions and devotion among the population of the district has lead to this becoming a very real problem for the Gang.

As it stands currently, the Stilettos still control the majority of Glow City, encircling the cult within its borders, but every day the course of the war shifts...

The Followers of the Light break their encirclement by the Rusty Stilettos, giving them a free connection to the rest of Redmond. The leadership of the Stilettos is increasingly unstable.


  • Destroy the Followers of the Light
  • Maintain their hold on Glow City
  • Survive


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